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Obama Denies Trump Charge that He Created ISIS

President Obama spent several minutes during a major speech on Monday defending his decision to pull American troops out of Iraq in 2011, rebutting repeated criticism by President-elect Donald Trump that the move uncorked a new terrorist threat.

Despite demanding in 2006 that then-President Bush pull American military forces out of Iraq, Trump has since called Obama the “founder of ISIS” for bringing those troops home.

During what was his final major policy speech, delivered at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Fla., Obama claimed he had no choice and keeping troop in the country wouldn’t have prevented the Islamic State anyway.

You can read the rest of this piece on the Washington Examiner.

5 Responses to Obama Denies Trump Charge that He Created ISIS

  1. He had a choice. We ‘owned’ Iraq. He allowed an anti-American government to be seated and was proud of it.
    He’s lying, and lying about the men and women who fought and died there is a bigger crime than the inept and corrupt government that caused ISIS.
    His stated goal was to end all wars. His incompetence insured that the wars have continued for a decade with no end in sight.

    The campaign is over and MrTrump won.
    MrObama would do all of us a favor (and himself) if he spent the last days of his term packing his belongings or writing a memoir or just golfing somewhere warm.

  2. “Air raid Pearl Harbor. This is not a drill.”
    Msg from Patrol Wing 2 HQ, 7 December 1941, 7:55am.
    We’ll never forget your sacrifice.