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Obama Gives Medals of Freedom To His Celebrity Friends

President Obama this year decided to hollow out and degrade the Presidential Medal of Freedom by giving a bunch of them to famous people he digs.

Of course, none of them are Republicans.

Obama handed out a total of 20 Medals of Freedom, which makes getting them nearly as easy as getting into the phone book. Okay, not exactly, but you get my drift, the award is pretty diluted.

Here are the winners, who are also coming soon to a gossip column near you. .

Cicely Tyson, Bruce Springsteen, Diana Ross, Robert Redford, Tom Hanks, Lorne Michaels, Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Robert De Niro, and Ellen DeGeneres. Vin Scully got one too, for calling a lot of baseball games.

There are ten of them. It’s like he divided the awards up — half of them fatuous, half maybe not.

What, exactly, has Michael Jordan done for humanity, other than entertain it and make hundreds of millions doing so? How may pool black kids spent too much money on his overpriced sneakers?

DeGeneres I can understand, maybe, since she at least promotes a cause — gay rights — whether you agree with her or not.

The other ten seem to have a few more qualifications, though most sound like basically lefties. Bill and Melinda Gates got one. Maybe it’s a birthday gift for them or something. I mean, what do you get for the guy and gal who have everything? A Presidential Medal of Freedom, I suppose.

You can find the full list here.

Just for contrast, George W. Bush in his final year in office, 2008, gave out six medals, all to highly distinguished individuals of proven achievement and service. At least two, Donna Shalala and the late Rep. Tom Lantos, were Democrats. That is, a third of them. The other recipients were Retired Marine Corps. Gen. Peter Pace, Judge Laurence Silberman, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and another doctor who at the time was far less well known: Benjamin Carson.

None had a hit record, an academy award, or had dunked a basketball into a legitimate ten-foot high hoop. Imagine that.

Obama’s lucky, and I do mean lucky, recipients will receive their honors at a White House ceremony November 22.

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21 Responses to Obama Gives Medals of Freedom To His Celebrity Friends

  1. A participating trophy. It’s actually insulting to those who know they haven’t done anything to deserve an honor.

    Pres SRdem would look for the ‘little’ people who do big things without any PR, or acclaim.
    The man/woman who has led a Scout troupe for years. The man/woman who work the soup kitchens, collect books for those who have never seen one, the doctor/nurse who volunteers their talents to alieve suffering around the world, and others who collect goods to fill boxes sent to overseas military. The Little League coach who inspires good sportsmanship.
    So many worthy recipients.
    Our country is full of people like that.

    • Yes, the country really is full of terrific people like that. Genuine heroes, the kind of people Hillary would call deplorables, and which Obama rarely meets or acknowledges.

    • I led a scout troop for 18 years and had over 50 eagles. I left when Robert (failure at every job he took) Gates ordered us to take gay scouts. Created simply too many problems to handle.

  2. I recommend 60 million Freedom medals given to each conservative voter this election. Likened to a second American revolution. Freedom fighters & Sons of Liberty, stood their post. Snatched victory from the jaws of defeat…This Old Goat thanks my fellow Americans for being brave under constant fire..Well Done!

  3. As a big Dodger fan living here in L.A., when I heard yesterday that Vin was being honored, I thought “How nice”…then today I read the laundry list of everyone else, which makes the whole thing pointless.

    Just wait ’til his list of pardons.

    • Yea, it will be a long list, full of suspicious people you wouldn’t want as a neighbor. The big question is whether Hillary will be on that list.

    • Vin’s a genuinely decent man…knew his family a bit when I was growing up (same church/grade school) – very approachable and friendly, always taking the time to talk to kids, sign autographs, etc.

  4. What? He didn’t give himself one?

    And what about the 11 million undocumented citizens? They should get one two. (The factory must still be churning them out before they can be awarded.)

  5. is this another conspiracy hangout or some not quite there yet stab at irony? either way , enjoy the free speech while you can .once the orange eminence moves in you might find he is worse at taking jokes than you are at making them…and the vindictiveness of comments makes the site look like the place where mediocre kids hang out to swap lame excuses