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Obama Schedule || Thursday, November 17, 2016

3:25 pm || Meets with German Chancellor Merkel; German Chancellery, Berlin, Germany
5:00 pm || Holds a press conference with Chancellor Merkel; German Chancellery, Berlin, Germany
7:05 pm || Attends a dinner with Chancellor Merkel; German Chancellery, Berlin, Germany

All times Central European Time, which is six hours ahead of U.S. Eastern.
Live stream of press conference at 11:00 am U.S. Eastern Time

8 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Thursday, November 17, 2016”

  1. What in the world could he possibly discuss with Merkel that could have any impact? Seriously, this is nothing but a victory lap, for what we do not know…..


    1. Probably the two people most responsible for having countries be overwhelmed by illegal immigrants, faux refugees, and embedded terrorists.

      A nasty pair. America was fortunate to take measure to stem our influx , perhaps Germany will do the same.

  2. I saw a clip of HRC in public at the Children’s Defense Fund. For many people, humility comes only at the hands of defeat. And to a certain extent perhaps this is true of HRC.

    I am not suggesting she is humble, likeable or has overnight become a purveyor of truth and honesty. She was not all glammed up, or hyped up. Truth be told they should not have let her out of the house looking like that.

    But she looked normal, she spoke in an normal tone of voice, she admitted the temptation to not leave the house. And for once, she was as good and honest as I have seen her when she spoke of Marian Edelman and her accomplishments.

    So, nope not converted, not wanting her back in the public eye. She is still a corrupt and manipulative politician. But she had a moment . Looking her worst she was at her “best”.

    1. She wants everyone to feel sorry for her so she can get back in the limelight that way.

      As for the Obama/Merkel meeting my guess is that Obama is letting Merkel know how many of her migrants she can ship over before January 20th at our expense.

    2. Grace, there have been many questions raised over the years about possible corruption in the Children’s Defense Fund–their financial reporting, etc. Here are two sites that get into that. The CDF is, I think, Hillary’s first foray into the mysterious world of Foundations, and perhaps she learned a lot about how you can snooker a lot of people out of their money and get very wealthy in the process.


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