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The Clintons Offer Final Proof They are the Worst People in Politics

Now that’s saying a lot, isn’t it? The worst people in politics. It’s like being the smelliest shit in the sewer.

Hillary — and I assume Bill’s — decision to try to challenge the election result is what one only hopes is the final depraved moment in a long history of Clinton political depravity.

Even Richard Nixon didn’t do this. In 1960, the exalted Jack Kennedy probably stole Illinois from Nixon. And Lyndon Johnson, another depraved Democratic hero, may have stolen Texas. The two states combined would have given Nixon the presidency.

Nixon believed that Kennedy had won the presidency illicitly, but he chose not to put the country through the trauma of a challenge. It was one of the, well, most un-Nixonian things any policitican has ever done. But it came from an era when there was a sense of putting country above self.

This is not how the Clintons, and Democrats generally, think. Theirs is much more the Leninist model of believing their cause so sacrosanct and so obviously infallible that nothing can stand in the way of gaining power.

Democracy requires the acknowledgement that one just might be wrong. But not for Democrats anymore.

Hypocrisy and fake sentiment are part of the ends-justifiies-the-means approach we see among many Democrats. Just witness the passion Hillary put into her response during the final debate, when Donald Trump said he might not accept the election results.

“That’s horrifying,” Clinton said.

Afterward, she lectured: “To say you won’t respect the results of the election, that is a direct threat to our democracy.”

So who is threatening democracy now?

If, for some reason, a “recount” determined that Hillary Clinton was the winner, there could be some serious violence in this country. Because who is to say what was rigged, the count, or the recount?

Fortunately, that’s not going to happen.

Hillary’s proper stance with respect to Jill Stein’s challenge to the election result was to say she would have no part in it. Instead, she joined in it.

Because that’s the kind of thing that amoral, corrupt people do.

40 thoughts on “The Clintons Offer Final Proof They are the Worst People in Politics”

  1. Ah, a woman scorned and all that. She had fireworks at the ready, bubbly wines for toasting, a Cabinet picked out, the inauguration parade of non-deplorables shining their shoes, the word/assurances of the MSM that she was the “only one”, but alas, it wasn’t to be. Scorned, defeated, left with crates of bubbly wines and scrapped magazine covers headlining “Madame President!”.

    What’s a girl to do – should she slink away, nursing her bruised ego or should she stand in front of her replacement’s house and shout profane curses?
    No, she hires a lawyer, she sues, she fights, she finds minute flaws of her opponent – hoping to finally be the one who won.

    1. She’s gonna be a stalker.

      And then she passes, if she chooses to be buried, she should be exhumed monthly. There should be vetted witnesses.

      Cremated? Urn of ashes should be securely locked and doubly secured. Then a deep sea diver needs to accompany her to a very inhospitable, difficult to access underwater grave. The Bermuda Triangle might qualify as the body of water.

      None of this buried or interned at the Clinton Foundation stuff.

  2. The worst people in politics. And almost everyone has known it for a long time. But it took a real man with guts to say it out loud and then he said it again even louder and then we all joined in with him as we cried “Crooked Hillary!!”

    And the media scorned him and us and our crowds got larger. And the newspapers and blogs called him and us nasty names over and over again. And our crowds got even larger. Buildings were over flowing and thousands stood outside listening to the loud speakers as he yelled “Crooked Hillary” and we cheered and the crowds got larger and the media got madder as we stood by our man.

    Thank you Donald J Trump for standing up for the little men and women and bringing truth to our United States of America.

  3. We are respected world wide for our peaceful transition of power.

    And the Left is challenging that — with this nonsense, the violent protests, etc. It is one thing to challenge a vote, or have a recount. But for someone who got less than 1% and who overnight raises $7 million? This is HRC front and center.
    There is nothing they have not soiled.

    They are the worst people in politics. Well done Keith, especially considering that I sense and can point to real anger and disgust in your piece.

    1. I remember thinking – more vaguely than deliberately – when Obama made his first comments after the election “Why is he harping on this “peaceful transition of power” line? That’s all America has ever known, who is he signalling by repeating that phrase so that the media will pick it up like a slogan?”

      Now we know.

  4. Hello wonderful people! I hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving. Stupidness of the day…..”Hillary is leaving her options open for a 2020 run”. I cannot even process this nonsense….the woman is barely coherent in 2016, but she is going to run for a third time in 2020???!!!

    1. uh, once a human hits 70 years, tomorrow isn’t a given, much less 1,300+ tomorrows.

      She might be trying to save face with the donors who expected stuff(?) for their generous donations, who knows?

    1. Agree. There have always been political domestic terrorists and anti-Constitutionalists deeply embedded within the Democratic party. The list is very very long: Black Lives Matter, Soros-funded groups to destroy the liberty of American citizens, the Copperheads, the KKK, Democrats who supported the Dred Scott Decision and Jim Crow practices and the prison labor camps of the South, Democrats who fought against the Civil Rights Act and integrated schools in Brown v Board of Education, Democrats who fought against the 15th Amendment. etc.

  5. The Democrats are the party of victims. HRC is a victim because she lost.

    The pictures I have seen since her loss have been of her being a exhausted victim–no make up, messed hair, etc.

    She is just playing her part.

  6. Wonder if the Clintons are buying time before they have to decide what to say to all the foreign governments that bought access to a Presidency that failed to materialize.

    I’d be pretty scared. They can’t give the money back — that would show the hand. It wasn’t meant to be spent on charity.

    1. It’s wonderful watching the list of governments that are removing CGF as a budget item. I think Australia was most recent.

      This is another way that Trump has already improved local economies worldwide, by reducing the substantial Payola they had to give the bagman!

      1. MT for re-redistribution

        If there was no corruption involved with the clinton foundation, in the form of promised or implied access to the office of the president, they can expect to see no dropoff in donations from domestic or foreign entities, right?

        Yeah, right.

  7. The Clintons are the political Bonnie and Clyde of our times. Thieves, liars, always one step in front of the law, corrupt, stealing money by any means possible.

  8. Bring on the smelliest of candidates for 2020.. a gold handled walker with a motorized wheelchair to match for the nastiest grandma of all time! Go for it Madam Secretary!

  9. “Theirs is much more the Leninist model of believing their cause so sacrosanct and so obviously infallible that nothing can stand in the way of gaining power.”

    Now that the Democrats have not only gone after alternative media, but are directly attacking & attempting to destroy the Alt-Right, I’ve been seeing them referred to as “the Ctrl-Left”. It fits like it was made for them.

  10. She will never be president.
    Say it. Revel in it.
    Let her stalk. She’ll hopefully ruin it for Chelsea, who will never be taken seriously.

  11. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if Bill Clinton contacted Jill Stein on the sly and engineered this whole recount business–with financing by Soros, of course. I can hear him now: “You take the lead. We’ll “reluctantly” join you. We’ll secretly kick in a million to go along with whatever George gives you and…Voila!…your campaign debt disappears!”

  12. What amazes me is that with the Clinton corruption, criminality, and flat out lies that were exposed how can she even show her face in public?

    The Clintons are shameless and the lowest of the low.

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