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Saturday Open Thread || December 9, 2016



21 thoughts on “Saturday Open Thread || December 9, 2016”

  1. The Dems continue to flail…Hillary wanting a Congressional investigation into “fake news”…Barry ordering an investigation into election-related hacking by the Russians (to be on his desk before he leaves office!)

    In an effort to create some revisionist history as fast as possible, the sore loser brigade continues.

    1. It wasn’t the hacking that the Dems are upset about, it’s that they published the damning texts that hurt MrsClinton.
      Everyone with an IQ higher than room temperature knows that everything written, texted, or uttered is hacked by our own government and any foreign government that cares what we do and think.

  2. CBSNEWS (and some others) announce that Bristol Palin is pregnant with her third child!
    IMO, that’s nice and congrats, but why is that worthy of national news reports?
    In other news, MrObama has sent “200 troops to Syria”. How 200 American troops will be deployed there isn’t clear, but 200?

  3. It appears Trump has read what President Harding said, “What this country needs is less government in business and more business in government”

  4. Since election day Obama has appointed 56 new people to boards, commissions and offices hoping they will be there for many years. Each position is for 4 to 7 years. With only 6 weeks remaining his supporters want him to do more and the list is long. Trump will not be able to change these actions easily as they are rules, not executive orders.

    There is a list of his changes and more about this subject on the Drudge Report today.

    1. I saw that, and 0 will keep going these last 40 days, must smear his stupid ego on everything he can. Give “the unprepared Trump”(!!!!!) more work to do getting rid of obozo’s legendary legacy. :)
      …My deceased Lab has a better legacy then 0!

      1. If they cannot be removed then, via the long route, perhaps the Department Secretary ( ie HHS- Health, Education etc) can arrange it so their job descriptions are changed. Health: Using this approved list of medicinal herbs alphabetically send one herbal description a day to 5 people within the department. These descriptions are to be handwritten and personally delivered. Failure to complete this task or any activity beyond that listed in your job description is cause for termination as cited in POTUS Regulation #2017JDT.

      1. NoDhimmi, I hope so to. Remember Disneys “Cinderella” ? The sweet little mice that helped Cinderella with her gown ? My favourite Disney . I absolutely loved these mice, I believe they might be some inspiration for this art. I think that Disneys early films brought the film art to very high levels. The water colours, the music, oh, and the lovely stories. Pinochio, Snow White…I feel like a happy child again when I watch these films.

        1. The old Disney movies were far superior to the ones made today. The animation was better, and the earlier movies didn’t force leftist propaganda down kids’ throats.

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