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Video || SNL Tries to be a Little More Bipartisan

Perhaps burned by criticism that they were mourning Hillary Clinton’s loss, the folks at Saturday Night Live decided to try to be a little more bipartisan Saturday with a great video nailing liberal elitism, “The Bubble.”

The emphasis was still on lampooning Trump. But “The Bubble” seemed to sting a bit more.

9 Responses to Video || SNL Tries to be a Little More Bipartisan

  1. Is this show still on? It was great..hmmm 30 years ago……not watching!

    They think the Hildabeast and Obama were the right choice shows how out of touch they are.

    Or they are part of the Free stuff Army. The FSA wants to reward the slacker takers of this country.

  2. Clue us in when the ‘cold open’ shows stompy-foot Obama whining about how nothing is going right because the people are too stupid to listen to him. Maybe have the weepy Hillary curled up in a big chair reading “Art of the Deal”.
    SNL- too little, too late. You’re not funny anymore. Mean, cruel and nasty is a liberal comedy, not ours.

  3. Obama is too stupid to realize he is stupid. Many morons suffer with the thinking they are smart.
    Since he has done nothing before being president he falsely believes he is smart. People he hired are as dumb as him so its a cluster of stupid.

    They do have a 99 point IQ capable of totally messing up this country. And they did.

    He lives in his world of fantasy, thinking he is smart. Into the dust bin of History for this so called President.

  4. BTW, while he was on his “farewell” whining tour, Obama used Common Core Math to arrive at the announcement that 60% of America is for him.

  5. Too little and too late for “trying”…to paraphrase what Obama famously said to the Republicans back in ’08, you can come along for the ride, but you have to sit in the back.

    Forget sitting in the back, they can get out of the car and walk as far as I’m concerned.