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The Expendables: Why Trump Left Giuliani, Gingrich and Christie Out

For all his emphasis on loyalty, President-elect Trump’s decision to exclude from the next administration three of his most dedicated supporters — Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich and Gov. Chris Christie — suggests Trump might have sensed flaws in his friends that ultimately drove him toward candidates outside his inner circle.

Each was likely cast aside under different circumstances. Giuliani withdrew his own name from contention for the secretary of state position, but not before rumors hinted at Trump’s displeasure with the way the former New York City mayor had publicly angled for the job. Gingrich has said he never asked to be considered for a Cabinet post, even though he had unsuccessfully gunned for the vice presidency this summer. And Christie’s leadership role in the transition process was significantly diluted in November on the heels of a courtroom drama that dredged up details from the 2013 “Bridgegate” scandal.

Peter Wehner, a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center who served in the last three Republican administrations, noted that while each snub occurred for unique reasons, the omission of all three loyalists offered “more generalized lessons” about Trump’s decision-making.

“I imagine that Trump, he views himself as the alpha male, so he’s going to want to control and dominate every relationship that he has,” Wehner said. “There’s nobody that he’s named to the Cabinet that strikes me as uncontrollable and unpredictable.”

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11 Responses to The Expendables: Why Trump Left Giuliani, Gingrich and Christie Out

  1. I for one think this is a waste of electrons.

    Much more important is the Lefts attempts at hi Jacking the election!

    Obama says an orderly transition is no longer a priority! He is holding a press conference today to try and mess things up! What! How can he say that and not get major blow back!

    The Beast is still trying to mess up the election with all her CNN,CBS, MSM…..helping!

    So you write about a snub??? Insane!!!
    Distraction! Your bosses idea??

    • I think it was another window on how Trump thinks.
      If anybody gets askew of the goal (MAGA), they will be dispensed with forthwith.

      The three mentioned were not selected for a good reason IMO.

      As far as covering the libs and their constant attempts to trash the electoral processes, their credibility is fast becoming chaff in the wind.

      Covering them is a waste of electrons, IMO.

      • Valid point…..I am letting them get to me.

        I have a class and they are all libs and just insane! They believe the lies on MSM.

        They have no defense so they will not talk politics.

        • Barack has been bloviating for more than an hour. How long can this lame-brain, lame duck go on?
          Trump’s appointments have all been experts in their field. Not a miss among them. Now for him to do equally as well with the Supreme Court–which is the most important reason he was elected!

  2. Wehner’s comment is shallow. Who wants a Cabinet member, who represents POTUS, to be unpredictable and uncontrollable?
    Especially in a crisis.

    All Presidents are alpha males.
    They wouldn’t have run and won if they were not.

    Nonsense. Most likely Trump found people who did not have the “flaws” of the three men. Gingrich will always want something and he has a short attention span. Guliani was not very flexible in the role he wanted to play. And Christie — Christie has a lot of baggage.

    Assume they are all in good standing and their relationships hold. Loyalty is only one aspect of making good decisions.

    An uncontrollable alpha male would most likely not have take the advice and counsel of an alpha woman like Kelly Ann Conway.

  3. Trump has no doubt hired hundreds if not thousands of people to fill important positions over the years. He’s likely become very good at picking the right person for the right job.

  4. There can be many reasons why a person is not the final pick for a job. There’s no reason to think that dominance is the reason.

    Newt seems happy outside the system, Christie is a loose cannon (hugging Obama and drooling over him after the storm), and Guiliani might not be the best fit. I don’t think this has to be characterized as “casting aside” and lack of “loyalty.” That is now the MSM distorts information.