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Saturday Open Thread || December 3, 2016



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  1. Musings on a Saturday morning. Here is Naomi Wolf’s list of the blueprint steps historically taken by fascist governments and dictatorships to destroy a democracy. Yes, Wolf is a complete loony lefty moon bat, but it’s interesting to see how many of the steps on her list, or a version of them, were implemented by Obama during his reign of terror. Wolf, of course, misses the irony that her hero, Obama, is well versed in how to take down a democracy.

    1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy
    2. Create a gulag
    3. Develop a thug caste
    4. Set up an internal surveillance system
    5. Harass citizens’ groups
    6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release
    7. Target key individuals
    8. Control the press
    9. Dissent equals treason
    10. Suspend the rule of law

    • If we know one thing about the internet, it’s that no one, no entity, no provider can regulate or control anything.
      From hackers to innovators, destroy this internet and another will be available.
      They’re wasting their time.

    • He never misses something to screw with us.
      Trump is a hard worker, Obama self admit is lazy. So glad when the Muslim is out of our face every day!

      • Rumors are he may become affiliated with a digital media company or some such effort. He truly believes that America needs to hear from him at least daily.

        Pretty much baying at the moon after 1/20/17. Totally without the power and prestige of the office of the Presidency. Yep, just a has been,

        • Oh no, Grace, sounds likely but I hope those rumours aren´t true. But if so, Barry will be a little sniper, following Trump wherever he goes. But, I bet he will be a divorced sniper. The former Mrs Obama will probably be affiliated with another media company. They will just not go away.

          • The Obamas, like the Clintons, will probably stay married. Sort of a defense against mutually assured destruction. Or perhaps mutually assured destruction. :)

      • Since the man sleeps so little, and business shuts down in the U. S. at night, just think how much he is going to be able to accomplish with world leaders who are 12 hours out of sink with America. I can almost guarantee that phone call to Taiwan president Tsai Ing-wen was made on her clock, not ours.

    • And word is that McConnell is about to sign off on that: Obama gets his hack installed at the FCC, in exchange for one of McConnell’s favorite staffers getting a lame-duck appointment to the FERC.

      McConnell isn’t up for reelection until 2020. How convenient.

  2. Just a few thoughts. I hope Obama gets a media forum, it will be another thing no one pays attention to. He will do as well at that as his presidency. He’s so lazy and self centered, hence not starting his day till 10am. Lastly, giving tax $ to Carrier can’t be any worse than the Solyndra deal. Guess I forgot how great that boondoggle was at adding to the 800,000 jobs the chosen one created.

  3. Let’s change the subject and begin to enjoy the Christmas season.
    I love this song but it is also bittersweet to me.
    As I have said previously, I associate it with my father. He lay in the hospital dying from cancer as this song played over and over on the lobby loudspeakers.
    And I had recently “broken up” with my boyfriend – who one day many years later was much more than just a boyfriend – for a short while.
    But the love expressed in the song – that love lives on. And so do the youthful memories of loves lost.

    • So agree Aileen…my husband was going on about this and that politically this morning and I said to him…I will not worry with you today..there will be plenty of time for that….just not now

  4. First, the newly elected President of Taiwan called Trump to congratulate him .
    Second, this past Wednesday the Obama administration notified Congress of a $1.3 billion arms sale to Taiwan.
    But the big fuss is that Trump accepted the call or didn’t hang up.
    Billion dollars of arms sale but the media wants you to think the call is important.

  5. We see a lot of Obama cheerleaders now peddling the “great economy” Obama has created with the 4.6 percent unemployment rate, etc. It’s all malarkey, as we know, with massaged numbers and accomplishments created out of thin air. This article does a pretty good job of popping Obama’s circus balloons out of the sky.

    “What ‘are so many of them doing?’ 95 million not in US labor force”

    • We can hope that Mr. Trump employs a few economists to re-work the historical reporting also when implementing a new method of honestly reporting employment.

      Remember that a GREAT economy might have one wage earner in a family leave the workforce so the participation rate will go down in this case. But to call a cobbling of parttime jobs full employment is a joke.

      The 50 employee and 30 hour nonsense of ObamaCare limits created YUUUUUUGE consequences — intended or not.

    • Henceforth let it be known across the land that when reviewing the Obama Administration, all mistakes, mishaps and bad news was the result of others, most particularly George W. Bush.

      Let it further be known, that any good news or progress made during the Trump Administration is thanks to the Obama Administration.

      The Message According to Barack Obama and the MSM for the next 4 years.