As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Changes to White House Dossier

Good evening.

I have accepted a full-time job as a senior editor with the Washington Examiner, a conservative-leaning publication. I begin work on Monday.

Given that this job will require my full attention, I must change the way I do White House Dossier. Going forward, White House Dossier will continue to provide the daily presidential schedule, but instead of independent articles, I will include links to White House-related coverage appearing on the Washington Examiner, including pieces that I will write. So, you will still see lots of great stories on White House Dossier and have a chance to provide your comments, but you will have to make an extra click to get over to the Washington Examiner.

To those of you who have been reading for more than just the last six months, you will notice that this is similar to the arrangement I had when I was working for LifeZette earlier this year and in 2015.

As some of you are aware, I am not new to the Examiner, having served over the spring and summer in a more limited role as its editor. I am very excited about this new opportunity. I believe you will continue to enjoy the coverage on White House Dossier, since the White House reporting by Examiner is exemplary.

Thank you, as always, for reading.

Warmest Regards,


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  1. Excellent news, Keith and huge congratulations! Senior editor! The Washington Examiner is on the top of my read list and you will do great there. WHD will continue to attract great posters and you will be there to make sure we don’t do something weird on the blog. ;+}.

  2. Well, look at you, working your way up the ranks of the Beltway fake-news racket.

    Ah, just playing. Congratulations, Keith and keep fighting the good fight.

    And if you need a break from the winter weather, drop me a line. Got a new place in the Tampa Bay area, and it’s like a whole other country down here. Should have moved here sooner.

    Examiner’s a good paper, too. I must confess, I liked it better back when it the conservative DC daily with an attitude, but markets change, and quality does not. If the office is as good as the copy it turns out, then settle in: you and The Washington Examiner will love each other.

    Congratulations again, and good luck!

  3. Congrats! Best wishes on the new gig.
    All of us love your “insider” blogs and hopefully we’ll see more of them.
    Again – great news.

  4. Congratulations! We are very happy for you, and for the Examiner’s team & readers. May God bless you in your new role.

    Thank you for keeping the blog open and active. I very much enjoy the people who comment here, and always learn something from them. I am grateful to get to continue to read and interact with them. :-)

  5. Congratulations, Keith. You and the Examiner sound like a good fit. And thanks for keeping the blog open. I’ve grown very fond of all the posters.

  6. Well that’s great news Keith and what a nice way to start a new year with a new job and a new president-life is good!

    Just don’t forget about us little people when you make it really, really big!!

  7. Good for you Keith.
    Been with you for a few years now. Won’t give up the ship. I like the examiner. Looking forward to reading you there and contributing.
    Best and be well,
    Cheryl from Charlestown, RI

  8. Congratulations Keith. Good for you! Thanks for sharing your time and insights along the way. Looking forward to adding the Washington Examiner to my reading list.

  9. I have been reading you for what seems like years. You are the first place I go in the morning for my news. You have been a steady guiding light for me and I really am glad that I was fortunate to find you and your beacon of truth.
    I could not be happier for you and I hope this is a great move and opportunity for you. I will still always go to “White House Dossier” every morning, and will click to your articles.
    Thank you for being there for all of us during the Obama Years that have been so trying.
    You go Keith.
    My best to you

    Marilyn L. Rimer

  10. Keith
    May the creator God, bless you and all you think and do at the Washington Examiner. Happy to know we will continue in your loop of followers that enjoy the insightful diggings for truth. Truth Prospectors digging for a nugget or two. Unadulterated, unfortified, plain, beautiful truth. Hardest work on earth when dealing with human character.

  11. Congratulations Keith. All the best to you.

    After years of slogging through the muck that was the Obama presidency, and helping us see what was what, you deserve this (and more).


  12. Congratulations Keith! I’ve been following WHD for over four years now…I remember reading your posts over the phone to my late mother during the 2012 campaign (she couldn’t stand Obama!)…she was a big fan of yours, too!

    Good luck with the new gig!

  13. Congratulations !
    I have followed you here for many years and sometimes I miss the days when you spoke to us in the comment sector. It got personal and warm. However, I certainly understand that there is no time for that now, you being a big shot editor. Lycka till !

  14. Way to go,Keith! Thanks for thinking of all your faithful readers here, who will continue to follow your excellent articles. Wishing you much deserved success in your new post!

  15. Congratulations sir! I certainly enjoy the Dossier and will look forward to checking out the Washington Examiner. Thank you for shedding light on the jam packed schedule of President BHO. Keep up the good work

  16. Bravo Zulu Sir!

    (Washington Examiner…?…will you be hanging around CPAC in 2017? :-)

    Still hoping for that ‘tell all’ book about this lazy & biased “WH press corps” under this ‘most transparent’ Obama regime -LOL

  17. Congratulations Keith. I came upon WHD after 0 was elected in 08. I was trying to make sense out of his idiotic ruling like a king. Your blog and all the commenters has been my sea of calm in a bad storm. Thank you and much luck on your new adventure.

  18. I am very glad for you, Keith, and very sorry for myself. It seems every really great blog leads to a new opportunity for the blogger, who then moves on and leaves an empty space in my mental landscape.

    I’ll keep coming back to see how things shape up with WHD, but will ever remember the old days.

    Thanks so much and best, best wishes for you and yours.

  19. So good to see responsible journalists getting the prime spots!!! I will certainly follow “where ever thou goest” We hope in you and the new administration coming.

  20. Good on you,Keith. Thanks for helping us here get through the last 8 years with inside stories and levity. Hopefully the next 8 will be better. Happy New Year!