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Obama: “We Have to Compete Everywhere. We have to Show Up Everywhere “

Seems like a bit of a dig at Hillary.

President Obama today emphasized the importance of retail politicking, something Hillary Clinton has never shined at. Her schedule was light on campaign appearances and long on attending fundraisers and making phone calls for money. She was, frankly, outhustled by Donald Trump, and comparatively, outhustled by Obama’s efforts in 2008 and 2012.

She didn’t make a single appearance during the campaign in Wisconsin. There’s no excuse for that.

I think one of the reasons her schedule was light is that she may not be well. But we’ll probably learn more about that in the coming months.

9 thoughts on “Obama: “We Have to Compete Everywhere. We have to Show Up Everywhere “”

  1. Snort.

    The guy singularly responsible for the left’s complete and total loss of power over the last eight years is giving them more advice?

    You go, boyfriend. Keep it up.

    1. BO will continue to stick his nose, and his two cents, into everything after he leaves. He’ll be living just spitting distance from the WH. We know every MSM “journalist” will run over to BO’s place to get his lofty opinion, about everything Trump does.

  2. He beat her in 2008. Even after she said some terrible things about him, he gave her a shot at the Sec of State; something nice to add to her resume. She screwed that up so much she dragged him into the email mess.
    He and Michelle ditched their house slippers and went out on the campaign trail for her benefit.
    None of it worked for her. She lost. The Obamas lost. The Dems lost.
    It was her fault.
    MrObama put his good will, his favorable ratings on the line for her, as did Michelle.
    They have a right to complain.

    1. I agree. But, would submit that a lot of that energy was motivated by his desire to preserve “His Legacy”.

      The election was a national repudiation of his Fundamental Transformation.

      1. “The election was a national repudiation of his Fundamental Transformation.”

        Indeed it was. But as we all know, Barry always has to blame someone else for his own failures. It’s never, ever his fault.

      2. Obama’s “legacy” can be written on single-ply toilet paper and kept in his stinking library. It will be difficult to do, but we are blotting out these last nightmarish 8 years to the best of our ability. Scrubbing him from our history, like it almost didn’t ever happen.

  3. Obama, Hillary, Nancy, and Reid turned their backs on the core of their party…the middle class blue collar family. And the family turned on them…


  4. Hillary’s problem was that the more she “showed up”, the more people distrusted her and learned that she was not fit to be President. So there’s that. ;+}

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