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Trump comments Revive Talk of Immigration Deal

Top Senate Republicans are optimistic about the chances of working out a deal with President-elect Trump to protect so-called “Dreamers,” or people who were illegally brought to the United States as children and allowed to remain under President Obama’s executive action that deferred the threat of deportation.

In an interview with Time magazine last week, Trump softened his rhetoric on the issue and said he wants to “work something out” for at least 740,000 Dreamers who have gotten deportation reprieves and work permits since President Obama introduced his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) executive action in 2012. House Speaker Paul Ryan echoed his remarks, and said there would not be an “ugly disruption” for them.

Those comments have made Senate Republicans optimistic that some agreement can be reached, especially after Trump’s hardline position on illegal immigrants during the campaign.

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22 thoughts on “Trump comments Revive Talk of Immigration Deal”

  1. Bottom line for me:

    If you arrived illegally and committed a felony, you are gone.

    If you arrived illegally and have been nice, not naughty, you get one year to sign up for a alien card, including SSN. If you fail to sign up, you are also gone.

    After that, REGISTERED aliens, pay your taxes, stay out of trouble and you can stay as a paying guest.

    Violate that trust, you are gone too.


      1. you guys nailed it.

        add: build the wall and stop more from coming!!!

        Mexifornia is a Mex mess!!! its terribly here. grew up here and this state is a foreign country now.
        Get the gangs out of here too!

        1. That’s why the numbers are so small, because its only for a certain small group of kids that were brought here very young or as babies.

          Also The program does not allow for any new immigrants to apply, So the number of those in the program cannot grow, or be expanded to New people just coming into the USA

      2. Agree with all of you. Sounds about right.
        We’re not monsters sending English speaking young people to a country they have never visited, much less lived in.
        Do the paperwork, follow the rules, get in line and then…Welcome!

      3. The program gives no Citizen benefits.

        And only some are able to obtain a
        ” provisional License ” Depending on the the city.

        They still are not allowed any healthcare services

        No Federal tuition or welfare of any kind.

        and they must renew every 2 years after they Pass Gov. Background checks, get their fingerprints and photos taken.

        The work permit they are given means they have to pay into all the Tax Services.

        And the program is only for those who came here before 2007 and were under 16 years old and who have no left the country since then.

        and Those with no criminal records.

    1. Why would you give anything to any lawbreaker?

      Besides, you can’t be “nice not naughty” when your presence here breaks and disrespects American law EVERY DAY.

      There is no such thing as a law-abiding illegal alien — it’s an oxymoron.

    1. There was an article on Breitbart yesterday about the $100,000. million spent this year (?) on flying/putting up in hotels/feeding and clothing kids from Central America. When I tried to find the story later it had vanished.

    1. That’s not how the program works.

      The Program is ONLY for those who came here BEFORE 2007 and were 16 Years old or under.

      And only for those who have never left the country since then.

      No new Immigrants or kids can qualify for it, Its only for a small group of them. Which is why only 700,000 Qualified.

      That is only after they passed a Gov. Background check, Got their Fingerprints and photos taken.

      So this group Cannot be added to. It was only meant for certain kids brought here about 10 years ago.

      1. You think 700,000 is a small group? Geez.

        “The Program is ONLY for those who came here BEFORE 2007 and were 16 Years old or under.” You think this information can’t be faked?

        It’s a giveaway to lawbreakers –.

  2. I want them to stop allowing Dual Citizenship. They need to RENOUNCE any ties with any other nation – forever – and if a naturalized citizen ever deliberately gets citizenship with some other country, their US citizenship should be Forfeited immediately.
    I understand it is important for Israelis, but the Jewish people are a unique case, and deserve a wholly unique situation for their own protection.

    However, other countries are doing this for the money: Mexico has opened up Mexican dual citizenship for American whose grandparents were Mexican citizens, and so has Ireland, and China NEVER lets go of any Chinese people or their descendants. That needs to stop. American must go back to meaning AMERICAN only for immigration and naturalized citizenship.

    1. x2

      Want citizenship? Leave. Apply legally. Go to back of line. Because Mommy and Daddy have been living here illegally for 30 years buys you nothing.

  3. All I know is I was born and raised in a beautiful area of Southern California native! And then all the signs and DMV etc were made first Spanish then Vietnamese and I was a stranger in my own homeland. MAGA

  4. These are Reamers — brought here by illegal aliens to ream our nation for free education, etc., and American citizenship.

    Damn anyone who helps them. Their grievance with their cheating parents, not American law, which was obvious and clear.

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