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Open Thread || Saturday, November 19, 2016



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  1. Not a political posting, but wanted to share with our music fans out there.
    Sharon Jones of Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings passed away yesterday from pancreatic cancer at the age of 60.
    If you are not familiar with Sharon and the Dap Kings, but love that sweet soul music, definitely check them out. (I recommend you start with 100 Days, 100 Nights)
    A remarkable talent has been silenced. Rest in Peace Sharon.

  2. GovRomney comes a’callin’ to the Trump victory party, hat in hand, head bowed.
    What a sight to behold – what a grand gesture by both men.

    I supported MrRomney and was sorry to see him lose in 2012. Then, I was sorry that I didn’t understand what a mean person lived inside his head.
    Let bygones be gone – he would be just the man to put the VA back to the honorable institution it is supposed to be. Maybe kick some behinds out of the IRS or any of the agencies that have gone bonkers with regulations and restrictions.
    We’ll see soon enough.

    • I’m with you srdem, sorry to see grudges still being held on the right for Romney being so vicious against Trump. I do believe T is doing what’s best for the country, which is why we hired him. For Mitt to accept a position in this administration, win-win for us! Country Before Party !

    • As bad as Hillary was, the thought of Tim Kaine was also frightening. I kept wondering how far down a list they had to go before anyone would even go on her ticket. He was call 4,866.

      • Kaine’s an idiot…last week in an interview he wanted to “remind everyone” that Hillary won the popular vote, saying snarkily that “we can’t forget that.”

        Get some new material, moron.

        • Yeah Kaine, popular vote, HILLARY CLINTON WON THE POPULAR VOTE IN ONLY TWO STATES! NEW YORK AND CALIFORNIA! She won nothing. Trump won every state almost! Thats why we need the electoral college, otherwise, the dems will continue to fraud the popular vote like they did this time, you know, illegals voting, dead people voting, double voting, triple voting. Why didn’t Hillary Clinton count the military vote? She couldn’t have possibly if she says she won the popular vote. No such thing, she won in only two states, CA and NY, big deal!

  3. Good morning my fellow Patriots.

    We find ourselves on yet another Thanksgiving eve.
    This year, we truly have something to be thankful for.

    On 6/16/16, a man stood in front of a tired Nation and pledged to take our Country back from the doldrums of eight years of liberal ideology.
    An onerous task indeed.

    He is a Patriot, a businessman, a straight shooter.
    He is a man that I feel we can trust to do what he says he will do.

    He vanquished many opponents, some of whom were formidable.
    Career politicians entrenched in the machine that is determined to run our Country by dynasty.

    He prevailed and the American People watched as he gave us hope that one day this great Country will once again be the “Shining City on the Hill”.

    Through eighteen months he drew crowds across this Country that were unprecedented.
    Standing up to his detractors with vigor while the people who had been silenced by forces that they could not control watched in admiration.

    Finally, we have found our voice.
    Enough is enough they said.
    Now we have a warrior to go and battle the ones that were set on silencing us.

    American Patriotism was once again practiced openly without fear of reprisal.
    The love of Old Glory was once again OK.

    It is my feeling that God uses a calendar, His calendar.
    He doesn’t need a watch, He is eternal.
    But a calendar,…yes.
    6/16/16 was a mark on His calendar.

    Throughout history God has raised up individuals when he needed them to do His bidding.
    I think that this is one of those times.

    Finally, we are again embarking on a new era.
    One that has promise, is exciting.
    One that causes us to sit back and breath a sigh of relief after eight years of being maligned by people that see our Country differently than we do.

    Donald Trump will face barriers at every turn along with his allies.
    Expect it.
    The media are making fools of themselves and are becoming more irrelevant everyday.
    It is fun to watch them destroy their credibility.
    When the enemy is destroying themselves, don’t interfere.

    So this Thanksgiving Day we can be especially thankful for the gifts that God has given us.

    The American Spirit is alive and well and eager to Make America Great Again.

    • Thank you for reminding me. I have been disheartened by the trashing of Trump that has been taking place in the press after the election. Even our voice cannot prevent the bias from continuing, it seems.

      I needed to hear the clear facts once again. We have lots to be grateful for this year.

    • AF Vet. Well said. A great reminder. And this Thanksgiving we truly do have a lot of be thankful for.

      And thanks to Donald Trump for leading the fight and taking the slings and arrows.

    • Bravo, bravo, bravo AFVet! I also believe that God Himself has raised up Mr Trump with a specific agenda. I’m going to share this. What a wonderful statement of gratitude for this Thanksgiving!

    • So terrific is your post. Thank you for that and Happy Thanksgiving and I hope that Trump will do exactly what he has said he will do. We are so lucky that America has him now. And now we can also say Merry Christmas! Trump was very upset about Christmas being abolished by Obama and his team of racist supporters. Merry Christmas! It feels good to say it again and have someone in charge that loves Christmas like Trump!


    Unbelievable. I’m going to have to stop following the news just to keep myself sane. Obama is reassuring Europe and South America not to freak over Trump — that Trump will follow Obama’s policies once he has had time to see how much wiser they are than his own ideas.

    Obama treating sovereign nations as if they are campus snowflakes.

    He invented the Office of the President Elect (with fake medallion, remember?) and undercut Bush’s final days as President. Now, he’s pretty much invented the office of Real President Forever and parades around undercutting the newly elected President’s first term.

    • I feel the same way about the news. I am going to stop listening, Its driving me insane and I feel so many hurtful emotions when I listen to the news, like when Pence went to the theater and the actors treated him without respect because he’s white. They would never have said that to Obama. We have real racists running the government now and Trump MUST CHANGE THIS! All Obama and his team of idiots talk about is racism, racism, racism! I can’t listen to it anymore. Thats all Obama and his creeps care about!!! No one bothers these people and yet thats all they talk about! If they don’t like it here, let them go somewhere else! Anyway, I also have to stop listening to the biased news. Its driving us crazy. Sick and tired of it, all they talk about is social issues, nothing about ISIS, economy, white Americans, regular Americans, all they talk about is immigrants and Black people? Enough is enough. Go to hell Obama and your crazy ideas, tell Schumer to shut up, Reid, Pelosi, all dumb idiots, mean people that will lose all the time now, people are all fed up with these nuts. They stole our money, the dems and keep lecturing America like its their country alone? Go Trump, step on them like bugs.