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Obama Commutes Sentences of Another Batch of Drug Dealers

President Obama today commuted the sentences of another 79 drug dealers, continuing a project that has gained new urgency with the election of Donald Trump, who is unlikely to offer such leniency.

According to Politico, Obama has now granted more than 1,000 communications, more than the last 11 presidents combined.

“It makes no sense for a nonviolent drug offender to be serving decades, or sometimes life, in prison,” Obama said in a Facebook post. “That’s not serving taxpayers, and it’s not serving the public safety.”

Well, that depends on the definition of “nonviolent.” More than a few of those whose sentences were commuted were in possession of a firearm while committing their crimes, they just didn’t use it, or didn’t get a chance to.

30 Responses to Obama Commutes Sentences of Another Batch of Drug Dealers

  1. I have a personal grudge against drug dealers – no matter who they are. The drugs they sell ruined part of my family, sent some to prison as they tried to maintain their addiction and damaged their children.
    Drug addicts will do anything to get money to buy drugs. They rob, steal, scam, and sometimes physically harm others as they chase their drugged-out needs.
    MrObama isn’t fooling anyone – he’s releasing Black drug dealers into the same environment that encouraged them to break the law. In this time of great unemployment, the odds of these felons finding a suitable job in any field is slim to none.
    He isn’t pardoning embezzlers, he isn’t being nice to income tax evaders, or to those unfortunates who ran afoul of weird municipal regulations.
    He is unleashing a platoon of savvy drug dealers who might further the destruction of our fellow citizens.

    • Yes, one drug addict usually destroys an entire family by subjecting them to all that is involved with addiction.

      Drug addiction is NOT a disease. It is a physical condition brought on by misusing chemicals. Dealers are people who help others into this condition — the violence is in their willingness to condemn others for profit. They should stay in jail because their actions were illegal and evil.

  2. It will only get worse the closer Obama gets to being out the door for good.
    Question for Mr. Koffler or a legal scholar in the forum.
    Does the POTUS have the power to see a convicted murderer set free?

    • It’s a tricky question. The President can only pardon (absolute, conditional, or partial pardon) someone convicted of a Federal crime–except for impeachment, which is not “pardonable” by the President. So, if one follows the guideline here, it seems like the President could pardon someone who had murdered an FBI agent or an IRS agent, let’s say, or a federal officer or someone who murdered a soldier on a military base. Those are federal crimes.

      On the other hand, the process of a Presidential pardoning process can be a wee bit fuzzy, so the president is likely free, at this point in our history, to disregard every rule his predecessors may have followed regarding presidential pardons. That’s where the Supreme Court might get involved, perhaps.

      Confounding the issue, Presidential pardons can be granted anytime after an offense has been committed including before, during, or after a conviction for the offense.

      Adding to the mess, a Presidential pardon can’t be applied to a violation of a State criminal law, only for Federal criminal laws.

      But with Obama, who knows where the blue blazes he’ll come out on any of these guidelines and precedents?

      Here’s a decent write up on the issue:

  3. Of course he does this on the same day of his Presidential Medal of Freedom “everyone gets a trophy” party for his celebrity friends…the pardons will conveniently get lost in the shuffle of today’s news.

  4. Felons that sell poison to their own people.
    Heroin, crack and meth.
    Not a little pot, but poison.
    Gotta keep them on the Democratic plantation.

  5. Selling poison is okay in The One’s eyes? And, how does he know these drug dealers are nonviolent? They weren’t arrested for a violent crime — that doesn’t mean they are violent individuals.

  6. I am surprised he is not awarding them Medal of Something or Participation Medals for time served.

    Probably another part of his legacy: released as many drug offenders and criminals as possible and overwhelmed the US with illegals aliens sauntering in over unsecured borders.

  7. We went through hell with a drug house across the street from us. Drug dealers cause so much devastation to families and neighborhoods and it makes me angry that Obama is releasing them early. I wonder who else is on his list.

    • Soros is CFO of all Leftist agitation in the US — whether it be in the streets, at the ballot box, or buying off the politicians. He is a scourge.

    • I think the “million woman march” calls for a “million mouse shipment accident” converging at the same location and time. Makes for better videos.

  8. Each and every day I have my Christian conservative world life view validated. Tomorrow non-stop thanks for absolute grace and mercy. A complete pardon with a mustard seed of faith in Christ. Results not just a pardon, but being renewed and justified. A humbled Thanks be to God

    • Lovely. Thank you. Tomorrow for sure I will be grateful.

      Today, I have a few complaints. The Hillary thing for one and Niki Haley as UN Ambassador for another. She’s a squish and we will be lucky if she doesn’t remove the US flag so as not alienate the member states. Rick Grinnell was perfectly positioned for that spot. Haley was a political move. Yuck.

    • Hinders, but does not stop. I will be disappointed if the Clintons walk away free. They have done so many wrongs and I hate to think that President Trump will let them go. If he does, it is because he does not really know the facts.

      I wonder how he squares it with the Benghazi parents with whom he has met.

      • I hope Trump is just trying to keep Obammer from pardoning her before O leaves office. After O is gone, he can change his mind. Or Trump can just let Sessions do his job. I think the nation needs to see her behind bars. It would serve to vindicate the conservative rhetoric, and indict the dem rhetoric.

  9. Wait until one of his daughters becomes addicted, which might well happen. Then we’ll see a different Obama.

    I’d love to see the racial breakdown of the drug dealers pardoned so far — and wonder if any are illegals.

  10. Yes. May one of Obama’s daughters become seriously addicted from the drugs sold by one of the dealers he released from prison. A definition of “blowback”.