In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Video || Media Mourn Castro

This is why Americans sided with Trump against the media. Sickening, and sad.

13 thoughts on “Video || Media Mourn Castro”

  1. The media has learned nothing from the election results. It is best summed up by the antics of Colin Kaepernick wearing a Che/Csstro shirt during an interview only to be taken down by the son of a Cuban immigrant during Sunday’s game in Miami.

  2. The corporate media is completely radicalized and untrustworthy regarding any reporting on the Castros or the reign of terror they created in Cuba. There will be no mention by them of the murders, mayhem, concentration camps, torture, poisonings, mass shootings, etc. the Castros happily engaged in and and sponsored in Cuba, even to this very day.

    Remember the “condition” Obama begged for to get the so-called truce between the Cuban government and the United States? He asked for 50 political prisoners to be released as a good gesture. Indeed, Cuba did release 50 political prisoners, but has since that release arrested and imprisoned an additional 800 political prisoners. Not a great bargain, eh?

    Well, we all know the story of the Castros. Here’s a data base listing the atrocities of the Castro government over the years. The corporate media ought to review it before they put on their cheerleader skirts and start waving their pom- poms at Fidel’s funeral. They might learn something.

  3. “”you see donkey cart alongside cars busses because that’s exactly what they’d rather have for transportation.”

    -Brian Williams (nominated for most asinine insipid ignorant quote of 2016)

    1. No doubt Jerry Rivera has set up a little altar with candles and incense burning with a photo of Fidel in his bedroom, and is crying his heart out at the death of one of his heroes. Oh, what a cruel world.

  4. Perhaps the media can explain this – Drudge Report, top right, head shot of Hillary Clinton that doesn’t look like her at all. Could it be the body double, word of which was bantered around during the election?

    Come to think of it, other than the oh-so-coincidental shot of her “walking their dogs” out in the woods with an unidentified woman, what IS her last photographed appearance?

    Clearly I don’t follow her (hounds don’t follow a dead trail and, politically, she is) but that photo is so not her that I am curious.

    1. As you allude to, the “unidentified woman” she randomly encountered that day turned out to be someone who worked for her campaign, so the “chance encounter” was no doubt staged.

      Still lying and deceiving, even after Election Day.

  5. Barf. What good does a nearly 100% literacy rate get you when you are poor, don’t have enough to eat and can’t get the same kind of health care that the tourists and government elites get?

    One the one hand, I continue to be super annoyed by the media’s failure to undergo serious self examination (Mao would call it self-criticism) since the election; on the other hand, I want them to keep on keeping on — it will only drive their ratings lower and ensure their growing irrelevance.

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