As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

30 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || November 13, 2016

    • Somehow, at some point, we caved to the whining when we needed to say ‘no’ to a liberal. Since that fateful error, we have been on a bad down-slope in our society. We need some tough love.


    • Nice Geoff. I did not share your concerns with all the Trump “gaffes”, but certainly felt as you did re. election night. No tv, and vowing not to watch or track, I cheated. I was slightly encouraged by Florida and held by breath. Once he took PA I knew we were home free. Free, Free at Last.!

      You have a treasure trove of new material. Yea.

    • I was overjoyed upon waking at 7am, grabbing my phone & hitting my usual, Breitbart page to see that Trump Won!!! I am still thanking God and God loving Americans for this great opportunity for constitutional government.

      • I couldn’t sleep, would not go to bed until I knew for sure.
        Tears came in my eyes when W.Virginia, Kentucky, and Indiana went for MrTrump – knowing just that he wouldn’t be steamrolled, not imagining he would be winning the whole enchilada.
        Defeating the Clinton Crime family and thumbing our nose at the Obama regime was sweet, but the realization of a “citizen” President was overwhelming.
        Not a professional politician, not some privileged crony who sucks off of the taxpayers, but an ordinary guy (if we could ever call MrTrump ordinary).
        A stunning change in how all elections will be run from now on.

  1. Well, if you think the Democrat and Republican party elites, the corrupt corporate media, the pollsters with mud on their faces, the official predictors, the chin waggers and rump swabs on television, Hillary and her hive of misfits–all of them– are ticked off about Trump winning and Hillary losing, you ain’t heard nothing yet.

    Here’s John Bachtell, National Chair of the Communist Party USA, in full panic mode, about how we are doomed with Trump. Bachtell churned out this hysterical “all hands on deck” diatribe full of Communist quackery on Saturday, Nov. 12. He must have gone into a coma on election night and didn’t regain consciousness until Saturday. He sounds exactly like, say, a Sen Reid, Bill Mahr or Sen Angus King or any of the other anti-Trump nutjobs we’ve been hearing from since the election.

    Here’s a little from Bachtell’s call to arms–a full blown three-alarm-fire panic essay:

    “What is urgently needed now is unity. Every conceivable movement and ally prepared to defend social advances and democratic norms must be mobilized, starting with the labor-led people’s movement, Black Lives Matter, climate justice groups, the Dreamers, the LGTBQ community, and women, in alliance with the Democratic Party and all parts of what was the Hillary Clinton electoral coalition, and those inspired by the Bernie Sanders campaign.

    This is the basis of gathering popular majorities to oppose Trump on multiple fronts. No one should be left standing on the sidelines.

    This moment calls for the broadest solidarity and action to block the coming reactionary legislative assault and attacks on democratic rights and civil liberties. It calls for protecting the lives, homes, and communities of those being targeted and defending policies addressing the existential threat posed by climate change. We must begin preparations now for the 2018 election cycle.”

    Ah, yes. The Communist Party USA would have much preferred Hillary, who clearly reflects the agenda of the CPUSA, obviously. But they didn’t get their wish, did they?

    Anyway, here’s the entire piece by Bachtell. Be ready to roar with laughter.

    • I’ve been kicking around an idea that perhaps it just might be time to scrap it, but not for a pure, mob rule, popular vote.
      What about a One state = One vote? Big, small, coast or plains, each state of this union gets the same respect and attention as every other.
      Yes, that could lead to a 3rd or 4th party maybe taking a state or two down the road to deny a 26 state majority to anyone candidate but that could be handled via the House as it is now with less than 270 electoral votes.
      I’m sure I’m missing something so enlighten me WHD’s.

      • My question Geoff, who would determine how the state voted?
        The governor?
        The legislature?
        The popular vote, removing the electoral college completely?

        The way it is now is probably the best we can do.
        There are still ways that they can tweak the system.
        It’s called gerrymandering.

        Here’s another graphic illustration of how the electoral college works, and why it exists.

        • Popular vote in each state determines that state’s one vote towards POTUS.
          Take away the California starting off with 55 electoral votes that no Democrat ever has to campaign for, same with New York and Illinois. Instead of a Dem candidate starting off over a third of the way to the 270 needed to be President he/she starts off with only 3 votes out of 50.
          Level the playing field for all states regardless of population.
          Just my two cents.

          • Geoff, This is from the AOS Sunday Book Thread. Usually it’s all books but today for some reason there is a discussion of the Electoral College. This is a difficult format as someone comments and then you have to scroll down and find a response or another comment. May not be worth the effort for you. As an example see. #251, 267, 345.


  2. I was thinking about MeAgain Kelly.

    She is a single issue media person “Anti Trump/Yea Wimmens” and so far no one has offered to pick her up when her contract expires. Also, sucks for her that Trump won, in terms of her book release. No audience for it really.

    So, MeAgain did not play her I Will Be The Media Princess card well.

  3. Could someone clarify why BHO POTUS – Commander-in-Chief is ALLOWED as POTUS to encourage, or at least is obviously allowing his minions and supporters to RIOT – throughout his 2 terms he has frequently endorsed street violence – along with his fellow Demoncrat Mayors of cities. SO surely he is IN DERLICTION OF DUTY; DUTY OF CARE, in fact is HE NOT PARTICIPATING – plenty speeches by his associates have outright endorsed these riots. Surely it is time to arrest – just plain and simple and all his RACE BAITING PALS! They are endangering the peace and security of THE REPUBLIC. He should be indicted immediately. The National Guard and police should be given the greenlight to GO!GO! and subdue the criminals. And they can stop with “Our right to protest!” Rioting is NOT demonstrating or a civil protest. And DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO RIOT. The damage and threat- ‘causing of fear’ preventing people going about their daily buiness without and terror there is huge long list of charges that can be laid. Plus any student caught – sent downno more college.OBAMA & his crew of socil agitators have to be arrested.

  4. Outrageous.

    Obama is not doing much to insure a “peaceful transition of power” — rioting, hateful messages, and remarks by the media and members of the government do not help. He remains silent.

    One most egregious and totally to be expected from Harry Reid is this. Until the Democrats official disavow this statement I will assume this is their position.

    “If this is going to be a time of healing, we must first put the responsibility for healing where it belongs: at the feet of Donald Trump, a sexual predator who lost the popular vote and fueled his campaign with bigotry and hate,” Reid said.

    Reid’s statement further declared that “white nationalists, Vladimir Putin and ISIS are celebrating Donald Trump’s victory” in Tuesday’s election, “while innocent, law-abiding Americans are wracked with fear.”

    I understand KellyAnne Conway advised Reid to be cautious. Other than that I haven’t seen or heard anything from the gutless, useless, utterly worthless McConnell.

    And as for HRC and all her scared wimmens and children. You know who should be afraid? Melania Trump, that’s who. See this very large banner “Rape Melania”. Anybody heard anything from the glass ceiling crowd? Didn’t think so.

    Every side has it’s extremes. But both Harry Reid and this street filth are over the top. And it all comes from the Democratic Party.

    I try for understanding their disappointment, but this….imagine what the increasingly Leftist Democrats would have unleashed should Hillary been elected.

    Such a long rant when I could have used just one word. Assholes. sigh…

    • I expect that Trump Tower has good surveillance cameras that have captured lots of photos. I sincerely hope that if those making the threats by carrying signs are not arrested soon, that after Inauguration Day, certain Secret Service or FBI investigators make it their business to track those people down. They need to be prosecuted in with a loud indictment and a speedy trial.