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Democrats Become More Liberal Under Obama

Democrats grew more liberal over the course of President Obama’s eight-year presidency, voter data compiled by a leading GOP pollster reveal.

President-elect Trump, a Republican, defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton last month by winning more votes in the Electoral College, compensating for his loss in the popular vote. Trump pulled it off by luring blue-collar voters in Pennsylvania and the Midwest that had historically voted Democrat.

Democrats have begun to examine how to win them back. But it could be challenging given that their party is significantly more liberal — and less moderate — than when Obama ran as a post-partisan unifier in 2008.

In 2008, the year Obama was elected, 40 percent of Democrats self-identified as “liberal” on the ideological scale. In 2016, as voters decided on Obama’s successor, that number had jumped 10 points, to 50 percent.

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12 thoughts on “Democrats Become More Liberal Under Obama”

  1. Liberals have a problem, and its not their constituency…its the leaders who fail to understand the people who put them in office in the first place.

    Instead of looking in the mirror to see what went wrong, they will continue to point fingers, accuse others, and stomp their feet.

    Liberals: you are either with them 100%, or you are an idiot.

    Idiocy never felt so good….


  2. “Democrats have begun to examine how to win them back.”

    So far, this includes protesting and inciting violence, demanding recounts where they weren’t warranted, blaming the Russians, harassing Electors, and threatening to impeach Trump if he doesn’t fully divest from his business interests.

    They’ve rewritten the book on Sore Losing in record time!

  3. Excuse me, correction please; I am a social liberal and I support bans on abortion at a particular stage, I do not support free contraceptives and planned parenthood that violate other people’s religious rights. I am also a fiscal conservative, and support limits on government power. Democrats are none of these; they are fascist, whiner oppressors who only support diversity if it concurs with their views. There is no intellect or room for thought or conversation; they are completely governed by emotion and hysteria.

    1. I like how Mike Pence describes himself.
      “I am a Christian, a conservative, and a republican in that order.”

      That’s me too, although the party means little to me.

    2. Great post! Democrats are no longer democrats, they are like you said, fascists, oppressors and democrats are just plain crazy and stupid! They have completely done a 180 on everything Americans hold dear! I don’t think there is a cure for the dem disease. I think with all their unending bullying of everyone around them, they are signaling a death nell for their strange new party by trying to change an American election and a host of unhealthy and strange hatreds of white American men and women

      1. I have grown to like Priebus a lot, I like the way he talks, says things that I like to hear, clear and precise, he seems very much in like with Trump. Ryan is another story, his personality changes from minute to minute, one minute, he’s okay with Trump, the next minute, he runs to the media and says he won’t support him? Ryan has a split personality. I can’t believe he got as far as he did

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