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Obama Suggests Trump Supporters are Tribal, Sectarian

Oh well, so much for bringing everyone together and giving the new president a chance and respecting democracy ond others’ views and blah blah blah blah blah.

From President Obama’s remarks today in Greece:

In our globalized world, with the migration of people and the rapid movement of ideas and cultures and traditions, we see increasingly this blend of forces mixing together in ways that often enrich our societies but also cause tensions . . . Faced with this new reality where cultures clash, it’s inevitable that some will seek a comfort in nationalism or tribe or ethnicity or sect.

Let me translate this high-minded sounding garbage: My fellow Americans, people who don’t look like you or think like you are pouring across the border. Stop clinging to your outdated ways of thinking and respect that your culture is no better than anyone else’s, and start accepting that you’re going to have to change to accommodate them.

Actually, it’s worse than this. Saying people seek “comfort in nationalism or tribe or ethnicity or sect” is a just an pompous, intellectual-seeming way of saying they are racist.

Your president, Trump voters. Calling you a racist.

Because he knows how deplorable you are. Clinton, Obama — these liberals truly have contempt for their fellow Americans.

28 thoughts on “Obama Suggests Trump Supporters are Tribal, Sectarian”

  1. How long has he been the POTUS that he hasn’t figured out that we don’t have “tribes” or “sects” in America. We don’t vote our religions, we vote as free people and

    It’s past time for this ignorant man to come back to the USA and shut up. He doesn’t know who we are, what our history means to us and why our future does not belong to a horde of Spanish speaking people or a group of people who follow another set of laws that don’t match our laws.
    This is OUR country, our house and the POTUS is only the doorman. He doesn’t have the right to allow any and all to enter our country in violation of the laws that have been duly passed by Congress.

    I don’t have any patience left for him or the idiotic, naïve protesters who don’t understand anything about our democratic process.
    No President has ever talked about his people the way this ignorant man does, and he does it all over the world as if he hates all of us.

    1. He has learned nothing about American since becoming POTUS. If anything, he hates our country all the more.

      And we will supporting him for the rest of his life.

      Thank you for your well-articulated comments.

  2. Dear President Obama,

    We are Les Deplorables. We. Don’t. Care.


    A Natural Born Native Indigenous American Citizen, Daughter of God through Jesus Christ, whose ancestors have been here longer than most Indian Tribes, descended from old European Kings and Serfs, Indentured Servants and Oddlings, all the way back to Adam and Eve.

  3. Obama is beginning to realize that he lost the election — Trump isn’t going to do four more years of BO.

    So, he’s beginning to position himself as the smarter-than-all outsider, from which perch he will bore us for the next four years criticizing Trump (and us).

    1. Of all his peculiar and adolescent personality quirks, Obama’s snotty “I am so much smarter than you” permanent attitude is the most irritating. He’s all “I’m OK and you are not OK”. As we know from observing his words and actions, the truth is exactly the opposite. He’s not in the least OK, and we, the rest of us, are OK.

      1. His premise has been — only smart people can become POTUS…. so now his logic traps him…. Is he wrong?!?!?! or is Mr. Trump smart?

        Love it.

        1. Yep. Obama lives in an illogical, convoluted Alice In Wonderland world where he hasn’t yet figured out that he’s the confused Alice. Probably never will figure it out. He’s too far gone and been programmed to act and think as he does since he was a kid. Hopeless case.

  4. Barry doing what he does best, criticizing the people and the country who made him President while trying to convince them that “the migration of people and the rapid movement of ideas and cultures and traditions, we see increasingly this blend of forces mixing together in ways that often enrich our societies…”

    “Enrich our societies” with illegal immigrants, sharia law, and the constant threat of terrorist attacks. Yep, that’s enriching, alright.

  5. OT

    The Obama FBI and the DOJ are disgusting. After the laughable spectacle of Hillary Clinton spewing national security information far and wide without so much as a slap on the wrist, the sewer rats Lynch and Comey find reason to
    accuse in a Justice Department affidavit James Rosen of being a possible criminal “co-conspirator” for his alleged role in publishing sensitive security information — in a leak case that takes the highly unusual step of claiming a journalist broke the law.”

    David Rosen. Out of all the corrupt, evil, members of the media. What a farce. I really am outraged at this and the entire procedure used by the government to gather information on Rosen.

    1. OLD NEWS. My apologies. I thought this was an update to the 2013 charge against James Rosen.

      This is my third recent reference/link to erroneous or untruthful information. Having met the minimum qualifications I will be sending out my resume to MSM ASAP.

      Seriously, apologies.

  6. Poor Barry. He just cannot resist descending back into the mire with the rest of his leftist cadre.
    What is so attractive about it anyway? Or are they just like a cat licking a particularly nasty wound?

  7. It’s been reported that Obama’s IQ is 102. More propaganda reporting: an averagely intelligent person wouldn’t be as delusional and moronic as Barack.

  8. The most devisive figure in modern American politics, who sought to segregate citizens into as many sub-classifications as possible in order to facilitate vote “farming,” now decries “tribalism.” I’ll be so happy when he finally shuts up and goes away. But I suspect neither one of those things is going to happen. I’m guessing the media will give him as much face time as they give President Trump and that we will never be entirely free of him. He’ll be like a case of indigestion that just never goes away.

    1. Obama accuses others of “tribalism”–dividing people into groups. Yet, was there ever a more committed President determined to divide people into groups? Warring groups at that.

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