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Obama Lands in Hawaii, Heads Straight to Golf Course

President Obama wasted little time on his final holiday vacation in Hawaii before hitting the golf course Saturday morning.

Obama and the first family arrived in Oahu late Friday night. By 10 a.m. local time, Obama had left his family’s rental in Kailua for the Marine Corps Base Hawaii, which houses the Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course.

And that’s where you’ll find him for the next 20 years. Please read the rest of this piece at the Washington Examiner.

The Obamas will spend 17 days in Hawaii and the trip is likely to cost taxpayers about $5 million.

52 thoughts on “Obama Lands in Hawaii, Heads Straight to Golf Course”

    1. Yeah, he means business, sure, he has no shame, nothing, zero, he has to have a low I.Q. with his actions and words. The Obamas are without doubt the first welfare famil in America and we will have to pay for his secret service, etc. for the rest of his miserable life along with the “hopeless” horror, Michelle Obama AND THE TWO SOUR FACED DAUGHTERS. Take all you can get up to the very last minute of each freaking day is their motto. The trailer park trash Clintons steal our money also, Hillary Clinton is probably plotting how to get more money for herself as I write this! People better wise up, stick with Trump, get rid of these crooks, along with Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, etc., etc.. John McCain should go to along with his blond friend who is in cahoots with him all the time! Drain the swamp for real Trump, dojn’t just talk about it, do it! Get rid of these money grubbing “government” employees.

  1. FIVE MILLION $$$ vacay? It’s called the fleecing of America. He has no shame! From everything I have read, the Obamas have spent 2-3 BILLION on their ‘personal’ expenses over the last years. We ‘bailed’ them out of poverty starting with his damn books! He couldn’t even pay for his plane ticket to the DEM convention when he gave the keynote speech in 2004. His credit cards were maxed out.

    All of this is miniscule, of course, when compared to the 20 TRILLION debt he is leaving to us. Good riddance! Get lost, Barry!

  2. Taking a 17 day vacation when he’ll be on permanent vacation in 30 days? Got to get the last dibs, the last fix before it’s all over.
    Clueless, as always.

    1. I respectfully disagree. He knows exactly what he’s doing – sticking the middle finger to us yet again. Quite adept at this after 8 years.

    2. Not clueless. Obama does everything for a reason, mostly to stick-it to us Bible believing, gun rights supporting, straight thinking Deplorables.

  3. OT: Loretta Lynch claims she regrets meeting with Bill Clinton on her airplane while it was parked on the tarmac in Phoenix’s airport.
    What a crock, what a spin/deflect and insult to everyone.
    She only regrets that an alert AZ reporter spotted Clinton going onto the plane and made it public. Had the reporter been distracted, we would have never known about this meeting that still has a bad smell of crony corruption about it.
    Stick a fork in it Loretta, you’re done and forever tainted by the Clinton machine, too.

    1. Writers are salivating at what they will give us to read once the swamp is drained. Loretta Lynch, James Comey, and especially the Obamas will be totally exposed. Good reading ahead.

      1. I can only imagine the immense damage that has been inflicted upon this Nation by Obama and Company.
        I believe we are entitled to know.

      2. I HOPE & PRAY Mr. Koffler has the balls to write a ‘tell all’ about the behind the scenes of this Obama White House:
        -the lazy-biased-useless MSM “press corp”…
        -the secret daily meetings & agendas of lazy Obama run by Jarett…
        -the fake ‘Obama First Family’…

    2. You’re right. Loretta Lynch regrets only that she was caught conniving with Bill Clinton in an effort to subvert justice.

      Can you imagine all the secret meetings, behind the door scheming conferences and dodgy, sleazy phone calls launching clandestine political events which have occurred in the White House with Obama or one of his evil elves on one end of the conversation and who knows who at the other end? It’s likely been a several times a day event for 8 years.

      1. Marcus, you are terrific, love your post, you really put what we all feel into words and brilliantly! I hope someone sends these words to Obama, but I doubt he reads anything bad about himself as he has the brain of a high school boy! Coward too!

  4. Funny, every butthurt, sore loser liberal and/or socialist is squealing about how Russia and Putin influenced the election, but have not uttered a peep about the illegal alien influence on the election.
    Gee, I wonder why that is?

  5. “And that’s where you’ll find him for the next 20 years.”

    If only.

    That screaming narcissist will be running his mouth non-stop for as long as he’s drawing air.

    He’ll never just shut up and go away. We’re stuck with him.

    1. I suspect the Obamazombies have a plan in effect for after 20 January 2017;
      Pretending Obama is still the President until the next liberal and/or socialist is elected.
      If Trump does what I believe he is going to do and cut out much of the liberal and/or socialist friendly media, they will also revert and give Emperor Obama much face time.
      Unfortunately for us, you are correct. Obama is going to be present much more than what we would like.

      1. You could be right, Otto. Whatever their plan was it has changed since Hillary is stuck in loserville and won’t be living it up inside the WhiteHouse.
        There was a plan. They are staying in DC for something important.
        It will be a while before we find out what it is.
        ot: ha. MrObama will get to know what it’s like to be stopped on his way to anywhere because the President’s motorcade has preference. Payback, baby.

        1. Too funny about the President’s motorcade.

          If Trump plays on a military golf course my money is on his adding military men to his foursome.

          Show Barack how a real President thinks of the troops who defend this country.

        2. srdem65, I’ve assumed Obama is angling for Secretary-General of United Nations. And his mission will be similar: to consolidate power to the office, moving it from a perfunctory sort of role into “President of the World”. Without Hillary “UN Sustainable Development Goals” Clinton in US to assure funding for his NWO aspirations, chances of success remain to be seen.
          Going to start praying that President Trump & Congress will defund and evict the UN, ASAP.

          1. I have been hoping for a long time, long before Obama that the U.S. should defund the UN as they are anti-semetic and anti-America, just like Obama, the

      2. We will just have to turn Obama off, not listen to his boring miserable voice. Thats the only way. Let’s just turn the channel when he’s on. He’s made us all sick enough. We have to get rid of him within ourselves.

    2. Yes jimg, believe so.
      From Obamas own mouth.
      “Help Democrats fight back,” said the president in an fundraising email sent a week before Christmas. “Stand with me, work with me, let’s finish what we started,” he adds.
      Asking for $3. Still shaking down the rubes.
      Full article at Washington Examiner.

    1. We shouldn’t be surprised, I suppose. Obama’s been trained as a usurper of civilized, Constitutional government since he was a child sitting on Frank Marshall Davis’s lap. The corporate press, the union bosses, the political thugs of all stripes, the George Soros’s of the world will support and fund Obama, we can be sure of that. It will be interesting to see how the Trump administration and, frankly, the American people deal with Obama as this plays out.

    2. Obama’s too low-class and without any depth or feeling to anyone. He will stay around out of spite. He is also a very big racist against white people so we will keep hearing his poison and stupidity. God may help us and stop him from continuing to hurt us, I believe that God is watching. One good thing is that Hillary Clinton is done, although she will continue to fundraise for her crooked foundation and herself as long as she breathes air, money is her God.

  6. Soon Soros and the Barack Obama Lefty billionaires are going to find out how high maintenance and expensive this man and his wife are.

    No way are any future vacations and golf outings going to be on Obama’s dime.

    I see change in his and their futures.

      1. Of course he will. But now everyone of his sycophants is going to have to bear the very expensive maintenance costs of Mr. Obama and his attached “arm candy” Mooch. :)

    1. Trump has nominated Vincent Viola to be Secretary of the Army.
      West Point, Airborne, Ranger.
      That’s enough for me, but Viola is a very successful business man.
      And he didn’t have to donate or bundle any campaign contributions.

      1. Now WE need a REAL Secretary of the Navy…
        -Someone to restore USN enlisted rates!
        -To stop all the mandatory P.C.-Diversity-Racist ‘training’!
        -To give warships proper names! (not USNS Harvey Milk)
        -To build proper WARSHIPS not the LCS class or Zummwalts!

        1. 100% with you on that AFVet!
          Getting moral back in the military should be #1 priority.
          Equipment is important, but if he or she doesn’t have the motivation battles can’t be won.

    1. How many of us have made major relocations in our lives? I, for one, went nowhere six weeks prior to the moving van. Moves are personal. A lot needs to be done. A 17-day, taxpayer funded vacation? Would never happen.

  7. You know, it would not be bad, if he was actually a good golfer. Thing of it is, he is not. A faker golfer, just like a fake presidency.

    1. Very few community organizers from the ghetto know how to play golf? Of course, he would never take a lesson. He already knows everything.

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