As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Obama Press Conference – November 14, 2016

The press conference has concluded. Here is the video.

30 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Press Conference – November 14, 2016

    • …We Few Readers of WhiteHouseDossier can ask 1000+ better questions every day than Mr. Keith Koffler; or his useless co-workers in this “WH press corps” when it comes to this ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ regime (2008-2016)

      • When was the last time Keith was called on for a question by either Barack Obama or Josh Earnest (an interesting contradiction in terms)?

      • And that shows a total disrespect for “law and order”, like the school administrators doing everything but giving extra credit to their little “community organizers” walking out of school in protest of a free and fair election. Would they be so approving of anti-Hillary unrest?
        Obama, doing everything he could to avoid saying “Trump” or addressing the political anarchy he has inspired, did note that if the President-elect doesn’t make things better “the American people will have a problem” (read: more liberally approved and Soros funded riots, with thousands of Americans thrown ONTO the bus).

  1. I don’t care what he says or anyone says, I am never watching him again. Ever, Ever, Ever!!!!! I stopped listening to him ages ago.
    As my mother used to say, “What goes around comes around and it builds up velocity along the way.”
    So, word to the wise Mr. O…ya might want to take that bit of home spun advice under consideration from now on.

  2. I should not be wasting my time watching this presser. Nothing new. He still thinks he is such a great President that saved us and just rambles on. I did not realize how well my financial life is doing.

  3. Well, here’s my take on the speech.

    If you didn’t know what has happened in the last eight years you would think that this country was in pretty good shape.
    Notice that no-one ever pins him down on specifics.

  4. Ever notice that he always looks down at the podium before he calls on a reporter?
    Scripted questions?
    Only certain reporters?

    Maybe Keith can help us on that one.

  5. Nothing but praise for his namesake, Obamacare. 20M uninsureds are now covered; ‘children’ get to stay on mommy and daddy’s policy until age 26; and no limits on coverage.

    Yet not one word on the majority of Americans who now cannot afford their premiums and deductibles after the skyrocketing O/C costs!

    **Many, many ‘children’ already have families of their own by the age of 26. Does this mean taxpayers pick up the tab for their child-bearing expenses too?

  6. The Long Farewell. And from abroad…

    Expect from overseas that Americans, America, Hillary Clinton and perhaps the Democratic Party failed Him.

    Despite this he prevailed in the Transformation with his signature …..blah, blah, blah.

    And now, he is looking forward to working even more on a global scale, with more worthy people and countries for the betterment of ALL.