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Obama Schedule || Monday, November 21, 2016

2:31 am || Arrived at the White House from Lima, Peru

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  1. French police has arrested seven men, believed to be involved in terrorism. They were, according to the news, going to attack the old Christmas market ( a tradition since 400 years ) in Strasbourg. I haven´t read anything about who these men are but I suppose we do not have to guess. Islamists, don´t you think ? This is our new world. They want us to fear Christmas.

    1. I am glad they were caught. I love the Christmas markets — spent time growing up in Nurnberg and that was a big highlight.

      Stay safe. As long as Merkel holds firm in her dedication to the vermin and the fear, Europe will suffer.

      I did see where some were building walls or fortifications of some kind, most notably Hungary.

      1. Grace, I love the Christmas markets too. A wonderful prelude to Christmas.
        So, now the progressives complain about an increasing amount of “hate-crimes” ( can be anything ) towards Muslims in Europe. Well, I am not very surprised. Some of them want to change our way of life. One of the reasons why I look forward to Trump in the White House.

        1. We were in Strasbourg a few months past. The cathedral is an amazing example of gothic architecture…but also looked rather frightening to me. The huge EU building was beautiful modern architecture but only used 1 week per year?!?!
          We enjoyed coffee and a pastry in the open air at a restaurant in the square…however, I admit to being uncomfortable with the crowd in that open air venue.

          1. Aileen, I believe that the EU building is used once every month. Every month the EU parliament is moved, files, furniture, bureaucrats and all, from Brussels to Strasbourg and then back again. It is extremely costly, a waste of taxpayers money and unbelievably stupid. But, the French politicians wanted it for their own reasons. EU- a big expensive disaster !

    2. Just last week, an ISIS manuscript (or maybe it was something posted online, I can’t remember) guided budding Islamofascists through the machinations of striking Thanksgiving parades and outdoor holiday markets. They even advised on which rental vehicles could inflict the most harm.

      I’m sure this arrest is just a coincidence.

    1. I heard he will speak out against Trump while in office.

      How sad. Obama is like the person who reaches mandatory retirement. With no life, and living in past “glory,” they return to the office and stumble about with unwanted, dated, advice to the “new guy” who now occupies his old office.

      1. If Obama decides to “go after” a President Trump, he’d better think twice. Trump won’t put up with it more than once, and he may well decide to reveal who the real Obama is, the true backgrounds of the people surrounding Obama, what backroom deals Obama made with our enemies, what Obama really does in his “off time”, and lots of other little embarrassing details Obama doesn’t want made public. Trump won’t kid around with Obama’s childish, petulant antics. He’s too street smart, direct, focused, no nonsense and vanquishes his enemies in a nanosecond if need be. Obama will end up squashed on the bathroom floor like a bug if he decides to tango with Trump.

      2. Trump should tell the apologist, traitor President to go F off! Seriously, Trump should not/never speak to this troublemaker ever again, no matter how rude it would look. Go Trump, be your real self and kick this guy out of your life forever, he is no good, just like Schumer, the Clintons and all the other stupid fantasy world democrats, who are not democrats anymore but commies and traitors all of them.

  2. It not all the vacationing he did in his travels he needs to rest from, it’s all the real intelligent leaders he hung with that caused him to have some severe brain pain! Has trouble communicating without his teleprompter!

    1. And I heard he said that once he leaves office he has to take Michelle on vacation… if the $44 million+ he spent on vacations wasn’t enough?!?!

      Good grief.

        1. You bet, I just feel that Obama wouldn’t spend a penny on Michelle or anyone of his own money! I feel sorry for his kids now without having money anymore, any more taxpayer money that is.

  3. The Obamas have purchased a 4.3 million dollar home in California, they are renting a home in DC for the next two years and have purchased a home in Hawaii according to Daily Mail.

    I guess they are not going to be broke when they move out of the White House like the Clintons were.

    1. Whoops, I said that wrong…..they have bought a vacation home in Hawaii, and a home in California and are leasing a 4.3 million dollar home in DC for 2 years.

      Sorry for the confusion.

      1. And Trump will take $1 in salary.

        Therein lies the difference, between a grifter who is in it to take all he can from the country and someone who is willing to give to the country.

        1. President Trump has also said he will not take vacations. This is not in reaction to the Obamas – some of his advice for success in business has always been that frequent or long vacations are counter-productive. On Twitter in 2012 he quoted his 2009 book: “Don’t take vacations. What’s the point? If you’re not enjoying your work, you’re in the wrong job.” — Think Like A Billionaire

  4. Gallup has some interesting conclusions on what they’ve “discovered” about this election. (cite is below the list).

    1. Everything About This Election Was Negative

    2. Trump’s Perceived Lack of Qualifications Worked to His Advantage

    3. Trump Figured Out How to Dominate the Public’s Consciousness

    4. Americans’ Recall of What They Had Read, Seen or Heard About Clinton for the Last Four Months Was Dominated by Emails

    5. Trump Takes Advantage of Americans’ Loss of Faith in the Federal Government

    6. Trump Emphasized Big-Picture Theme for the Country as a Whole

    7. Winner of the Popular Vote Lost This Election, Opening Door to Renewed Calls for Dumping Electoral College

    8. Media Continued to Take a Hit in This Election

    Gallup’s write up on their research and conclusions is quite interesting.

    1. But Hillary Clinton only won the “popular vote” in California and New York? It wouldn’t be fair to get rid of the electoral college, then all the states wouldn’t be able to vote for the president and the popular vote would of course be fixed by the democrat dummy commies/socialists. If they get rid of the electoral college, dems would be Presidents forever due to fraud and dead voters, etc., etc. I can’t stand these horrible dem creeps. they are the nastiest, most vile, dumbest, uncaring about human life, that Schumer, Reid, Pelosi, Clinton, people have to just listen to their lies and rhetoric, completely corrupt are they. All of them walk into governmet poairions with normal incomes and then corrupt themselves into millionaires??? Please Trump and others help the American people to end the terrible nightmare of these corrupt politicians, especailly the traitor Obama who never did any work, left it to others in a wilful fashion, typical Chicago creep like his Chicago mayor friend, horrible people, who care nothing about what the people want, just what they want and they are stupid like Trump says they are.

      1. For sure, we must keep the Electoral College. Otherwise, as you suggest, California, NY, Illinois and a few other highly populated states get to elect the President for the rest of us in the remaining 40 or so states. That would not be a good thing.

  5. The attitude of the media, hollywood, TV talking heads, NYTimes and others has done nothing but validate my conservative vote…Just keep up the childish behavior, and I’ll be glad to point to the protesters, either in the street or on the media. “See, that?” “That is what 8 years of liberal welfare has done to our culture!” Led by a whiny childish president! His greatest attribute? Unstoppable gum flap. Meanwhile our police are being shot daily? Outlaws encouraged by the Democrats? Illegals to cop shooters? With not one Liberal of note, standing up and condemning lawlessness? Okay I get it. So I voted.

    1. 4 cops shot and/or killed in 24 hours and not a word from the “President” or his “Justice Department”. And Obama had Black Lives Matter in the White House knowing they said “What do we want” Dead Cops Now”. Obama has to be the worst President we ever had. His only focus is on racism. Nothing else matters to this guy. His oath of office was a lie. He should have been impeached long ago for breaking laws one after another.

      1. Lizzy, “What do we want,” Dead Cops Now,” “How do we want them,” Wrapped in Bacon.” I think that is the way they were chanting. Disgusting any way you hear it.

  6. Anyone else notice at how the Trump Team worked all weekend? When was the last time Obama actually worked? Much less, worked on the weekend…….

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