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Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize Paid Dividends with War

President Obama will meet today with the American Nobel Prize winners, which is fine. The irony surely won’t dawn on him that they may have deserved their prizes, while he certainly didn’t merit his.

Obama, as you know, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace in 2009 without having created any peace at all. Nor has he created any peace since. In fact, quite the reverse.

Look at the world today compared to when Obama took office. Iraq, which was relatively quiet, is the scene of vicious fighting designed to defeat a whole new terrorist organization that grew up under Obama, ISIS. The Afghanistan war continues, with the Taliban making gains as its strategy of waiting America out bears fruit. In Syria, under Obama’s watch, hundreds of thousands have been killed in a brutal civil war that Obama has never really decided how he wants to handle. China is on the march in the East, claiming territory that doesn’t belong to it in the South China Sea. Russian is flexing its military muscles. The Palestinians and the Israelis are no closer to a peace deal than they were eight years ago. And Iran is fomenting terrorism around the world, increasing its reach throughout the Middle East, and will soon be producing nuclear weapons like it was a giant Ford assembly line plant.

The peace prize was nothing more than an effort by the Norwegians to influence the incoming president to adhere to their pacifist approach. In this, they succeeded. Obama has failed to take the aggressive steps needed to defeat ISIS, or to prevent its rise. And with his general weakness on display for all to see, our enemies are emboldened all over the world.

At least until Trump takes power.

Because weakness begets war. That’s what pacifists never understand. And that’s exactly what we’ve got.

Obama should never have accepted the Nobel Prize in the first place. Now, he should give it back.

18 thoughts on “Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize Paid Dividends with War”

    1. Unfortunately, Obama’s Nobel was not a ‘participation trophy,’ it was an ‘anticipation trophy.’

      At least this meet & greet will afford The Obama an opportunity to stand in a room with other tenured academics and pretend that he is every bit as relevant as they are.

    1. AFVeT, I am glad that it was the Norwegians who were involved in that embarrassing blunder. The Swedes are taking care of the real prizes. However, they sure can be embarrassing too, I mean, this year the academy handed the Literature prize to……Bob Dylan…

    2. IMHO, diminishing the peace prize happened long before Obama’s prize. When an organization is populated by leftists, they tend to diminish themselves.

  1. In my opinion, his monumental ego would never allow him to return the prize. The planet he
    apparently lives on permits him to regard himself as great, heaven help us!

  2. Agree, the world has not been peaceful under the Obama-era, quite the opposite. We live in dangerous times. But I don´t think that it is because Obama had a “pacifist approach”. His foreign politics have been an odd mix of aggressiveness and passivity, or disguised aggressiveness. He has said that he is “leading from behind”. He, and Hillary, out of incompetence almost brought us into a “hot” war with Russia. I am not sure that this administration understands how dangerously they play.Foreign politics is a matter for grown-ups.
    After the Obama-disaster, Europe is now going in another direction. Francois Fillon won the center-right presidential primary in France and he wants to bring in Russia from the cold, end the sanctions,promote conservative social values, impose strict administrative control over Islam, secure the borders etc. I believe he will go well along with Trump. I believe that Europe has recognized the real enemies and we need Russia on board to fight them.

    1. I never have understood this “leading from behind” stuff, perhaps because it doesn’t work.

      I was not surprized when The One’s preachy “words matter” to the President of the Philippines into the arms of China. Sniffy superiority generally creates anger.

    2. Obama never tried to beat ISIS, Hillary and Obama’s goal in the Middle East was to get rid of the “dictators”? Huh? Like Mubarek of Egypt who was our friend for 30 years and even got along with Israel. But Obama never cared that Mubarek was our friend or Israel’s friend which was for the good of America. He and that horrible Hillary set the Middle East on fire, an inferno, obsessing also about Assad??? Never ISIS to save innocent lives here and abroad.

      1. The pattern was that Obama tried to destroy countries which had banned the Muslim Brotherhood–Libya, Egypt, etc. He took the advice from the Muslim Brotherhood jihadists he placed in his own administration.

        And there was the influence of Huma, who is closely affiliated with both the Muslim Brotherhood and Sisterhood, on Hillary’s behavior re the MidEast.

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