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Obama Drawing Line Again in Syria

Syrian President Bashar Assad has crossed the line into depravity with his brutal campaign to maintain power, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Wednesday.

“They’ve crossed all the lines in pursuit of their goals,” Earnest said of the Assad regime, which has allowed the violence in Aleppo to escalate this week with its push to retake the city.

Assad’s strategy has included “bombing hospitals and playgrounds” and starving his citizens, Earnest said. “These tactics are depraved. They do cross just about every line that I can think of,” he added.

In 2012, President Obama infamously threatened to engage Syria militarily if Assad crossed the “red line” of deploying chemical weapons against his people.

Please read the rest of this piece at the Washington Examiner.

25 thoughts on “Obama Drawing Line Again in Syria”

    1. And that is the truth and nothing but the truth. I wish there was a way to have Obama and his entire entourage and administration leave office today and have the inauguration of President Trump take place immediately after Obama leaves town.

      1. Harv and Marcus, I long for that day too , the Trump Inauguration.. Do you think that the electors can stop him ? I worry about that.

        1. No, Trump has enough of a lead in the Electoral College to maintain his path to the Presidency. There won’t be enough Electors “switching” their votes to change that.

      2. Leaves town for where?
        Keith, can you please confirm if they are coming to Hawaii for Christmas????
        My last chance to vote him off the Islands!! Go away lil barry

  1. Earnest says “brutal campaign to maintain power”, “depraved tactics” etc etc. Some people call what the Syrian regime is involved in, war. War against an enemy as evil as evil can be. ISIS. How do you defeat an enemy who knows no boundaries, who use the civilians as shields, keep them as prisoners, hiding in schools and hospitals ? I don´t know. I don´t defend atrocities , I don´t know.
    This war is so brutal and tragic, civilians have suffered so much. At last it seems like Syria/Russia have managed to defeat ISIS, at least for some time, at least in this area. And for that we should be grateful. ISIS is a threat to all of us. And I guess the inhabitants in the occupied parts of Aleppo are happy too.
    Earnest/Obama have no credibility at all. I have never heard them say one word about the civilian sufferings in Yemen where the Obama administrations buddies certainly “cross the line into depravity”.

  2. I have great difficulty responding with any funny flip comments regarding Syria…children killed citizens starved…and No…electors can try all they want but if by chance they could turn around 36 votes the House would still vote to confirm Trump!

  3. Well Josh, if that feckless and piss poor excuse of a president you work for had actually done what he said he would, maybe the Syrians wouldn’t be suffering at the hands of their miserable, putrid “leader.”
    You can be upset and outraged all you want, but your boss is partially responsible for Aleppo.

  4. One of the magazines in the check out line at the grocery store says “The Obamas Say Goodbye.”
    Cannot come soon enough for me. I will be glad to see the back of them. I hope I never have to hear their voices or see their faces again.

  5. Assad still crossing Obama “lines”. Obama still talk, talk, talking about it.

    Josh is having an even tougher time being taken seriously since DJT won.

  6. As Obama goes around drawing “lines” again (In the sand? In the air? In his imagination?), we note that he has dropped to No.48 on the Forbes “World’s Most Powerful” list. Putin is No. 1 (again) and Trump is now No. 2. If Trump and Putin can figure out a way to work together to deal with mutual interests (elimination of ISIS, e.g.) this will be a safer world. They don’t have to go bowling together or go to the high school prom in the same chauffeured car. They just figure out how to work effectively together. Trump is every bit as tough and crafty as Putin, and won’t let Putin pull another fast one. I think they will work it out.

    1. I’m glad you guys appreciated the Conrad Black article as I did.

      Obama was powerful because of the office. Had nothing to do with the man himself. I think he will struggle without trappings because he is not a remarkable individual in anyway.

      As for Secretary of State, Kissinger approves and says he wouldn’t have been able to succeed as head of Exxon without such a relationship. Funny, Kissinger was cautious in his pronouncements as he also said he did not want to “commit suicide.”

      1. Will the Hollywood elites ever realize that I , dare I say we ,don’t care what they think or that I would change my mind because of something they say?

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