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Trump Junta? What About Obama’s Generals?

News outlets ran a spate of articles and columns in recent days reflecting a level of anxiety over President-elect Trump choosing a number of retired generals for top positions in his White House.

But in January 2009, President Obama appointed the same number of retired high-ranking officers to posts that Trump has so far.

Trump has reportedly named retired Marine Gen. John Kelly as his secretary of homeland security, which brings the number of retired generals to three. Kelly would join retired Army Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn as national security adviser and retired Marine Gen. James Mattis as secretary of defense.

After the Kelly news, the Washington Post ran a story Wednesday headlined, “Trump hires a third general, raising concerns about heavy military influence.”

Please read the rest of this piece at the Washington Examiner.

10 thoughts on “Trump Junta? What About Obama’s Generals?”

  1. I would much rather have someone with military experience in leadership roles given the situation Obama has put us in than some college prof that hates the country and is dead set on putting us on the road to socialism.

    The very fact that some of these men were dismissed by Obama makes them even more viable for these positions.

    1. These men devoted their entire lives, that’s all day, all week, all year, for most if not all their adult lives.
      And yet they are ready to answer the call to serve America again.
      True patriots one and all.

  2. Yet, when Barry Obama brought in Communists,, hard core socialists, anti-Semitic radicals and Muslim Brotherhood nutjobs into his administration or used them as primary advisors in his policy making, the corporate press was stone cold silent about it.

    E.g. Van Jones, Howard Berkowitz, Dr. Donald Berwick, Ron Bloom, David Bonior, Rick Bookstaber, Rosa Brooks, Anita Dunn, William C. Dudley, Michael Froman, Patrick Gaspard, John P. Holdren, Valerie Jarrett, Elena Kagan, Mark Lloyd, Penny Pritzker, Hannah Rosenthal, Hilda Solis, Cass Sunstein and many, many more.

    1. Seeing all the culprits names at one time its truly amazing that the country survived at all.
      Lots of damage, but nothing that we can’t overcome.
      Trump already has things moving, can’t wait till he’s in office.

  3. No matter what he does or doesn’t do, the MSM will be “outraged, anxious, alarmed, shocked” or anything else that indicates their bias against the President Elect.
    It’s tiresome and no one cares.

    1. Not just the MSM, but everyone else with a public platform and an opinion.
      The key word is “retired.” It isn’t like a Military Junta in Egypt or Turkey or some other country that doesn’t have our form of government.
      Not that Trump needs sympathy, he has certainly shown he can step up and counter punch any criticism, but I really wish people would quit the naysaying and let the guy do the job he was elected to do.
      He will certainly be better than the feckless and moronic Barry Obama or the too nice GW Bush.

  4. I have served under General’s Mattis, Kelly, Dunford and Waldhauser. They are the finest this country this has to offer and if that pisses off liberals then I’m happy. General Dunford was also the one who knocked on Gen Kelly’s door at 0600 to inform him that his son, 1stLt Robert Kelly, was KIA in Sangin, Afghanistan on 9 Nov 2010.

  5. “But in January 2009, President Obama appointed the same number of retired high-ranking officers to posts that Trump has so far.”

    Have you noticed that reporters seem to have forgotten about Obama’s pre-election activities, including his Seal of the Prez Elect?

    Is the pool of reporters in the U.S. completely replaced by newbies every 8 years?

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