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36 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || November 20, 2016

  1. Re: Immigration

    I am a bit concerned about the Immigration issue. If I were to do it I would construct a wall only in the high traffic areas. I’d patrol and monitor the rest. When the border is sealed it will put pressure on Mexico and the other Central America countries. It will even affect Costa Rica and Panama. The illegals passing through will stop. Costa Rica and Panama will have the burden of taking care of them. Nicaragua will e okay. They do their best t keep illegals out plus their people go South to Costa Rica and Panama. It is much closer and less dangerous than heading North.

    Also, in El Salvador they have 7,000 MS 13 members in prison. They also have 70,000 MS member around the country. Maybe the USA needs to give El Salvador assistance in some way. I think the MS 13 gangs in Virigina and LA ought to be declared criminal organizations. They should be rounded up and sent to Gitmo.

    I have read university campuses might give sanctuary to the illegals. What a mess that would be.

    • Those are some good ideas.
      When the MSM made faux hay out of MrTrump saying a “fence” would be better in some spots on the border, they revealed they know nothing about the terrain.
      We never see the reports of how many bodies are found along our southern borders, or how many desperately ill illegal aliens are helo-d to local hospitals. The crossings are brutal, hard on humans and the coyotes are cold hearted creeps who attack the immigrants or just leave them somewhere.
      We have to stop this invasion until we decide what to do with the millions already here.
      Sure, send the criminals back over the border. Secure the border any way possible and it slows the movement of illegal drugs. Heroin does not come from Canada, but Mexico.
      We have a big, big problem with illegal drugs and we can all point our fingers at Mexican cartels.

      • All true! But I would add that any non fenced area’s would be a magnet for crossing there. No matter how hard the terrain.

        We need to get tough!! Those counties already don’t allow what we do. Birth right citizens!! -insane!

        • If illegals know that being caught means immediate deportation back to their home nation the unfenced sections of the border will be less attractive. Word will trickle back to the villages just as Obama’s “let go” policy became common knowledge there.

      • Most illegals will leave once they understand the E-Verify is going to make it impossible to work.

        Even the most anchor-baby-heavy family will go home. I believe the little anchors can get their checks while in foreign countries.

    • I think withdrawal of federal funds for sanctuary cities, universities etc. who insist on this illegal nonsense, might go a long way.

      That and the federal law supercedes thing that Obama crammed down Brewer’s throat.

      Trump may have to get very tough and I wonder how much support he will get. A lot I hope.

    • I think it would be great if colleges and universities declared themselves sanctuaries. Let the snowflakes meet some real illegals — they’ll curl in a ball and cry when they realize what they’ve invited on campus.

  2. Time to look at the evidence that Huma Abedin may be a spy for the Muslim Brother hood.

    1. Her mother and father are both members of the organization.
    2. She spent the first 16 years growing up in Saudi Arabia.
    3. Continues work in WH at age 18 19 and been with the Clinton’s ever since.
    4. YouTube video of an email to her brother saying she had the keys to the castle.

  3. Read a great line today, re the foot stomping and sulking the Democrats are showing since Hillary’s loss: “The Democrats haven’t been this mad since the Republicans took away their slaves with the passing of the 13th Amendment in 1865.”

  4. I served under General Mattis in Iraq and Afghanistan. Without getting to far into the weeds I can honestly say that he is the finest General Officer that I had the pleasure to serve. He is a lifelong bachelor and has dedicated his life to serving his Corps and Country. I understand that DJT is quirky on who he appoints to certain psoitions but General Mattis is the right one for SecDef. Once he assumes office, President Trump needs to revert back to 1947 and rename it the ‘War Department’.

    • I would like to see Trump consider some of the other officers that Obama “retired” for disagreeing with his policies.
      There may be some that are willing to continue to serve the country.

    • Gen. Mattis has quite a nice life now after all of his fine service. I am hoping he will agree to at least 2 years, to “right the ship” as they say.

      How fortunate for you to have served with him. I agree with you re. War Department. That would be a leap from an Administration that will not even correctly identify the enemy.

    • William, we love our Marines. My Marine Vet son is very excited by the prospect that General Mattis might be leading our military. It sounds like a dream come true.

    • Thanks for the list. The bank accounts of every one of them should be investigated for unusually large deposits of money made during the time periods they happily promoted the lies of the Obama administration. More likely the bribe money would have been deposited in some offshore accounts, I suppose.

      It would be interesting, had Hillary won, to see how many of these lying buffoons would have received jobs in the Hillary administration. It would also also be revealing to see how many of these traitors to truth are married to, or otherwise sharing living arrangements with, members of the Obama administration. Also, were any of them blackmailed into lying for the Obama administration? If so, what was the nature of the blackmail? What had they done that was so embarrassing in their lives that they were willing to throw their credibility and reputation out the window and lie to the American public to keep their secrets unknown to the public?
      If the entire truth were known, this list would likely be much longer.

    Obama says in a a press conference in Lima, Peru, that he will continue to criticize Trump if and when he deems it right and necessary.
    So, His Holyness has spoken.Self centred as ever.
    Well, Barry will stay in Washington and be a pebble in Trumps shoe, appear in every TV show imaginable, I knew it. But if his audience is dwindling, maybe this will not be so easy….

    • Obama apparently plans to use the “I’m (Obama) OK and you (Trump) are not OK.” As we’ve learned, this dysfunctional tactic is a major feature of Obama’s peculiar personality, his view of the world around him. We would expect nothing else of Barry.

      • It will be interesting to see how much of the MSM supports, advocates and reports on the anti Trump message of Obama while Trump is in office.

        If that happens then this collusion with the Democrats becomes something other than what it is even more.

        It would be possible for them to “misspeak” and find themselves in a delicate position.

      • Hopefully, if Obama keeps on him, Trump will tell the world Obama’s secrets. I doubt that Trump will put up with Obama’s hanging around and haunting Trump with his lies and deception. Trump can fix Obama one, two, three, with what he knows about the real Obama if Obama starts with him. Trump is much smarter than this Shrunken head look-a-like.

    • I’m thinking that this failure of a president will be insignificant after he leaves office. Look how hard he and all his goons tried to take Trump down, another failure! I thing the American people have spoken how they really few about BHO and company during this election. I agree that he will stay around and try to stay involve, but I think his own party will throw him under the bus! I hope anyway!

      • The Cry Baby in Chief.

        The public hysteria will continue and the Democrats are not above supporting Obama even out of office. There could be a fine line.

        • Trump knows how to fix Obama. I’m sure he knows a lot about him and won’t hesitate to reveal and humiliate him in one fell swoop if Obama dares to be a fly on his nose.