As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Electoral College Votes to Make Donald Trump President

Members of the Electoral College cast the final votes in the 2016 presidential election on Monday, affirming Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States.

Despite reports of GOP electors receiving harassing phone calls and emails for weeks leading up to Monday’s vote, nearly all of the 538 men and women who were chosen by state parties to participate in the constitutional rite abided by the people’s vote in their state.

Trump’s victory was assured when Texas voted to put Trump over the 270-vote threshold. One Texas elector voted for Ron Paul and one for Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

Read the details at the Washington Examiner.

32 Responses to Electoral College Votes to Make Donald Trump President

    • WOW!
      American patriots at their finest.
      During broad daylight and in the middle of the street, damn gutsy move.
      No covered faces like those flag burning cowards.

  1. So what next? Jill Stein — fail. Russians interfering in elections — real fail since Clapper, having perjured himself once, refused to walk the plank for Brennan and Podesta and provide briefers who would attest to something without proof before Congress. And now the electoral college holds.

    The cray cray Dems and leftists will never stop. It will be “interesting” to see what kind of lies and perversions they will come up with next. Watch for it on Zuckerberg’s “fake news” vetted
    FB. And the usual propagandists NYT and WAPO.

    HRC will never be POTUS. Happy New Year .

    • I read the sick viscious dems are now putting their ugly noses into Trump’s businesses, feigning conflict of interest stories next. Can’t stand these communists including Obamas spinning desperate junk stories to the media, as if we didn’t know it was them all along spinning poison. If the Obamas don’t stop along with the communists Clintons, etc., Trump should really spill the beans about Obama and open his closet if he doesn’t shut his mouth with having a “shadow government”. Trump is much smarter than Obama and if that happens “shadow government” he’ll know what to do about it. They all should mind their own business and clean out their own closets and that includes McCain who chased a woman around his office so much she quit. And McCain was heard shouting at his wife on a hot mike, he’s a real turncoat in more ways than one.

  2. Ding Dong, the witch is dead, at least politically. To all of the but hurt democrats, get over it. Trump is President. I am very doubtful they will ever get why he was elected and she never will be. Keep coming up with excuses to make yourselves sleep better at night.

    • Dems will never stop, like crazy Rachel on MSNBC, ever night she spins these stories that are so “out of this world fantastic” about Trump, etc.? All she does is wave her arms and hands, looks terrible. They pay this woman to keep up the anti-American stupidity. I tune in once a night with the sound off! just to see what sickness they are full of on each night with her. This is a news station? Its a hoax station.

  3. The Dems have dropped their masks of smiling faces and stepped out from behind their posters claiming “Love” to show us their snarling evil expressions and their hatred of anyone who refuses them.
    Not one prominent Dem tried to stop the unlawful attempt to violate our constitutional process, nor did they express outrage that anyone would threaten peaceful voters doing their patriotic duty.
    NO one, none, said it’s wrong, don’t do this, accept the fact that MrTrump is our President and he won – fair and square.
    I won’t forget.

    • By finally dropping their mask of kumbaya, we love you, we have only your best interests in mind, etc., the leadership of the Democrat party and their criminal affiliates are in the final stages of political suicide. They lost the Congress, they lost the Presidency. All they have are the stoned cheerleaders in the corporate media, and even they are slowly destroying themselves. They’re losing viewers, readership, income, credibility, authenticity, relevance. We are entering a new era. Hang on!

  4. And

    On this day in 1998, President William Clinton is impeached.

    On this day in 2016, Donald J. Trump officially elected POTUS.

    On this day in 2016, Mooch Obama is right. There is NO HOPE that HRC will ever be POTUS.

    December 19 — sorta’ puts a damper on the holiday season for both Clintons.

  5. Obama does it for spite, everything he does s for spite to hurt Americans and the country. He thinks he’s fooling us? We all know he does these dangerous things for spite for deep in his heart he is a miserable angry racist, a freaking racist who hates everyone not his half color. He got kicked out and now he has to get even as he always does. Obama should have been impeached years ago but no, the coward Republicans wouldn’t do it, they were afraid they would be called racist too. Neither party cared about the American people and now he is flooding us with criminals and murderers. Obama is getting off on doing this, he is a spiteful MF, always was and always will be. He’s a druggie himself, maybe he will overdose I hope.

  6. It has been easy to notice, there are some folks in our society, our culture, our fellow citizens that is coming out ugly. Are they on drugs, suffering psychos, ungrounded, standing on thin air? Well, this election 2016 has done wonders to reveal characters and all their underwear. Probably a good thing overall…Trump doesn’t know it, but he has been the doctor in the house..

    • What these “Trump didn’t really, really win the election” types are showing us, post election, is their group mass hysteria fueled by a desperate denial of the election results. Their anger and disbelief of the results runs very deep, carried 24/7 throughout the social networks, media, Democrats, rogue political groups, etc. Their entire political view (Hillary can’t lose, Trump can’t win) blew up in their faces. So they’re desperately grasping for any magical reason to justify Trump’s win: Putin interfered, Hillary didn’t run in rural communities, the media didn’t cover Hillary fairly, the Electoral College has to be eradicated, etc.

      We’ve heard all their reasons for Hillary’s loss, except the real ones–she was a terrible, corrupt candidate, peddling an empty, destructive phony agenda, and voters said, “No, thank you. Get lost.”

      • Right Marcus, that’s what I wanted to say. It took a unique force to bull through the old party, connect with the people in mid-America. All while the coasties were certain their liberal candidate was a lock up. In my 76 years this has been the sweetest to see the liberals squirming for a change. Almost unbelieveable!

        • For sure….a unique force. If Cruz (or any Republican candidate except Trump) had won the nomination, the Hillary machine of destruction, the media etc. would have churned them into confetti. Hillary would be selecting new silverware for in the White House as we speak. Trump was the only one who could beat her. That’s a fact.

  7. From MOTUS. Says it all.

    “The Electoral College dealt Big Media and Democrat Hillary Clinton one more final embarrassment. With nearly all the Electoral College votes cast, the former secretary of state set a 104-year record for the candidate with the most faithless electors…For all the headlines focusing on one faithless elector in Texas who turned out to be a complete fraud, it would really surprise you to hear that Mrs. Clinton not only lost more electors than President-elect Donald J. Trump, but the most of any candidate in over 100 years.”

  8. The democrats and their thugs and the president and hillary clinton have behaved horrifically throughout this entire process. No one came out and condemned the violence and death threats. democrats and mentally deranged and despicable and disgusting. Trump has won this election every which way from Sunday….fair and square. Instead of figuring out how to rebuild their party and message…democrats continue to promote hate and lie rhetoric. I will pray for them this Christmas season, because they really need it.

  9. The EC results have officially eliminated any legal means of HRC as POTUS and certified PE DJT to be our next President.

    But what to do with the cockroach? It refuses to be just thrown out, hauled away or even composted. It is not environmentally friendly. It lives on and on and on.

    No. Having tasted power, Barack Obama will go from Commander in Chief to an expressed desire to be Organizer in Chief. And that is how he will bring about the counter revolution. Interesting article to post POTUS Obama. Unleashed, Obama is far more dangerous.

    • Towards the mid to end of Comments there is one by Anonymous that begins “Demographics is everything”. If you are curious about all those Muslim “refugees” and illegals now populating small towns and cities in the US.

    • I’ve read that article several times since it came out and it still just blows my mind this jackass can’t just go slither off into some resort area and STFU. Sorry not sorry. And why the heck is he going to pay ( reportedly) some $8000.00 a month RENT on 9 bedroom mansion instead of buying a place (not have someone else purchase it for them) Is his credit report that bad??? So many questions…just go away barry!