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Wisconsin Recount: Trump Still Wins

President-elect Trump has been certified the winner in Wisconsin after a statewide recount showed his margin of victory increase over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, according to multiple reports on Monday.

Trump’s lead over Clinton increased by 162 votes, cementing him as the winner of the state’s 10 electoral votes a week before the Electoral College is set to convene. The state certified the results a day before the federal deadline.

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14 Responses to Wisconsin Recount: Trump Still Wins

      • x2 Actually Hillary should have to reimburse us — she has more money and she is what this was all about anyway.

        And on the Russian thing. It is spiraling out of control and is slick and creepy. Here is a summary comment from an internet poster that aligns with my thinking. And might I say, McConnell is the biggest rat ever.

        Cut the crap folks.

        The Russians did not hack the DNC nor did they hack the election. The crybaby contingent, including a number of members of the Republican party, are displaying their true colors here, and there’s nothing honoring the view of free elections in any of it.

        We know how the DNC emails got hacked because it was admitted to. It was done through very pedestrian and common phishing emails. In other words they were not hacked at all; they gave up their passwords.

  1. Will it be Rex Tillerson as Scretary of State ? If so, good choice. It will be somewhat difficult for the globalists to argue about the threats from Russia if a Russian friendly businessman represents the US.
    This is good for the peace. Make business, not war.

    • It is Tillerson and I could have swore, I heard the sound of popping heads when MSNBC, Media Matters, CNN and the NY Times got the word.
      I would have preferred former Ambassador Bolton, but something tells me he might have declined if it was offered to him.
      President Elect Trump is putting together a Blue Ribbon cabinet that is going to work for America.
      As the song said, “my future is so bright, I hafta wear shades”.

  2. This continuation of her humiliating defeat must be extremely painful for HRH Hilary. Why doesn’t she just put an end to this nonsense? Its kind of like the movie Groundhog Day where events keep repeating themselves over and over again.
    On second thought, maybe it isn’t humiliating in the least for her. She does have the skin of a rhinoceros after all. I guess it is nothing more than the Clinton Mafia agenda to simply disrupt Donald Trump’s win and presidency as much as they can.
    That being said, this is a YUGE contradiction of her campaign rhetoric and promises about caring for the American people and wanting to make things better for America and her citizens.
    What a selfish, self-centered, power hungry, vile and putrid person she is.
    So glad she lost.

  3. So who’s funding this effort to change the upcoming Electoral College vote? Turns out, Soros is funding the effort via various organizations (including a couple of organizations affiliated with Communist Van Jones), and a strange character named Larry Lessig, a Harvard law professor and progressive activist.

    Here’s a story uncovering the mess: