As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

14 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || December 4, 2016

  1. Ho ho ho, its beginning to look a lot like the Christmas and there will be lots of goodies for the good little girls and boys. Goodies that we earn, no more extravagant handouts….praise the Lord.

    Ps. Mr. President Elect, ignore SNL, nobody watches it anyway….


    • I’d agree that most conservatives are not watching SNL – it is after all a NYC thing.
      The thing is that why should he ignore the insulting portrayals on a national TV show when MrObama never was treated in that way, ever, on SNL.
      He doesn’t like it, so he has a right to object.

    • There were no smoke detectors and no sprinkler system. Who thought it was a great idea to hold a rave in such a place?
      Those who organized the event should be charged with negligent homicide.

      • Some of the stuff is groovy. The old radios and record players, the pianos and organs, some of the hanging lamps are cool, the claw foot coffee table is worth a few dollars if you ever watch Antiques Road Show. And that couch with the spindle arms would be nice in a library. That rug is kind of neat in the first few pictures.

        And then there’s Jesus overlooking the gargoyles and some dragon statues in several of the pictures.
        Kind of scary in a way.

        One of the articles I read yesterday said that the inspectors tried and tried to get in that warehouse but never got any cooperation from the owners. I smell LAWSUIT!!!

    • Viewing the pics, it looks like that was the final destination for decorations from old chain restaurants like Houlihan’s that sought that faux dive bar appearance.

  2. Beginning to figure it out.

    During the Obama years, we were “racists”.

    During the Trump years, we will be “alt right white supremacists”. White supremacists or alt right can also be used alone.

  3. We all need a hearty chuckle now and then. Here’s “Duffleblog”, an Onion type “military” blog which you might enjoy. Some headlines from the blog:

    “Report: Thousands of US troops trying to transfer to Canadian military”

    “Pentagon recalls Thanksgiving MREs that were contaminated with real turkey”

    Lots more. Funny stuff, whether you’ve been in the military or not.