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Priebus to be White House Chief of Staff

RNC Chair Reince Priebus has been selected by Donald Trump to be White House Chief of Staff.

Priebus became close to Trump during the campaign, proving his loyalty and commitment, but he is held suspect by some Trump supporters as being the very emblem of the establishment Trump campaigned against.

But the appointment of the well-respected Priebus may also signal that Trump is going govern in a less chaotic style than he sometimes ran his campaign.

The decision is hugely consequential. Power in the administration is centered in the White House, and the chief of staff is therefore usually the second most powerful person in the country, unless the president has another aide on whom he relies more, which sometimes happens.

First, there’s proximity. Real estate is everything in Washington, and the chief of staff’s office is right down the hall from the Oval Office. He is often the first and last staffer a president sees during the day.

What’s more, he makes decisions on staffing, runs the White House, serves as a liaison to Capitol Hill, and perhaps most importantly, decided what information the president sees.

Also considered for chief of staff was former Breitbart editor Steve Bannon, whose thinking is more in line with many of the views expressed by Trump during the campaign. Bannon is likely in line for another senior White House post, probably “senior advisor” or “senior counselor.”


26 Responses to Priebus to be White House Chief of Staff

  1. I would have much preferred Bannon! Priebus is a border-line traitor and, I fear, will stab President Trump in the back first chance. I’m hoping Bannon is in line for a more powerful, influential position –if there is such a thing–than chief of staff.

  2. Mr Priebus certainly behaved properly during the primaries and the campaign, not falling to the pressure from “inside the corridor” and never undermining any candidate or the citizens’ nominee. His ability to navigate tricky waters may be a good fit for the earliest days.

    President Trump seems to like to sort of “speed test” different people in different roles, revising placements within weeks (or even days)to get optimum talent placement. We saw this during the campaign, and with his Transition team. It’s smart management, but different from the permanent positioning that Washington is used to.

    It is possible, then, that Mr Priebus will serve in that role for the first 90 days, then rotate into some other specialty to tackle specific priorities on the President’s swamp-drainage schedule.

  3. So does Priebus need to step down as RNC chair? There were questions as to whether DNC chair needs to be a full time job — and whether Keith Ellison could handle that and his gig as a Congressman.

  4. Yezidi people sought international assistance and protection of the United States President Donald Trump. Is no longer a minority of us that we can live with the Arabs without international protection.

  5. Bannon has been named Chief Strategist, per his former employer.

    Shrewd move by President-elect Trump.

    (And I still can’t believe I just typed that! Is this real? Is the nightmare really over? My god, if this be dream, then let me never from it wake.)

    ANYway…Priebus knows the names, but Bannon knows the game. And I doubt Bannon will be relegated to a broom cupboard sized office.

    • I hope you are right. I am all for Priebus having a role. It sounds like he did a lot and deserves it. And he has Trump’s confidence. But as I said below, the position is way too close.

  6. Perfect choice. He will reassure the shaky congressional Repubs that this is a serious regime that will work with them, not hold grudges. They have a lot of work to do in the near future and everybody needs to be “hands on deck”, not hiding behind the potted plants.

    About the border wall – some of the MSM have tried to make hay out of MrTrump’s comments that some of it will be fencing, not a brick/mortar wall.
    Large sections of our southern border in AZ and Texas are not suitable for laying a concrete foundation – mountainous areas, rough terrain, and hostile desert that is vulnerable to flash flooding. Texas has border waters to consider.
    MrTrump has obviously been made aware of the challenges to a solid wall. Another mark of a good leader and sensible man.

  7. Trump trusts him.

    I do not. RP’s first allegiance is to Paul Ryan, who I also do not trust. Riebus and Ryan have been friends and colleagues for over 15 years. Of course, Trump knows this and clearly factored it in.

    This was his first choice. And I see it as a lot more than a necessary hand out to the GOPe.

    2 cents.

  8. Gees people….get a hold of yourselves….isn’t Denis McDonough the current chief of staff? Whoever heard of that stiff? Relax and chill out…Bannon will have plenty of influence. As will Newt and many others

  9. Trump has shown he has the pragmatic instincts that bode well for his appointees!!! I pray he continues to use this quality for the good of our country.

  10. Good choice — which Trump actually telegraphed on election night when he brought his family and staffers out for the victory moment. Priebus went the distance with Trump and put his rep on the line so that the GOP would be seen to support the nominee despite what the GOPe prima donnas decided to do. Priebus also brings an inside, intimate knowledge of the party players and workings to the Trump team. And he probably had the support of Mike Pence for the chief of staff post. I think he’ll prove out as a good choice

  11. Trump does need some of the DC insiders so he can pull everyone together.
    Let’s face it, people are leery of Trump and his abilities. He is going to need people to shore up his inconsistencies and his lack of knowledge. It will mean hiring some people who we look at with a healthy dose of skepticism.
    Hopefully he won’t be appointing people with nothing in the tank like Obama did.