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Video || Wanda Sykes Booed for Anti-Trump Rant

The comedian was eventually forced to leave the stage. Warning, video includes some classy language.

19 Responses to Video || Wanda Sykes Booed for Anti-Trump Rant

  1. No doubt that MsSykes walked out thinking the audience is a racist and anti-gay mob who dared boo her tirade against MrTrump.

    FYI: MSM, Soros protesters, anti-Trump idiots
    We here in every “red” area are losing patience with your insistence on defeating and replacing our democratic process with anarchy because your candidate was a lying, greedy elite that was rejected across the country.
    How dare all of you try to overturn a legitimate, fair election with violence in the streets, attempted subversion of our time honored electoral process just because you are not happy.
    We won this one, get over yourselves. You can change this four years from now if you try hard enough.
    Right now, we and MrTrump should be allowed to show what we are, what we can do for America without lies, violence in the streets from sore losers.

    • The push back has been ongoing for quite a long time, but it’s been clumsy and largely ineffective. We needed a strong, courageous leader–a Braveheart, if you will– to create an impelling antidote to the poison of the fascist Left. We now have one.

  2. The most amazing thing about this video is that anyone would shell out their hard earned dollars to see this racist, hate filled, manifestly unfunny troglodyte.

    • Yeah, I thought KK got the article wrong because he was talking about Sykes, but then he was talking about some comedian. Who was the comedian, I wonder… Certainly not Sykes.

  3. Paying any sort of attention to what Wanda Sykes or her ilk have to say about anything is like relying on the village idiot to explain why snakes have no legs. It’s completely meaningless.