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No, Rogue Electors Won’t Derail Trump

Some in Washington and others on social media are speculating that President-elect Trump is on the cusp of a tidal wave of “faithless electors” defecting from their pledges.

The notion is provocative, titillating — and has no root in reality and is nothing new.

Anti-Trump forces are advancing efforts to invalidate his election in the only venue that matters: the Electoral College. The electors of the Electoral College — the people who actually choose the next president — will gather on Dec. 19 to make their choices; choices that are supposed to represent the will of the voters of the 50 sovereign states.

When the Electoral College meets on Dec. 19th in each separate state, there may be some defectors, but that tradition is nearly as old as our republic, and Trump’s electoral majority is simply too large for a faithless-elector rebellion to cause him to lose the election.

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18 thoughts on “No, Rogue Electors Won’t Derail Trump”

  1. This is so disheartening and wrong. They are trying to upset our election because MrsClinton didn’t win- trying so hard they are willing to trash our Constitution.
    How dare they! I won – yes, I won, fair and square. I like to think that my vote, my one vote put him over the top, gave him the election.

    1. Bill Richardson said today on Cavuto it’s in the name of “transparency” and feels the electors need to “vote their conscience” – in other words, as Neil pointed out, change their vote to Hillary.

      What a joke.

      1. Honest to God, former NM Governor Bill Richardson was cited in January 2016 for a hit and run fender bender. He was driving a yellow Jeep CJ that I have seen many times around town. The lying SOB pleaded no contest. I think he actually had to do some community service. Typical lying Democrat that can’t be believed for as second.

  2. Thank you for linking this article Keith. I am confident, but it is upsetting to keep reading how scared people are about these evil plans. It is good to have other sources to calm people – for some reason my own “there, there” doesn’t work forever LOL

  3. Yes Keith and thank you for mentioning the two most egregious words in our culture “social media ” leading lemmings off the cliff with fake news and no original thought. Fear not and trust your instincts!

    1. The only fake news that I’ve ever seen has been on the mainstream media. I don’t understand about fake news on FB. How does one get fake news on a social media site? Is it through sharing an outside article with friends?

      1. Anonna, the whole “Fake News” thing is a scam to convince us to accept censorship on the internet. It’s about Facebook, and Google, and all social media because progressives want to censor political views that oppose them. The Globalists believe that President Trump would not have won if people had not been able to share reports of Hillary’s incompetence, negligence & violations of the law. The “Fake News” campaign also dovetails with Congress passing, just last week, a bill that funds *US Government training and oversight of “local journalists”, media & private companies to “develop, integrate, and synchronize whole-of-government initiatives to expose and counter foreign disinformation operations and proactively advance fact-based narratives that support U.S. allies and interests.”

        In 2013, Congress (yeah *Republican Congress*) also passed a law that allows the government to lie to the American people.

        Fold in the word “foreign” with ridiculous false claims that the “Russians helped Trump win”. Now, remember that fiction writer Ben Rhodes (literally – he wrote novels before getting a job with Obama) has served as President Obama’s “National Security Adviser” and bragged to the NYT about making up stories to convince *Congress* and the American public that there was a “signed deal” with Iran, when there never has been.

        So, an administration that uses a guy who writes fictional novels to tell him what decisions to make for National Security, with a Congress that wants to lie to Americans, and a media that hates President Trump…
        voila! They pretend there is this vague thing called “fake news” to allow them to happily censor conservatives “for the sake of the nation”.

  4. Thanks for this Keith.

    Also, looks like Jill Stein just bought herself, HRC and the Dems some trouble with her insistence on Michigan recount. Excess number of votes reported in 37% of Detroit precincts. I’m thinking those votes are blue and a little dusty from being in the closet and muddy from being in the grave for so long.

  5. Some judge in Colorado ruled that the electors must change their votes to Hilary.
    What happened to the free and fair elections Jill Stein and all the other leftists keep on yammering about?
    The hypocrisy is astounding.

    1. They are so desperate and determined to win and be in power that they do not care what they do to our form of government in the long run.

      At last, I have accepted that horrifying thought.

  6. I am so sick of this shizz; when will the democrats shut up and get on with their lives…Jesus Christ on a cracker! this is like the election that will never end. Is this this future of the US now? democrats throwing disgusting hissy fits every time they do not win the presidency? If so, I am moving, because I am sick and tired of people acting like hillary clinton was the second coming and Trump is the deil. democrats will not be satisfied until they turn this country into a dictatorship, with them running the show and ramming their agenda down the throats of the rest of us. They are just sick, plain mentally ill; enough with the hysteria already!

    1. The Democrats constant wailing, scheming and bleating in this post election season is revealing just how corrupt and detached from the American people they are. They don’t even try to hide it anymore. They’re like the spoiled brat in WalMart who throws a tantrum and falls to the floor, kicking and screaming his lungs out because Mommy won’t buy him the toy he wants.

  7. I’ve never been a Trump fan, but if they go this route? They WILL have war on their hands.

    An actual war.

    Careful what you wish for leftists. You just might get it.

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