In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Video || Nancy Pelosi’s Greatest Hits

17 thoughts on “Video || Nancy Pelosi’s Greatest Hits”

  1. I remember reading how she was spending over $50,000 per year for the liquor being consumed on her gawdy plane which
    shuttles her between wash. and san fran. And by all accounts
    it’s catching up with her. What a Loser !!!!!

  2. Team Trump will run circles around her, making her seem as feeble as her comments show. She does not realize what she is in for. And her minions are fools for reinstating her.


      1. Thank ya, thank ya very much.
        Pelosi. There is something wrong there. Very wrong.
        No, I am not a doctor, just a simple tugboat driver, but there is something obviously very wrong with that woman.

      1. Absolutely.
        Pelosi, Clinton, Reid, McConnell and Schumer are the poster children for everything that is wrong with American politics.

  3. For some liberals that are starting to realize the reasons they lost the election, to elect this old hag back to her leadership role, they are nuts. Maybe she’s finally read the ACA with all of her free time. Remember, you gotta pass it before you read it.

    1. Affordable, Affordable Affordable…..Insane POS. How could they be so stupid to send her back….

      Oh !! They still don’t get it!!!

  4. Obama: Media Career

    There was a headline Drudge about Obama considering a media career. This is funny. He considers himself to be a master communicator. We all know he is a crashing bore — words, words, words….And every time his Administration failed he said it was a problem with Messaging.

    This should be interesting. I wonder if the Greek Columns are coming out of storage.

    1. Hi gracepc…
      I am all for Obama having a media career.
      Considering how he has practically destroyed the DNC here and sparked a rejection of liberal politics around the globe, let him talk.
      It can only help us.

  5. Memory. Here is a good summary at AOS on This is Why We Have Trump. The videos posted of the media making fun of the Tea Party and disparaging remarks are stunning in the retrospect of 8 years. Especially when you consider the leftist protest/riots of today. These videos are so demeaning.

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