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Live Stream || Obama Press Conference with Merkel in Berlin

9 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Press Conference with Merkel in Berlin

  1. OT while we are waiting for the conference that we are not going to listen to anyway-Rush Limbaugh has two excellent articles -“getting set to kick a$$” and “trusTED to drain the swamp at the DOJ”

    It tickles me to read how on point Rush is about the media and the Dems.

  2. Oh look! It is the wine and cheese party. The globalist elitist snobs just can’t make their agenda go. When are the German people going to get rid of Mutti Merkel?

  3. Berlin again. We remember when Obama visited Berlin when he was running for President in 2008. What a bizarre scene it was as he tried to entice Berliners to–what, see what a cool guy he is, vote for him?–with beer and knockwurst to show up at the Victory Tower in the Tiergarten. His own press releases claimed he spoke at the Brandenburg Gate (a sacred site for Berliners) ala Reagan. Of course, he was actually a mile away from the Brandenburg Gate because Merkel refused permission for him to speak at the gate. He lied about the whole event, which forecast to us that he would lie about just about anything in the future.

    So in his first Berlin speech in 2008 he drew about 200,000 Berliners for the free booze and wurst. This time, about 6,000 “invited guests” showed up. He is not popular in Germany any more than he is popular here.

    So he begins and ends his catastrophic Presidency with a Berlin visit. Why? Who knows? Is this part of a world wide audition trip for his future job as UN Secretary General? (which I expect he will be in a year or two). I lived in Berlin almost three years and, from I remember, they had a knack of detecting a political figure as a dangerous BS artist, (Hitler never won a Berlin election when running for Chancellor in the 1930’s). Seems like they still have that knack.