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Pence Booed at Hamilton Performance; Lectured by Cast

Well, so much for Pence’s Broadway debut.

Vice President-Elect Mike Pence Friday evening went to take in a performance of “Hamilton” on Broadway. He was booed by the audience and told by the cast that they are a “diverse” group concerned that the new administration will not “protect us” and “our planet” and “uphold our inalienable rights.”

Never mind that Hamilton would shed copious tears if he could see what his country has become and what the current president has done to the Constitution.

50 thoughts on “Pence Booed at Hamilton Performance; Lectured by Cast”

  1. Told him, didn’t they.
    What about my rights, my planet, don’t I get a say, too?
    The diverse liberals only see people who look like them or believe as they do to be worthy of government actions and protections while my opinions, my troubles don’t concern them at all.

    1. It is fitting that it happened at a performance of Hamilton since he suffered the same kind of insult and prejudice when he tried to uphold the Constitution in New York.
      They wouldn’t get the irony.

  2. They can just keep doing stuff like this, as far as I’m concerned. They still don’t get it that this kind of nonsense is part of why they lost…the liberal elites, MSM, Hollywood and their condescending attitude. Keep it up, losers.

      1. What happened here in Wisconsin in every election since 2010 is a good example of this. Every time the left went into full hysterics, temper tantrums, emotional meltdowns, Capitol protests, etc. it caused voters to reject them in even larger margins than the previous election. Moderates nationwide observed what happened here and have responded by electing Republican majorities in DC. The more the left agitates, the more that moderate American voters reject their tactics.

  3. Liberals r so stupid. They cannot open their eyes and see the crap Obama has done to this country. Boo to the administration that is not even in yet. They don’t know what their going to do.

  4. How about all you Trump voters making sure you do not put money into the pockets of these jerks. Boycott Hamilton. Close the doors of the theater by refusing to spend your money on radical liberal bigots. These big mouths always forget about the connection between their disgusting rages and the loss of their jobs.

    1. I do not shop at Target, Starbucks, watch/buy/rent Hollywood movies. I use my dollars, to the extent it is possible, to buy from businesses I support.

    2. Good idea, itsy_bitsy. Like MarjoJimbo, we don’t shop at Target or Starbucks, and now we will avoid Pepsi brands (yes I CAN give up Mountain Dew for the cause!)

      I have a long mental list of “influencers” who have shown themselves to be unAmerican, unreliable and untrustworthy during this whole campaign and election, and will not patronize their products in future.

      They may never know that I don’t buy their books or products or patronize their stores or watch their movies or read their articles or watch their interviews, but my life will be richer without their deceitful duplicity.

      I’ll put my energy – and money and time – toward activities that help restore America and genuine equality without special treatment for anyone.

      1. I dropped Budweiser, Heineken and other beers and switched to Yuengling because Yuengling proudly and unabashedly supported Trump.

        It is now the working man’s beer, and it is good.

        1. Isn’t Yuengling the “oldest beer in America”? Cool to hear they support President Trump. We don’t drink so I only use beer for cooking, but I’ll buy Yuengling to cook with from now on!

  5. Doesn’t the very fact that the lead role in “Hamilton” is played by a black man prove that America is inclusive and not racist? I agree with itsy_bitsy – boycott, boycott, boycott.

  6. This is what 8 years of a Saul Alinsky disciple, Frank Marshall Davis mentored community activist in the Oval Office does to a society.
    While I do believe it’s going to get worse before it gets better at least now we have a POTUS and administration willing to ignore this crap and do what’s needed for the country.

  7. Despite the mountain of evidence staring them in the face, liberals refuse to accept the fact that America does not want their brand.
    The more they scheme to stay the same and try to skirt around this fact the worse it is going to be for them.
    Good for us, bad for them, except that we have to listen to their constant barrage of nonsensical rhetoric.
    Oh well, good with the bad.

  8. In some ways…..I hope ICE and the IRS visits the Cast at 12:01 pm on January 20th…….However, that is what the current administration does. If you were a Tea Party or Conservative group Lois Lerner and Friends abused their power.

    In regard to the people in the audience and the cast lecturing the Vice President Elect………Shame on them! What happen to manners and respect? Respect is like a phone line it goes both ways. The cast is demanding respect but they don’t show the proper respect of Vice President Elect Pence and his family who chose to attend their show. Hypocrites!

    Hipocrosy is why the Democrat Party is on the verge of extinction. They preach inclusion except for conservatives or whites. They preach against corruption but are the most corrupt group of politicians. I hope the new AG prosecutes them all including HIllary and Bill.

    The pundits keep bringing up President Obama pardoning Hillary and company. They compare it to Ford pardoning Nixon. The big difference is Nixon acknowledged his wrongs by resigning his position as President. Does anyone believe Hillary will acknowledge her criminal activity? The Reason will be because the Republicans in power will be seeking revenge against the Clintons because they were jealous for all the good they have done.

  9. Is this the same group of cast members who “…declined to use muskets as props in its Tony Awards performance…” because of “the shooting in Orlando”. “The cast instead decided to pantomime during its performance of “Yorktown (World Turned Upside Down),” which recreates the Battle of Yorktown.” ????

    Dear Cast of Hamilton,

    We. Don’t. Care.


    A sole member of the smallest minority on earth, for whom the Constitution was written to protect me against the fashionably violent tyranny of your diverse elitist bullying mob.

  10. Obama has really screwed with the minds of his minions. Progressives give the Guantánamo Bay prisoners more of the benefit-of-the-doubt over their fellow Americans.

    1. try more than the Vice President Elect who paid to see a show. As long as were talking about this basket of sexual deviants. Do know the first sign of AIDs. A pounding sensation in your ass!

    2. try more than the Vice President Elect who paid to see a show. As long as were talking about this basket of sexual deviants. Do you know the first sign of AIDs. A pounding sensation in your ass!

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  12. The behavior of the Hamilton cast just illustrates the insolence and moon-battery of the hard left “entertainment” crowd. They actually believe they have something important to say about political issues and that they will sway us to their point of view. They confuse the roles they play on the stage and in the movies with who they actually are as persons.
    Shakespeare called his actors “mimics”, and that holds true to this very day

    1. My thoughts exactly.
      “Oh my God! If I don’t vote for Hillary, Lena Dunham will leave America.”
      I’d drive her to the border, then she’s on her own.

  13. So, a couple of weeks after giving one of the last fundraisers for Hillary 2016, the “Hamilton” cast inadvertently gave one of the first fundraisers for Trump 2020.

  14. Life is full of ironies. If I remember the history correctly, Alexander Hamilton was often booed by audiences in New York state when he gave his talks about the US Constitution in the earliest days of the Republic. I wonder if those who booed Pence were of the same ilk as those who booed Hamilton back then.

  15. Actor friend told me that there are so many people that want to do acting that the wages are very low.

    Here in Socal an union actor makes 30 to 40 dollars per performance. Non union even less.

    So the bottom line is they need the free Obama stuff to survive . Obama care and food stamps and whatever they can get.

    So these losers are telling us what to do! That why they wait tables and hope to make it big. Few do, very few.

    Fun people to be around but they have no clue of our world.

    1. You’re right about the freebies. Remember what Pelosi said after Obamacare passed…writers, actors and other “artistic” types can now pursue their passions without having health care tied to their jobs. (?!)

      Clueless indeed.

  16. The Liberal ‘diversity’ mantra is NOT based on the core principle of this nation which is individual freedom endowed by our Creator. The basis of the Hamilton production is another lie more aligned to the declarations of Karl Marx than the Founding Fathers. The Trump Administration will build a government that thinks and acts as and for Americans rather than be a ‘diverse’ facade.

  17. The attitude we have been taking in the face for 8 years. Obama started it. The weak thinkers unable to rub two brain cells together, better known as the duplicators follow the piper. These ones are just what we wanted change from. The BS PC Rat pack. Takes little courage to criticize, condemn, or complain. On the other hand, some cognitive to weigh and ponder..Right now I am pondering..

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