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Open Thread || Saturday, December 17, 2016



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    Good morning all of you.
    Please have a look at the photo of Obama in the link. He looks so old and sick. I wonder how he will cope with life after January, he really was/is an empty suit , there was nothing there. A puppet.
    By the way, he claims that he told Putin to stop the interference in the election but ” the damage was already done with Wikileaks “. So, that is what he means with interference , that voters got knowledge about what was going on in the corrupt Democratic headquarters ? In that case, I am all for interference, but I call it transparency. Was it not what you promised, Barry ?

    • Not only looks sick, but I now believe Obama is having mental issues.
      “Obama said he would continue working to stop cyber attacks from Russia and other countries.”
      As a private person, maybe, but does he realize that after 20 January, he’ll no longer be President?

      • And he is relatively young. How does one top being president of the USA? UN Secretary General, I guess.

        After listening and reading FLOTUS’s comments to Oprah and listening to Mr0’s presser yesterday, it struck me how extremely negative they both are in their outlook. Are they unhappy? For many of us, they have had a charmed life and are moving on to the next cycle of a life many only dream of.

        Their kids are just about grown, they’re young, healthy, wealthy and should have much to look forward to.

        The 0 Family must be a bundle of joy to be around in private.

        So why so bitter and negative?

        • Yes, they look unhappy. I have always suspected that this was a “pre-ordered fabricated” PC presidential family.So now they ( and we ) wonder who they really are. Therapy, maybe ?

        • MJ,
          Bitter because Hillary didn’t “win” after all the cheating, lies and smears placed on Trump and his supporters.
          By Hillary not winning, the myth of Obamas legacy is dead in the water.

        • Good comment. The truth may be this: they rose from relative obscurity to rule the free world, even though they did not earn it. Smart people, yes. Educated, indeed. But running the free world takes much more than a corornation, as they discovered. Even an obedient press corps could not mask the indeptitude of their administration. In the end, The President and First Lady reflect on what was and in the mirror, see the shortcoming. This country put them both high on pedestals and they failed. Demonstrating pure hubris, they both point fingers and blame others for their lack of success. Its a shame that they never learned that America is great nation, and you can succeed, but only through hard work and collaboration, not by donning a crown and faking it. Hope never equated Change, action will.

        • Bitter and negative – of course.
          In two months, everything MrObama did will be erased, and replaced with bi-partisan or even partisan legislation – not EOs.
          He’s not an idiot – he realizes that Ombamacare is a disaster – one handed to him by his own party to sign. His stimulus was a farce. His foreign policy a disaster of immense proportions that will forever change many countries for the worse.
          MrsO’s faux garden will be quietly plowed under. Her attempt to make it permanent with a self- congrat plaque only makes it more pathetic.
          The school lunch program will undergo a massive change back to food the children will eat.
          They will be footnotes in Presidential history, and not agents of prosperity to be admired.

    • Obama is so full of it! Obama interfered in Israel’s election trying to get rid of Netanyahu, does anyone remember that? Why doesn’t Trump remind Obama of that and that he spent millions of our taxpayer dollars sending his bullies to Israel to try to get rid of their leader Netanyahu? and why isn’t Trump calling Hillary Clinton Crooked Hillary anymore? Now is the time for him to call her that,Crooked Hillary, as she tries to overthrow an American election, even that she can’t do right or be loyal to her country or ethical. So Trump, call her for what she is now, not later and don’t feel sorry for the Clintons, they are grifters and trash. Trump should also recommend a speciual prosecutor for the trashy old biddy! She is nothing short of a criminal, maybe murderer and definitely a greedy money hungry pig who would take money from anyone and does to this day! She wil never stop with the money unless she is prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Go Trump, do the right thing when it comes to the Clintons. Other politicians have been arrested for much less including two African American politicians, so why isn’t she paying for her crimes? Her and her cheating husband should be shut up for good along with Obama and his “hopeless” horror of a wife?

  2. Obamas in Hawaii. Courtesy US taxpayer.
    Funny but during debates much was made of Trump’s comment re. Would he agree w election results. Now we see that Hillary and pack of “running dogs” are fighting every which way to delegitimize Trump’s win. They don’t recognize/accept election outcome!

    • One of the hallmarks of the wacky liberal, far left, fascist elements of our society, is that they are guilty of the very vices they accuse the rest of us of having. Projection and all that.

  3. No doubt the Obamas will take advantage of sponsored vacations post presidency. Will be most curious to see how many they pay for themselves.

    Going out on a limb here — zero.