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17 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || November 27, 2016

  1. Recounting the votes cast in WI:
    MsStein’s quest to ascertain that no fraud was committed in the vote recount has nothing to do with her campaign to win the Presidency, but to dangle hope to the Clinton supporters.
    The odds that a state with mostly Dems has allowed the Repubs to commit fraud with the all-important ballots this year is none to none.
    What is her real agenda? If she hopes to throw the election into question, she gains nothing for her campaign.
    Perhaps it’s time for the Trump campaign to suggest they’re anxious to have a recount in CA and verification of each voter’s citizenship.

  2. Sunday…looking forward to Harris Faulkner show on Fox later…some of the best weekly commentary on politics. Including the insiders, Caddell, Schoen and Laboutilee…
    Faulkners mom passed this week. Peace to her family.

    • Too funny. From highest office in the land, most powerful position in the world, little Barry goes after the Speakership.

      Goes to show …. nothing but a skinny little self indulgent loves the sound of his own voice agitator. He has no moral fiber whatsoever.

    • Well, it appears that Trump and Obama are talking on a regular basis according to Kellyanne Conroy. Very disturbing, IMO.
      Not to mention – unprecedented.

      • Well, it appears that Trump and Obama are talking on a regular basis according to Kellyanne Conroy. Very disturbing, IMO.
        Not to mention – unprecedented.

        Then again, no one ever accused him of being a Republican.

  3. Re. the Stein led recount. There are stooges born every day. Just like Bernie Sanders, this is nothing more than an HRC directed, funded, really poor loser effort.

    Even if you got to the bottom of the barrel you would not have gone low enough to scrape up the dreck that is Hillary Clinton.

    • With this effort to seize power after such a record-setting bitch-slap from the voters, Hillary has reached rock bottom and started to dig.

      • The Trump Transition Team is beginning to disappoint. DT et al need to start believing that neither Obama or Clinton deal with any degree of honesty. He may come from a world where your word and a handshake mean something. In WDC and in Democrat circles in particular they do not.

        Fish or cut bait on SOS. Even I am beginning to feel played and it is looking petty and small, Move on.

        Same with the recount. Appoint a spokesperson to handle it and move on. It doesn’t help that Priebus says things like DT and HRC made a “deal”.

        Having caused an uproar with the recount expect full out corruption and intimidation in the electoral college.

        I am surprised at the Trump Transition Team. They cannot allow these Dem. shenanigans pull them off point.

      • Ever seen the movie, Woman in the Dunes. That’s Hillary. Woman can’t get out and she wants to keep everyone who gets down in the dunes from getting out. It is hugely depressing.

    • HRC is allowing herself to appear and be photographed in public sans make-up, hair fillers, and designer clothes. I wouldn’t recognize her on the street. She looks older than Bernie Sanders, and very unhealthy. She knows she’s done…and so do we. What a shocker to see her without the mask.

  4. OT and lots of Twitter gutter language. But Colin Kaepernick, SF QB who takes a knee at the anthem, wears Malcolm X and Castro tees, gets a schadenfreude game in Miami.

    First, he was roundly booed for his pro Castro statements, and secondly, the final tackle which ended the game and any hope SF has of going to the play offs (I think) was made by the son of a Cuban immigrant.

    God has a sense of humor.

  5. Jeez….This guy is just itching to start his work day later and later. I guess I would as well since he’s on his way out, not that he ever started his day at a respectable time.