In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Video || Top Media Meltdowns After Trump’s Victory

If you ever needed more evidence of the bias in our media . . . Notice in particular ABC’s Martha Raddatz, CBS’ Gayle King, and NBC’s Brian Williams and Andrea Mitchell, all of whom are “mainstream media” reporters who are supposed to be unbiased.

Warning: Elitist use of foul language contained in the video.

25 thoughts on “Video || Top Media Meltdowns After Trump’s Victory”

  1. It must be the Force Recon Marine and Drill Instructor in me that makes me smile and rejoice in their suffering. By the way, liberal tears make the best gun lubrication.

  2. If there was any justice and fair play in the FCC, these cable shows should register as Democrat party extensions.
    The people who call themselves “journalists” should be required to register as lobbyists for the Democrat party.

  3. I live in Los Angeles and late last week one of our local entertainment reporters was interviewing celebs at some Hollywood premiere…she was openly consoling them and repeatedly asking “How are you doing after what happened Tuesday?” So pathetic…and the reporter (a young, elite lib herself) kept speaking to the viewing audience as if “everyone” was upset about this. I realize it’s Los Angeles, but please.

  4. Well, the blacks better just go ahead and put the chains back on themselves if they know what’s good for them.

    The illegals better find a way to slither back over to the better side of the border too, it’s no bueno here.

    “Get your abortions now”, what a great campaign slogan for Hillary. Because, you know, we love our abortions. They are such a good time.

    How did we let our culture get so deranged???!?!?

  5. Demonic Democratic J-urinalistic media going all in to smear D. Trump. Kinda sad to see such smartphone educated deleted new age nation haters melt down. Fellow human-beings fulfilling Darwin’s theory. Dr. Larry said,” blocked goals produce anger” so be on guard for those who live life on the emotional slope will get in your face, and get even more angry because we are not listening to their anger…? I wonder?

    1. “J-urinalistic media” Perfect.

      Trump’s election is a kind of death to them–death to their point of view, death to their self-righteous franchise to frame the issues, death to their credibility. They are in deep mourning, denial and confused anger. They cannot accept what has happened. Their world view–their self perception as superior beings has collapsed, and in full public view.

      We already know from polls that public trust in corporate media is at a record low of about 6 percent. 94 percent of us have little or no trust in them, what they say, how they frame the issues, their non-stop commentary. We know it’s all a fantasy designed to herd the passive cattle into the barn. It didn’t work this time.

      So, rather than ask themselves how they can regain the public trust, they go on about how unfair Trump’s election is. How unexpected. How very strange it all is. How stupid those who supported Trump are. All their cheer-leading for Hillary failed, utterly. So as they continue to rend their garments in anguish over the citizenry’s failures to elect Hillary, we will continue to move forward without their bias, their clever ways, their non-stop smirks, their preposterous view of how our country should be governed. We don’t need the corporate press as it now exists. They haven’t completely figured that out yet.

    1. That is the bottom line right there MarjoJimbo.
      They cannot accept the fact there are actually people out there that do not subscribe to their ideology.
      Sure are a lot of group think types that try to convince us they are the only free thinkers that inhabit this planet. It is laughable.

  6. Quote for today and this thread on the media meltdown:

    “…no institution is more complicit in making evil appear good and good appear evil” than the news media.”–David Kupelian, Vice President and Managing Editor, WND

  7. I’m sorry I could only listen to three minutes of that whining faggotry before I had to stop. Their misery is music to my ears, but their whining makes me want to gouge my ear drums!

  8. They are like Hillary. They misread the American public, lie, collude and are corrupt, and having considered themselves “entitled” to deliver the “news” through their own prisms are having a very difficult time realizing that they are all on the Norma Desmond path to their close ups.

    Except for MeAgain who is somehow reconciling her overtly sexy recent magazine thingy with feminists etc. I do not get that chick. Blindly ambitious I guess.

  9. The voters were fed up with being lied to and used by the Obamas and then the stupid democrats put the most dishonest, most corrupt politician ever as their candidate and they wonder why they lost! They lost because they do not represent the American people. They lost because they are crooked and stupid.

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