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Video || Kanye: I Would Have Voted for Trump

Because, well, he didn’t vote, but he would have supported Trump. And he says he might run for president himself in 2020.

“I loved his approach,” Kanye said of Trump’s performance in the debates.

Well, maybe Republicans can make serious inroads into the black community, as I’ve often hoped and predicted. I mean, at some point, enough is enough when it comes to failed Democratic policies that are getting African Americans nowhere.

And no, I don’t think Trump is a racist. I know he’s said some inflammatory stuff. And yes, he shouldn’t have hesitated before denouncing David Duke. But I just don’t think racism is his thing.

Anyway, here’s Kanye. He rambles a bit, and I’m not sure where this endorsement was before the election. But I give him credit for being brave and getting ready to incur a lot of dirty looks from his peers.

8 Responses to Video || Kanye: I Would Have Voted for Trump

  1. If it helps promote unity in our world, thumbs up to Kanye… But once again, do you think the fans showed up for a concert or a speech.

    How ’bout he starts showing up on CNN, MSNBC and yes, FOX to promote his thoughts, without the vulgarity…that would be making a statement.


  2. I can see it now – President West with his wife, First Lady Kim Kardashian and their children North, South, East, West, Winterspring and Summerfall.
    Vice President Brucella Jenner (First Lady’s step-mother and step-father) and his wife/husband.
    yep. yep.

    • Bringing no class back to the WH. Obongo and the wookie have made a joke of the image of the USA.

      Remember when O had no class by giving the Queen of England CD’s of his speeches?

      Talk about no brain…….Affirmative action default president. What could possibly go wrong…..LOL

  3. OT. Mike Pompeo’s name has been bandied about for CIA. Don’t know about that, but do know he’s a great, conservative, qualified guy.

    AND “After leaving active duty, Mike graduated from Harvard Law School having been an editor of the Harvard Law Review. ”

    Maybe we will finally get the inside scoop of Barry’s time at Harvard…..:)

    I mean, head of CIA, Pompeo has to prove his creds somehow.:)

    • Just to add a bit on Pompeo– he graduated top of his class at West Point in 1986 with a degree in mechanical engineering. He founded Thayer Aerospace and in 2006 sold his interest in the company and then became the President of Sentry International, an oilfield equipment company.

      Pretty good background–business, politics, conservative.

    • I an still fascinated that no one is/or has bragging they were in “Barack Hussein Obama’s” law classes”…or were honored to have “worked with Obama at the Law Review”