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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, November 29, 2016

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
3:10 pm || Visits with wounded warriors at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center; Bethesda, Marylandg

All times Eastern
Live stream of Earnest briefing at noon

18 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Tuesday, November 29, 2016”

  1. I truly hope Obama shows the wounded warriors respect and dignity they so deserve.

    Sadly, our Phoenix VA has not improved since the scandal broke two years ago. Tonight it was reported there have been 4 dozen suicides this past year. Veterans aren’t receiving the treatment they need and the wait list is still 120 days. It’s appalling that two years have passed and nothing has changed. Our vets deserve better treatment than this.

    1. MT for re-redistribution

      They need to take the millions (billions?) they are spending to relocate illegals and instead support those who paid such a great price for our freedom.

  2. Vets realized, long ago, that Obama sees them as a subhuman form of life, useful only for his narcissistic and opportunistic photo ops on Memorial Day and Veterans Day. And no more than that.

  3. Still waiting for a serving high-ranking officer, especially a Flag Officer; General or Admiral to tell Obama to “go to hell” for the way he treated the US Military…
    But all of today’s serving Generals & Admirals are nothing but political cowards & weaklings who care more about their Flag rank & privileges and million$ contract deals when they retire… There truly are no combat Generals or Admirals to ‘admire’ or ‘look up to’ anymore, even after 15+ years of “war”…
    Where are today’s Nimitz, MacArthur, Patton, Halsey, etc…???

      1. Being a lowly Enlisted swabbie (E 1-4) I loved reading Naval history in my bunk and had dreams of being a US Naval Officer…unfortunately my Command (LSD-44) never encouraged Losers like me to apply for Officer programs.
        I did my enlistment and came out bitter & resentful to Officers… (especially career types & Naval Academy pukes).
        I grew up and dreamed of having a Naval career as a fighting sailor…but during my enlistment in the 1990s I was burned & became bitter about most of US Naval leadership…especially the Officer class.

      1. And now Trump will have his counsel.

        I hope “Mad Dog agrees to serve. If only for two years == long enough for him to get the Pentagon back in shape.

        Trump. Getting tired of being jerked around on SOS. No on Romney. No on Petraeus. If Guiliani wants it, give it to him, competent and loyal.

          1. I am a NO Romney person. There are many execs out there with the necessary skills and capability who did not stab Trump in the back so viciously and so personally.

            There is just a lot of talent. If Trump changed his mind about Christie because of political shenanigans he can do the same with Romney

  4. Trump to build and use the 105 mega ton vacuum cleaner. It will prowl the D.C. area cleaning up stuff. Standing taller than the Washington Monument this units design, with its 62 million horsepower engine, will cause anything and anyone not rooted on a firm foundation to be bagged and tagged. (my hope)

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