As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

So Far, So Good, Mr. Trump

Today was an historic day.

By appointing Sen. Jeff Sessions attorney general, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn national security advisor, and Rep. Mike Pompeo CIA director, Donald Trump is demonstrating that his campaign message was serious.

Sessions is the leading voice in the Senate against immigration reform. He is also one of the two or three most reliably conservative members of the Senate, someone who will turn Obama’s left-wing Justice Department on its head, depoliticizing it and getting it back to enforcing the law, regardless of popular sentiment. The mob running around with a noose looking for any police officer who might have tried to defend themselves will now be banished, as all mobs should be. “Criminal justice reform” that seeks to release every other drug dealer ever imprisoned will come to a halt. And churches won’t be prosecuted for failing to hold special Sunday mass for same-sex couples.

Flynn and Pompeo are USA-first foreign policy advocates who will help reassert America’s leadership in the world without resorting to unnecessary wars prompted by emotion, while ending the harmful vacillations of the Obama years. Most importantly, they are fierce opponents of the ruinous the Iran nuclear deal, something even Trump has not always been completely clear about. God willing, they will convince him to trash an arrangement that gives Iran a nuclear weapon in a dozen years, or sooner.

Steve Bannon is not an anti-Semite. Plain and simple. He had several of the leading young Jewish conservatives working for him at Breitbart. He is a genius, if a bit of an evil one, who will weave together the conservative and populist movement that could change this country for the better and reelect Trump in four years. And maybe even put his Republican successor in office too.

Sure, Reince Priebus is chief of staff and an establishment figure. But unlike others in the establishment, he got fully behind Trump, gained his trust and pulled out all the stops to make a Trump presidency happen. He will ensure a smoothly running White House and offer a dose of reality testing when the dreams of the ideologues get too far out ahead of what is possible.

More than any individual member of the emerging team, it is the totality that matters. This is a group that is true to the principles Trump espoused. The expulsion of Chris Christie has been portrayed as an act of revenge by Trump and his nephew, Jared Kushner. But it’s much more than that. For all his bluster, Christie is a moderate Republican who would have tried to inflict his moderation on the White House with an iron hand. That he was cast out suggests Trump is deadly serious about hammering the Washington establishment and changing the direction of the country. Note that Christie was replaced as transition chief not by just anybody, but by Vice President-Elect Mike Pence, a true conservative who knows who’s who in Washington and will get Trump the right kind of people to help him.

It’s a good beginning. He needs some women, not because there should be a quota system, but because women are different than men and provide another kind of perspective and approach that a room full of boys lacks. He needs senior female White House staffers as well as Cabinet members. Expect a distaff Secretary of State, and not Mitt Romney.

Please, not Mitt Romney.

That’s the old way of doing things. Like Barack Obama. So yesterday.

29 Responses to So Far, So Good, Mr. Trump

  1. My thinking with regards to Romney is fixing the VA. No way Secretary of State, of course Trump may be pulling his chain too, we shall see soon enough.

      • Big no on Romney. He could have been a big help, instead he chose another path. He was the most venomous anti Trumper out there, a true back stabber. I am hoping Trump’s meeting with him is simply a formality and a matter of form and not function. If
        Sessions does him job Romney won’t come near a position of consequence. Or any — imo. Yeah, it’s personal.

    • What did you expect srdem?
      the very fact that they have found fault with them tells me that Trump is striking the right chords.

      So far, I’m lovin’ it.

      • Silly me, I was expecting a wait and see, or a OK, he won- we’ll give him a moment of peace.

        The worst headline said that all of his choices were White men! He chose three people! Three, out of thousands that will be appointed or selected.
        I should have MY head examined for even looking at MSM sites.

          • Bannon seems to be escaping the anti Semite tag and now is mostly a White Supremacist. Just because no one Dan offer any evidence of same doesn’t stop the left from repeating.

            Flynn is Islamaphobic–I guess because he disagreed with Obama on Radical Islam?

            And despite Sessions’ long history of not being racist,mhe’s racist because Teddy Kennedy ran a smear campaign.

            Haven’t the liberal media tarred Pompeo with anything yet? I haven’t heard a peep yet.

            OT: anyone see the Objectified: Donald Trump special on Fox? Interesting a pretty good job of humanizing him. The discussion about his brother’s death from alcoholism was quite moving.

  2. I’m so glad to get your perspective on these appointments, Keith. I am not familiar with all of these people so it is good to hear how they all come together, and what each is likely to accomplish.

    I guess it is “tradition” by now, but I’d rather not have yet another female Secretary of State (and no more female SCOTUS justices either). Their record has been really lousy and unpredictably raptorous, regardless of party or ideology or personal “likeability”. Madelene Albright, Condoleeza Rice, and Hillary Clinton each failed to foresee catastrophic events that were forewarned, while each overrode our best military minds to demand interventionist wars that so destabilized the nations involved that each is still a failed state at war with itself and its neighbors (Kosovo, Iraq, Libya).

  3. I am all for good, smart, conservative, honest, capable women. I don’t have a short list, but I do know who I do not want: Ayotte, Haley, Fiorina.

    As dumb as this might sound it would be great to have Kimberly Guilfoyle in some capacity. She is intelligent, conservative, has legal and government (not sure about the government) experience and media savy. And she is a strong, loyal, outspoken, unwavering supporter of our troops.

  4. Good take Keith. We have a good start. Interesting, re. Christie.

    I think we will have a relatively transparent executive branch…but it is Congress I worry about. Same old, same old leadership and their transparency has been non existent. They disappear behind closed doors, 11th hour decisions, and are heavy handed and duplicitous. This concerns me particularly with infrastructure spending — the Dems will drop in poison pills and McConnell will not fight against them. If tradition holds.

    • Oh, it won’t.

      Trump will go over their heads, get their constituents to melt the switchboards, and that will be that.

      He can give an address that will be watched, and people will respond. Obama was content to gamble his legacy on legislation of, by, and for the lobbyists; Trump will, if form holds, be very hands-on in the sausage-making process.

      Obama could talk a good game, but he got rolled more often than all the dice in Vegas. Trump is smarter than that.

    • I’m not buying Keith’s reasoning about Christie. I may be cynical and jaded though because he’s my Governor. He’s done an incredibly lousy job and if you could resurrect Osma and make him Governor, there’s a fair chance he would at least equal Christie’s approval ratings.

      Christie’s been considered a moderate all along, so why appoint him in the first place? I think it’s a perfect storm of things from perceived disloyalty and disappearance during the Billy Bush tape (when Trump needed Christie as a strong defender, Christie pulled out of all the Sunday shows), to letting his aides take the fall for Bridgegate–one of whom is a single mom of 5 who could be facing 10-20 years (over a traffic jam?!?!). Trump’s big on family and this wouldn’t sit well with him.

      That’s my theory. And it would seem no further post will be offered because Christie was all over the local news tonight saying he’d finish his term of Governor (and effectively insuring that NJ will never again have a Republican Governor at least in my lifetime).

    • Neither BO nor MO have any plans to leave the spotlight. Get ready to spend the rest of your life with them, one way or another.

      I am still trying to resign myself to this hard truth.

  5. I read the Central Americans are rushing our non-existent border. I assume they are heading for the sanctuary cities. Like fleas on a dog. This is their last hurrah. The best hope they have is to produce an anchor baby asap to have something to wave when ICE comes.