As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Saturday Open Thread || November 12, 2016



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  1. A little wonky, but worth the read, here’s an article by John Taylor (in my opinion, the brightest pro-growth economist in the country) which explains how we can finally get the country out of the longest recession in our history–the George Bush and Obama years. BTW, he completely supports Trump’s economic plan and believes Trump’s plan can lead to a 4-5 percent economic growth in the country.

    • Get used to it. Was at the gym earlier and on one TV Fox News was discussing his cabinet selections, whereas on the other CNN had wall-to-wall coverage on the anti-Trump protests.

      But that’s okay, he and the voters whipped ’em all…the mainstream media, Hollywood, the Clintons, Obamas, Soros, et al.

    • This will go on 24/7 for the next four years. Think back at how angry the lefties and the Marxists were at Reagan. They never let up, not for a second, on trying to mock, destroy, undermine, and annihilate his Presidency. It’ll be the same with Trump. But like Reagan, Trump doesn’t give a damn what the Lefties think. He’s got a job to do.

    • Yeah, there’s something to it. Michelle doesn’t hold a candle to the first lady elect. She doesn’t want a direct side-by-side comparison. That’s how petty these posers are.

    • The Clintons are like dandelions and weeds that keep growing all over your nice lawn. You keep pulling them up, but they keep seeding themselves, spreading themselves everywhere and voila, they always show up in the Spring. You just have to keep trying to create a soil environment which they cannot grow anymore. Vigilance. Good lawn maintenance. Destroy them whenever they show up. You can never give up. Same with Billy Goat and Hillary.

        • Eradication success begins with the roots. The good book says they are to be plucked up and thrown into the fire. Seems to work will. The root begins to replicate from the parent stock and will have the likeness thereof. Nurtured along with help from others of similar breed. Seems to me.

    • Yeah, it’s a real tragedy that Comey forced her at gunpoint to install a private server, destroy evidence, and take millions of dollars from every shady character who wanted something in return. If I were Comey, I might want to consider hiring private security.