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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, November 30, 2016

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
4:35 pm || Meets with the 2016 Nobel Prize winners from America

All times Eastern
Live stream of Earnest briefing at noon

16 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Wednesday, November 30, 2016”

    1. Not sleeping is a sign of bipolasr, which I truly think he has. That’s okay. Some of the most accomplished people in the world have been bipolar.
      Kay Redfield Jamison, John Hopkins, Bipolar. I believe Benjamin Franklin got by on only a few hours of sleep each night. I, for one, absolutely need eight hours to function well. On that note, goodnight!

  1. And the day just stretches on …. nothing to “give” anyone. Hillary too. Long, lonely days surrounded by sycophants.

    I am surprised he is not spending some time with AF1 — just visiting, walking around it, remembering the good times ….back in the day …..when he was someone. sigh …..

    And Hillary … HRC will never be President. Can’t say it enough.

    1. 1,000 families will make their mortgage payments, buy Christmas presents, maybe think about that new car or a nice vacation next year thanks to the efforts of Trump/Pence and Carrier to come to terms.
      It is astonishing that our country is so accustomed to job losses that a mere thousand jobs saved is a reason to celebrate.
      The Trump/Pence team is the bomb (as my grandson says), and we believe their determination to MAGA is real.

      1. Absolutely. Thanks for replying.
        My follow up questions for a journalist or a web site owner & operator would be;
        What kind of effort was put forward by the current resident of the White House to save said jobs and if no effort was made, why not?

        1. Here is the NYT article reporting it. They must acknowledge Trump’s role, but they do so with great disdain. They note that had Obama done it he would have been criticized for government interfering with business. And while it nods to jobs to kept and perhaps to come they also seem to indicate that it is a mere drop in the bucket compared to the current job growth. It is rather embarrassing, but what we have to look forward to.

          No matter, Trump did work hard for this. I am pretty sure the Carrier employees and others helped by this are going to have a good Christmas.

  2. Ron in Ohio asks:

    Regarding that 4:35 Nobel recipients meeting:

    Do ya’ think the O’bungler’s first question is gonna’ be; “Did y’all win your Nobel Prize for doing nothing too?

  3. Trump has tweeted about the Ohio State University attacker, a Muslim of Somali origin. He wrote that this person never should have been in the country. Trumps reaction is so refreshing compared to Obamas reactions in similar situations, usually silence or some whitewashing of Muslims/Islam.

  4. Today’s the day Nancy Pelosi gets voted up or down as leader of the Democrats in the House–and by secret ballot. She’s being seriously challenged by Ohio Congressman Rep. Tim Ryan. Pelosi’s been a disruption and a poison in the Congress as long as she’s been there, and it’s high time she got bounced out of any leadership position so her reign of stupidity and corruption can come to an end. Don’t know a thing about Ryan, but he’s got to be better for the Democrats than Pelosi ever was.

    1. I think it’s that same article that states that there is a cadre of 70 somethings up there that prevent the younger members from achieving leadership positions.
      No wonder the dems are stuck on stupid.

    2. Shhh, don’t talk like that. MrsPelosi has already let her peeps into a minority status, let’s give her time to completely finish the job.
      Fingers crossed the Dems elect the Black Muslim as their leader, too.
      I’m already going to change my voter registration status to Repub, so keep at it Dems!

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