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Veterans Day Open Thread || Friday, November 11, 2016

White House Dossier will not publish today. To all of you who are veterans, and I’m proud to say there are many of you, thank you sincerely for your service.

White House Dossier will return on Monday.


24 Responses to Veterans Day Open Thread || Friday, November 11, 2016

  1. On my drive to work today, a glorious fall morning in suburban NY, I passed the public high school.
    The front lawn was adorned with at least 100 flags on various sized flag poles, flapping majestically in the breeze….

    School was closed.. Not a soul in sight.

    And the school board on the front lawn next to the signs read: FIELD OF HONOR.

    I was so impressed that I pulled over and pondered this moment, took a few pics. Considering the week we just had, and the raw emotion on display, this Field of Honor was a reminder of the good in our country. We pause for just a day to remember those who came before us, who carved out this wonderful land of freedom for our benefit.

    Keep in mind, this is Westchester NY, Hillary land. And this is a PUBLIC high school. There is hope.

    Let freedom ring…

    ps… tried to post the pic but the site will not permit it…


  2. Thank you does not say enough for those who put their lives on the line for our freedom. Some paid the ultimate price, and we can only thank their families.

    OT: The occupoopers are back!

  3. I want to say thank you to all of the past, present and even the future veterans of this great nation. Your service to us is greatly appreciated by the true Americans. Also I say thank you to your families who also sacrifice when you are away from home.
    May God continue to bless America.

  4. The men in my family did their duty to our country when called to action. We are proud of them and their service.
    To all those left behind – the mothers, fathers, sisters, wives, children who prayed every day for their safety – you are honored on Veterans Day too.

  5. Donald Trump, a gift to Veterans. A Commander in Chief who seems to genuinely respect your service, care for your welfare, and will not ask that you engage for the sake of politics or hubris.

    Thank you and God bless my father and others in my family who served, along with all the Veterans and their brave families. God and Country.

    Off to participate in small town Veterans celebrations. Also, we now have a new replica of the Vietnam War Memorial in one our parks. A great honor and tribute.

  6. Thank you to all veterans. AFvet, thank you for all your contributions to this blog & your unique insight into life all around us.
    Today was Armistice Day when I was a kid. It was the day my Italian grandpa, who became a US citizen after WWI, would wear his Sunday suit, attend the local parade and socialize with his fellow Vets at the local Veterans Hall, so proud to be a Patriotic American.
    God bless all our brave Veterans, and thank you for your service.

    • I remember, too. This was a big day, sad and happy, full of pride and a time to remember.
      Our little town (2500 souls) had a WWII memorial for those who lost their lives all over the world-50 men, 50 families without a father, son, brother and husband.
      The commander of our local VFW would read the names of the 50 heroes, where and when they lost their lives as all of the veterans were at attention saluting.

  7. I and all of us are free because of the sacrifices of our brave men and women at arms! Anyone who cannot understand that basic fact and be thankful should just leave.

    We are blessed and I will always owe our Military my thanks and my love. Words cannot express this enough. Honor our veterans because they sure as hell honored us with their sacrifices!!

  8. We visited this Cemetery. A beautiful, peaceful place.
    It especially hurt my heart so badly to see the names of those missing in action. The guide said that for many of those names there was simply nothing left to identify. They died in a foreign country and their remains stayed too – somewhere.
    I am thankful for this second chance the lord God has given us. May our future actions as a nation and its citizenry honor our veterans.

    • I was 16 when we visited the Arizona Memorial. It was an intense emotional experience; that was then. Are today’s students given the opportunity to learn our history and be near tears upon visiting memorials like the Arizona? It seems that they are they oppositionally indoctrinated to be so self absorbed they can’t exist beyond their safe place.
      President Trump can help change this!

  9. Thanks for the love and good wishes.
    Today I rode the motorcycle in the annual Sarasota Veterans day parade. Which makes one of several Veterans day and Memorial day parades I have participated. Today was unbelieveable. The crowd was triple in number and packed along Main street for 5 blocks both sides with many pushed out into the street. The cheering, waving of flags, smiles, salutes, kids, families, old folks, many vets in wheelchairs. Never before had I noticed such a high fever of patriotism, happiness, with big wide smiles. They never stopped waving. This past Tuesday something good happen in America. Not just Mr. Trump. It was the fact 60 million citizens voted for something important. Their Country. Only in America can this happen. Was humbled to see and feel so many in our home town really caring for Veterans and the U.S.A. The Trump movement, is bigger than Trump. It is a statement sent to the world. There is a right way to conduct government, and many want the opportunity to do it right… And surprise the left side of the aisle that we are here and we do care.

    • Well said. I hope the parade was uplifting for you and others in attendance.
      I’ll make it brief on this Veterans Day 2016.
      Many, many folks in this Nation have been lead to believe being proud of your country is wrong. It is up to us to remind them it is not.

  10. A heart felt thank you to all Veterans that served and those that made the ultimate sacrifice for their Nation.
    Just an aside, but worth mentioning.
    The US merchant marine suffered the second highest casualty loss during World War 2. Veteran status was not granted to them until 1988.
    US merchant mariners have answered the call to war since our earliest days as a Nation.
    Sign me, a proud USMM veteran of 3 combat zones and counting.

  11. We were blessed to attend our annual service here at Big Canoe Ga with past and present members of all branches of service. Concluded by Brigadier General playing Amazing Grace on bagpipes……followed by Taps…my goodness…too much to express!

  12. Trump won Tuesday, yesterday was the Marine Corps Birthday and today is Veterans Day. Damn, what a week. My liver has taken a beating since Tuesday evening but I’ll get in a nice hike tomorrow morning and sweat out all the toxins and drink a gallon of pedialyte to replenish some nutrients. Semper Fi bro’s, Trump did it. Off topic, here’s a link to an article about some anti Trump protesters who tried to crash an Irish Bar in Tampa where 100 Marines were celebrating the Corps Birthday. Bad move clowns.

    • As Obama said, “elections have consequences”. Man up, little people. It’s going to be a rough ride for the passionate but incompetent generation.

  13. Remember, was it the first Obama Veterans Day when he sauntered down to the memorial and tossed his rose on it as if it was all a huge bore. And I believe The Wife didn’t even come.

    Ah, memories, the bad memories are all running together now and getting ready to fade.

    Thank you to veterans and their families. Thank you to those who died serving their country and to those who survived them and lived with their loss down through the generations.

    And thank you to our Founders, all the soldiers and their families who fought and sacrificed the American Revolution so we could have a nation today.