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Obama’s Fox News Jihad

Obama has been attacking Fox News for eight years, and in a new interview with Rolling Stone blamed Fox in part for Americans’ rejection of Hillary Clinton — and of Obama’s own policies.

“Part of it is Fox News in every bar and restaurant in the country,” Obama said.

I know, it’s hard to take the blame for things oneself. I mean, it can’t be that people disagree with Obama, right?

Is it possible the president doesn’t see that Fox is just one boat in a sea of liberal mainstream news? Of course he doesn’t, because liberals don’t recognize their opinions as liberal. Just good, unbiased fact.

Trump as president will launch searing attacks against the media. It concerns me. I don’t think the government should be attacking the press — or any private citizens — even though the press is unfair. I think liberal bias should be fought with more conservative media, which is something that’s been happening. But when Trump attacks journalists, remember that Obama and his minions led the way.

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          1. Most legal immigrants of christian faith are republicans because they run around with bible, christians are considered liberal in india..but here..they come and align to everything which is christian..even pope would be less religious for some..their hate towards other blinds them that they are immigrants themselves & they would be hated by the people who perpetuate hate, but these immigrant sheeple are oblivious because they have bible..

    1. Uhhh…I haven’t taken a long enough trip to require a motel stay in over 8 years but back then the only news ya’ could get in a motel then was CNN, PMS-NBC and local news.

  1. I don’t view Trump’s media bashing as attacks on someone’s 1st Amendment Rights so much as I see it as Trump fighting back for decades, literally, of msm’s diabolical and divisive partisan “news” coverage.

    No one deserves “searing attacks” more than they do, imo.

    1. Agreed; Keith has is wrong here on Trump. There is a difference between blaming your failure and government’s failure, because you cannot control the alternative press and defending yourself against daily lies, smears and misinformation from a media that has always supported the democrats and have no pretence at anything approaching fairness.

  2. Trump is doing a great job of ignoring the MSM; go straight to the people with youtube, twitter or Facebook. The MSM have made themselves irrelevant by the obvious bias they exhibit.

  3. Oh, it’s an old story. Obama’s just showing the trait he (and Hillary, for that matter), and other hard lefty fanatical Progressives, Fascists and others of their dysfunctional ilk always display: when things go wrong, it’s ALWAYS because of THOSE people/television networks (FOX news, of course)/ethnic groups/books/political parties/individuals, etc who are telling all these lies about, say, Obama or Hillary. Obama and Hillary are True Believers, in the Eric Hoffer sense of the term. Their egos are so distorted, needy and self serving that it seems incredible to them that anyone doesn’t love them, support them, worship the very ground they walk on. It’s part of why Hillary said just before the election, “I can’t understand why I am not 50 points ahead at this point”. Like all fanatics, she genuinely could not grasp the reality of what was happening all around her. She shows the same confusion and denial when she participates in a recount effort. It must be those awful, conniving, sneaky Republicans who most certainly “stole” the election from her. Or maybe it’s the Electoral College. Or the phase of the Moon. Or the effect of the rising ocean tides on voting patterns. Lord knows, it wasn’t because of anything Hillary or Obama or the Democrats did wrong.

    Speaking of Hoffer’s little book, “The True Believer”, I found it brilliantly enlightening during this election, while observing the antics of Hillary, her supporters during the election and their reactions to Hillary’s loss. It was like following a road map to understanding what was going on. If you haven’t read it for a long time, or never read it, it’s worth keeping the book on your bookshelf. As the anti-Trumper’s, the media, the television commentators, etc., continue to destroy Trump 24/7 for the next four years, the book is a neat tool which will shed light on why they are doing what they are doing, their next step and to what lengths they are willing to go to get their way.

  4. Sorry, I disagree. The MSM liberals not only lie and spin anything that doesn’t fit their agenda, but make no secret that they were all the way in the Clinton re-election campaign.

    The general public doesn’t trust or even believe they tell the truth about anything at all.
    IMO, President Trump should relieve the WHPC from their duty of choosing which news organization sits where and put the big money organizations in the back row.

    1. “IMO, President Trump should relieve the WHPC from their duty of choosing which news organization sits where and put the big money organizations in the back row.”

      I’d go a step further, I wouldn’t invite them.

      1. The WHPC (or many in the group, not all) are like the Peanut Gallery in the Howdy Doody Show. Buffalo Bob would ask: “What time is it, kids?” And they’d respond, “IT’S HOWDY DOODY TIME!” Well trained little kids. They knew the correct answer, just like the WHPC Peanut Gallery.

    2. True. The public has a 94 percent little or no trust rating of corporate media. They’ve been caught spinning, lying, leaving out relevant information to promote a view and push an agenda far too many times. They have have destroyed their own brand (such as it was), and serious news consumers have many sources of information to develop a more complete, well-rounded and credible understand of “news”.

      1. I live near the Claremont Colleges and they are all still liberals and never never watch anything but the MSM. They are computer illiterate and just ignorant with there PHDs and Degrees.
        They will not talk politics with me cause they got nothing but hate and facts.

        1. Those kinds of schools are like intellectual concentration camps. We’ve got one like that in our town–Bates College. They churn out wacko liberal graduates by the hundreds every year.

  5. BHO talks to disgraced rolling stone, which makes things up and was called out and shamed on it. They should be shunned, but instead of coming on with Breit Baire, Mike Wallace, O’Rielly or Kelley, he runs the other way and can’t admit that Americans don’t want what the Dems are selling.
    We should rejoice that Pelosi was renamed minority leader, are they insane??
    Going with the biggest loser and doubling down.
    Hillary was a lousy candidate, the dems had no message and Obamacare is a sham. They care about illegals immigrants for future votes more than legal and natural born citizens and getting out of the way for the economy to work for us.

    No, the Democrat party connected with their message, clear and plainly!!!
    We just don’t want it.
    Get over it and get on board, or go away…

  6. I find it refreshing that they are still flummoxed by the fact that they lost to the once silent majority who finally found a leader who voiced what they had been saying for years.

    As Marcus said above, it will be 24/7 Trump bashing for the next four years,… bank on it.
    The old saying goes,….if a tree falls in the woods and no-one is there to hear it, did it make a noise?

    In this case, no-one is listening to their noise anymore.

    The president’s attempts to discredit anything or anyone that dares to disagree with his policies shows the immaturity that has been allowed to fester both in the MSM and for that matter, his administration.

    They did it to themselves.
    Their credibility has been savaged due to their own disingenuous rantings against the very tenants of common sense, and the people saw it and turned away.

    This election all of the so called ‘hicks’ that they disdain spoke loudly and clearly.

    Now we go about the business of taking our country back.

    Refreshing indeed.

  7. BHO is old news. No one cares what he has to say. Not even the left.
    Well – guess he still is newsworthy to The MSM. Which is why they have become Irrelevant and Stale.
    CNN is broadcast all over the world – extensively. It was the news source most often cited in my conversations with people in Europe. (Which was quite frustrating to me.)

    1. All over the world, it is CNN or BBC.
      No wonder they had Brexit in Europe and Trump in America. No one ever saw it coming. Throw in the lefty colleges and universities. A recipe for the uninformed. Blindsided all.

    1. His arrogance will not allow him to admit his failures.
      Rather, it is the stupidity of the Americans that prevent them from knowing what is best for them.

  8. So, let me see if I have this correct.

    He’s bitching about “fake” agenda-driving news, to a magazine that had to pay three million bucks for defamation, after publishing a story, later discredited, that was used as a pretext for “campus safety” legislation.

    Which it was, by the way: see S. 590, Campus Accountability and Safety Act, submitted in February 2015, before Rolling Stone retracted the article. Curious timing, no?

  9. Had to take one of our dogs to the emergency animal hospital a few weeks ago. The waiting room was packed, the tv was turned to CNN. After about an hour of CNN, I reached up and turned the channel to FOX. All of the pets started howling, along with their owners. It was the Kelly File, lol!

    Obama has lost his mind.

  10. Tips on figuring out life choices. If Obama likes it, you probably will not. If Obama dislikes it, you probably will. Good government must have good people. Bad government must have bad people. Good teachers produce good students. Lousy teachers not so much. Beware of the warnings attached to “free will.” Obama is free to chose, but he ignores the consequences of those choices. So goes the leftist democrats. All they need to do is stop doing what they are doing. When they embrace the weird side of our culture, rarely stand up and denounce amoral behaviour, guess what? They lose elections.

    1. Yep. St Augustine wrote that proper exercise of one’s free will required that the intellect be well informed, constantly pursuing the truth, as close as we can arrive at the truth, given our human limitations. With Obama, he has exercised his free will based on a misinformed understanding of history, a skewed, ignorant perception of reality, and a political agenda which has failed 100 percent of the time it has been applied to society.

  11. Barack Obama feels entitled to attack the media, the country, the citizens. He has no idea, after 8 years, what the President of the United does. What his role and responsibilities are. He has never understood that it is not about him. It is about the Office, the country, and the citizens.

    8 very long years. He will still be yapping, but with no more authority than a common man.

    The man is a bore.

  12. Not only is he being classic “blame someone” Obama with this rant, he’s way off target. Think about it. Have you EVER walked into a bar or a gym and found Fox news on the TV? I know I haven’t. It’s always CNN! Everywhere!
    CNN did far more on behalf of Clinton than Fox did for Trump. Most of the Fox anchors were dead set against Trump in the primary, though they got more neutral as the election went along. Sure, Hannity was a supporter, but what did their Number 1 talking head, Megyn Kelly, ever do that benefited Trump? Now, it’s not her job to be a Trump cheerleader; that’s why we rant at Clinton News Network and MSNBC and the rest for being in the tank for Hillary. But for Obama to claim that Fox is the reason that Trump was elected is not only childish and petulant, it is demonstrably not true.

  13. McDonald’s has CNN on all the time and cartoons , same thing , I guess, but if you are nice and ask them to change it they will ! (to MSMBC ) *=*

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