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Sean Spicer Likely to be named White House Press Secretary

President-elect Donald Trump is expected to pick Republican National Committee chief strategist Sean Spicer to serve as White House press secretary in his administration, sources with direct knowledge told the Washington Examiner on Thursday.

Spicer first became involved with Trump in August when he agreed to work in New York three to four days a week as an on-site adviser to the campaign while still maintaining his position as RNC communications director. He has since become a senior spokesman for the president-elect’s transition operation, and has been responsible for briefing reporters each morning on the transition team’s day-to-day activities.

“Sean has come out to be the leading contender for the podium position,” a GOP source told the Examiner, adding that a formal announcement could come as soon as Friday.

14 thoughts on “Sean Spicer Likely to be named White House Press Secretary”

      1. Don’t know for sure but Rush said today that whomever it was that leaked or hacked, they didn’t write the e-mails.

        All they were doing was exposing them.

        The dems were going down a blind alley.

      2. Only so room. Current Left fake news and arms aimed at Trump and the electoral college.

        When that is over ….

        Or perhaps they figured out that keep going down the old Russkie path maybe more stuff would come out about HRC and possibly the outgoing tenant at 1600.

      3. Yesterday, Obama got on his little pony and declared that “we will get to the bottom of this Russian hacking and they will pay the consequences.” Putin is probably still laughing at him.

        Oh, this Russian hacking thing will go on until the Electors vote on December 19. Then the election deniers will go on to the next “issue”.

        Just for fun, here’s good, quick look at the Electoral College, how it works, how they do what they do.

        There’s an interesting section there on whether Electors can refuse to vote for the candidate who won their state’s votes. Turns out it seems to vary from state to state.

    1. I;m with you srdem65. My choice was Laura Ingraham.

      Not going to second guess Trump but I would strongly prefer it not be someone from the RNC staff. I am assuming Priebus influence and not crazy about it.

      The media/press was and is out of control especially when it comes to Trump. The Press Corpse and Josh were Obama’s servants. Don’t want that but do want a tight rein on the garbage they are allowed to get away with.

      1. Then start with DJT and his staff. Media/press out of control. Just look back to the campaign to see what garbage came out of the GOP team. The lies, attacks, racism, mysogony, and denials were flowing like champagne on New Years Eve. The media/press were reacting to what was dished out; now they’re paying for it by the one that “Trumps” the dishonesty.

  1. Doesn’t surprise that so thin-skinned person moves into this role. Like DJT, he can’t take criticism, insists that if he “says it ain’t so”, it has to be false, and does nothing but shovels the BS that PEOTUS tweets. Conflicts of interest – there aren’t any because Mr. Trump says so, but will follow the law. Who’s law? DJT of course, the smartest man in the world. Aaahhh, at least those who doubt won’t own the mess that’s coming

  2. Anybody but that nauseous inducing lapdog that works for little barry works for me…cheers josh you have disgraced the office along with your high flying boss with no hot sauce.

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