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Press to Self: Get Tougher on Trump

The national press is renewing its call for even more scrutiny of the incoming Trump administration and is cheering on reporters who challenge President-elect Trump and his team.

On Monday, New York Times media columnist Jim Rutenberg praised CNN’s Jake Tapper for a recent interview in which he pressed Vice President-elect Mike Pence on whether he knew that Gen. Mike Flynn, an adviser to Trump, had sought a security clearance for his adult son. Flynn’s son had used social media to spread a false conspiracy theory involving Hillary Clinton.

Please read the rest of this piece at the Washington Examiner.

33 Responses to Press to Self: Get Tougher on Trump

  1. It’s going to be a long four years, I am afraid.

    Look at the above. President Lazy, who skipped many, many briefings is now lecturing Trump on how important they are.

    I think they want Trump to withdraw into silence and lose touch with his supporters — and of course there is also that campaign to discredit him with everyone else.

    I’m beginning to loathe Dems.

    • “It’s going to be a long four years, I am afraid.”

      On the contrary. A long four years would be if that drunken witch would’ve been elected instead.

      • YES!
        It will be a long four years bombarded by the LSM whining & lying about our President. They will hold their grudge and pound their wimpy fists attempting to be relevant.

  2. Sure, go all full blast against anything concerning President Trump and his administration, pick and pry every non-important fact from the bottom of the barrel, and find out how little regard the nation has of the MSM.
    Who in the great fly-over country cares what GenFlynn’s son wants to do, or what he aspires – answer- hardly anyone at all. MrsClinton’s maid was privy to our national secrets every time she was order to print out the Sec of State’s emails – crickets.
    They may find their extremely harsh or biased reporting will be a high wall to breech in the WhiteHoouse if President Trump refuses to call on them during a Presser, or just refuses to acknowledge them at all.

  3. At the risk of over simplifying.
    Once the economy starts to grow, I mean real growth, not Obama “growth”, middle class taxes are reduced putting a few more $$$ in people’s pockets, unemployment drops and America resumes it place on the world stage, I believe people will think,”shit, I have more money in my pocket, a job, my children are getting a real education and I can again take my husband/wife out for dinner, F the press and their false news.

    • The CIA’s attempt to manipulate the media is an old story. If you remember Operation Mockingbird back in the day, the highest level journalists in the country–Walter Cronkite, Joseph Alsop, Ben Bradlee, James Reston, Walter Lippmann, Drew Pearson and many, many others were paid under the table to peddle the CIA version of news. It’s been reported that one of the reasons Cronkite went on the air to tell a complete lie about the US “defeat” (we actually whipped the Viet Cong’s asses) in the Tet Offensive was that he had requested more money from the CIA to peddle the approved CIA story and they refused. So he screwed the CIA and the nation.

      Anyway, here’s a decent write up of Operation Mockingbird. No doubt in my mind they are doing the same thing now.

      • DNI and FBI do not support CIA “analyses”. CIA working for Clinton and the Dems and not the country first. Hmmm, where else have we seen the politicization of top agencies — FBI, DOJ, IRS? Swamp cleaning time.

        • Exactly so. Obama and the hive of political anarchists he surrounded himself with have blemished and cauterized the FBI, DOJ IRS, BLM, etc. Getting all that fixed will be a major challenge. I feel bad for all the good employees in those organizations who had to live and suffer through 8 years of hell under Barry’s insanity.

  4. Access to the WH and aides is controlled by the Executive. They pick and choose who, what, where, and when to speak to.

    No matter what he does, Trump will have to take hits. So, might just as well take control of the conditions under which the enemy media can take shots. They have declared their intent and adversity and bias.

  5. “Like, I feel like we need to start handing out awards to journalists for calling out bullshit.”
    Really? What an insufferable little con artist.
    How about awards going to people calling out “journalists” on their collusion with the vile and putrid Hilary Clinton?
    Oh I forgot, we did that.
    How about “journalists” having some pride in what they do and doing some professional, neutral reporting on the facts rather than whatever garbage is swirling around in their tiny brains?
    Now that would be a refreshing change.

  6. OT: Allen West has been to the tower 3 times already, hasn’t seen Trump yet but met with VP and others

    Sounds like he is pretty much in somewhere!

    Good News!

  7. How can they “get tougher”?? They’re already making stuff up and reporting innuendo as fact!! What’s next? Place anti-Trump scenes in a major motion picture?? OOPS!! Been there, done that!!! Make NO mistake!! I think Trump DESERVES rigorous questioning!! But so did the PREVIOUS occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but it NEVER happened!! The MSM’s ideologly is on display!!

  8. Well, I’m ok with these “journalists” being tough on Trump – as they should be on any president. However, the more they go after Trump and not the Dems, the more they will continue to expose themselves as partisan “hacks” to all of us deplorables. By the way, I predict that the number of “deplorables” is going to grow.