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Thanksgiving Open Thread || November 24, 2016



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  1. My sister (born in 1988 and thus a qualified millennial) is not coming for Thanksgiving because the rest of those who will be present voted for Donald Trump. Eventually, her generation will be the majority of the electorate. A scary thought indeed.

    • That’s sad. I hope she changes her mind and puts family ahead of politics.
      Four years from now when no one was put in interment camps, when job opportunities have increased, and when America is respected once again, she might just think differently.

    • My niece (born in 1985) posted the day before the election she couldn’t understand how anyone could support Trump because she didn’t know anyone (friends or acquaintances in real life or online) that did.

      She’s a sweet girl, and I had to refrain from posting a response…but if I did, I would have told her that if she literally knew no one in her circle that would ever support Trump, she really needed to get out and meet more people.

      After the election, she posted again that she knew it had been a tough week for “everyone” – she just doesn’t get it…one of many.

  2. It’s sad families didn’t get together for the Thanksgiving Holiday due to politics. It’s a day for the country to be thankful for all that this great nation provides. As for Obama. I’m sure inside he is seething and there’s a lot of jealousy with Trump taking his place and dismantling all of his great deeds. While Trump downsizes into the White House, Obama heads back into more public housing, albeit nothing like the slums he’s continued with his crap policies.

  3. I like the way Trump thinks.

    He says that he is not going to pursue convicting Hillary.
    He can’t, that’s the AG’s job.
    If she is not convicted prior to Obama’s departure, he can’t pardon her.
    If he issues a pardon for any potential future indictments, he is essentially admitting she is guilty.

    Therein lies the conundrum Obama finds himself in.

    By Trump allowing this to fester is a brilliant move.
    The Clinton’s years of corruption are still hanging over their heads.

    The MSM have been disarmed and reduced to mere speculation on the entire situation.

    Watching them frantically try to guess Trump’s next move is entertaining to say the least.

    • Well, Barry has been trained and programmed since childhood to poison and destroy the Idea of America, its institutions, its liberty enhancing qualities, its powerful role in the world, its ability to protect itself against its enemies. His assigned task as President was to introduce mass chaos–Hegel’s Second Stage of recreating a new society– in every aspect and institution of our society–politics, medical care, education, economics, etc. Hillary’s task would have been to introduce hard-nosed government “solutions” to address the chaos–Hegel’s Third and final stage of reorganizing a society. It’s a very old story.
      So, as you and the article suggest, Obama’s nowhere near done with his mission of reorganizing the world. That’s all he knows or understands or has been taught by his mentors. I’ve been saying he’s being ultimately groomed for UN Secretary General, but that won’t be for a year or two. That’s where he can really do damage on a world wide scale. Obama is a sort of political anti-Christ determined to create and bring forth destruction disguised as a Utopian society, as described in the Book of Revelation, and he’s very proud of having been chosen for that task.

    • Obama will probably personally attend.But Colin Kaepernick should definitely be there. He can wear his spiffy Castro tee shirt and kneel at the gravesite.

      I assume he has nothing against the Cuban national anthem.