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Obama Schedule || Monday, November 14, 2016

12:30 pm || Lunch with Biden
3:15 pm || Holds a press conference; Briefing Room
6:05 pm || Departs White House for Athens, Greece

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9 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Monday, November 14, 2016”

  1. He was originally scheduled only to visit Peru, his last foreign trip, to attend the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit. But, a few weeks ago they added in Greece (the first POTUS to visit there since Bubba Clinton’s visit in 1999), and Germany (Obummer’s sixth visit there):

    President Obama will travel to Europe and Latin America the week after the presidential election. It’s expected to be his last major foreign trip before he leaves office in January.

    The White House says Obama will arrive in Greece on Nov. 15 to meet with President Procopis Pavlopoulos and Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. Obama plans to discuss Greece’s economic situation and the refugee crisis in Europe.

    Obama heads to Germany on November 17 to meet with Chancellor Angela Merkel on trade, Ukraine, Syria and the Islamic State group. It’s Obama’s sixth visit to Germany as president. While in Germany, Obama and Merkel will also meet with the French, British and Italian leaders.

    Obama will travel on November 18 to Peru for a previously announced Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit.

    Still pushing TPP:

    At the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, Obama will meet with leaders of the other Trans-Pacific Partnership member countries, underscoring one of the last unfinished pieces of business of his presidency. “The president will focus on his continued efforts to make the case to Congress and the American people for approval of TPP without further delay,” Earnest said in a statement. “He will emphasize our continued support for the agreement’s high, enforceable standards that will benefit American workers and businesses while furthering our national security imperatives in the Asia Pacific.”


    1. Obama doesn’t make himself available for such questions to the WH Press Corps or anyone else, so that’s the core problem. He’s not quick on his feet with spontaneous, tough questions and he’s looked stupid and paranoid on those very few occasions when he’s conducted anything remotely like a real press conference. That’s why his handlers book him on those silly, childish shows with idiot, sophomoric hosts.

      Obama’s presidency has been a mirage, a magician’s card trick, all these years, and a genuine press conference would expose that quickly. And then, POOF, the illusion would be destroyed. He has no authenticity domestically or in the eyes of the world. There’s been no there there for eight years. His people have to maintain that illusion.

      A genuine, candid, this-is-for-real press conference with the WH press corps would have destroyed Obama, and his handlers know it. So they send the Administration’s Little Lord Fauntleroy, little Josh, who takes the silver spoon out of his mouth just long enough to spew the Administration’s current line of BS.

      So I don’t put all the blame on the WH Press corp, though for sure they own some of it. Both Obama and the Press Corps have certainly danced to the same music in this little eight year long third rate stage play.

  3. ah yes, an extended vacay to help wash away the bad memories of this past week, and to drown himself in the glory of adoration that only the EU can provide. His legacy is in jeopardy, why not party….


    1. He is a lame duck president, soundly defeated by an American patriot and businessman. He has no thing to offer the Europeans except a failed Legacy. And , of yes, the reminder that Brexit mirrors what happened in America, on his watch.

      The only one impressed with Obama, is himself, other leftists, and oh yeah, Angela Merkel.

  4. He is going to popular tourist destinations, I am sure the other half will be packing her bags (or her servants will) and taking a separate plane for the highlights

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