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Obama Schedule || Monday, November 28, 2016

10:00 amĀ || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

All times Eastern
Live stream of Earnest briefing at 12:30 pm

15 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Monday, November 28, 2016”

    1. Briefing: Less than 2 months of kinda sorta acting like a president for you. There is a leader on the way. Go Golf. Speech-ify and stuff and stay out of the way. We are Making America Great Again…….no HOPE.. we are in Making stuff happen mode. Yes. White golf shoes match your outfit. No Mom jeans allowed. Go have fun now. Run along. Be home by dinner time.

  1. Note he “receives” the PDB… Its never been proven he has read or paid any attention to it.

    ~Mr. Koffler I am still curious if you will ever tell us lowly readers what REALLY happens everyday behind the scenes of the most “transparent White House ever”…
    -what time does Obama wake up?
    -where does Obama hide all day & who is he meeting with?
    -what does that b#tch Michelle do besides spend money; does she even live with Barry?
    -how spoiled & obnoxious are those brat daughters?

    1. It would be interesting to see his real schedule but I would leave his personal family life out of it…although we may not admire his family, petty comments are beneath us.


      1. Keith works inside the White House…so he must talk to staffers and workers and knows the stories & rumors & incidents about this grifter “Obama family”…

  2. If we go to MSM websites to check the day’s news, all we see is “Trump said _____!!” or “Trump transitions team is ____”.
    There is never an encouraging news item, never a respectful opinion on anything concerning MrTrump or his team, and it’s getting too old, too soon.
    The election is over; MrTrump won. It’s time for the MSM to consider what they’re doing to our country and our future with this constant drumbeat of snide and mean headlines.

    1. The corporate media will continue its fatwa against Trump 24/7 for as long as he’s in the White House.

      He skunked them all–the hostile, lying, propagandist media, the Bush and Clinton dynasties, the Democrat and Republican political machines, the overpaid metro-sexual talking heads on TV. the “experts” in academia, the political oracles of all stripes, the “conservative” radio loudmouths (think Beck and Levin), the pollsters, the professional liberals and conservatives, those who peculiarly declared Trump “really did not want to be President”, the Chrystal Ball fortune tellers, the hucksters on all side of the political spectrum.

      And he didn’t skunk them just a little bit. He skunked them big time, galactically, publicly, thoroughly–showing the world that the enemies of liberty and truth could be beaten, shown to be the lying, untrustworthy fools we knew they were.

      We know with certainty, they will spend every second of the next four years trying to destroy Trump. That’s how corrupt they are.

      1. Everything that you said is true.
        It’s up to us to constantly remind them of how wrong they were.
        If Trump’s policies start to turn this ship around we should consistently rub it in their faces every chance we get.

  3. For a refreshing read, check out Maureen Dowd’s annual piece in the NYT where her conservative brother takes over….

    She is without doubt an annoyance, but she does understand there is another side to life…and it lives within her own family.


  4. He’ll have a day full of EOs and making sure 1000s of new Regulations are pushed out the door.

    As for Hillary she is putting the final touches on Plan A: Chaining herself to the WH door or Plan B: Standing atop the Washington Monument and threatening to jump.

    Otherwise, she’ll just become the Trump national stalker.

  5. 1100am…FTDs flowers to Havana HQ
    Noon…….Christens JetBlue flight to Havana from NYC
    130pm….Creates fake news release about how the prior administration “acted stupidly” in the narrative about the Cuban Missile Crisis.
    400pm…confirms tee time for tomorrow at Army/Navy GC?

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