As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Pundits Predict a Clinton Landslide

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10 Responses to Video || Pundits Predict a Clinton Landslide

  1. Hence the disgruntled Dem voter. Its like Lucy pulled the football back from Charlie Brown once again, and he ends up on his backside.

    They simply are in disbelief….
    So are many on the right, to be honest…


  2. That was very enjoyable. Anything in full-length double creature-feature?

    I was thinking maybe a new ringtone that shouts out: Hillary by a Landside.

  3. As others have noted, the degree of shock, confusion, anger among the prognosticators is both humorous and pathetic. They are in the midst of learning a few major life lessons, and it’s obviously a painful experience for them, as it is for all snowflakes.

    The lessons we hope they are learning: 1. They are not as smart as they think they are; 2. They have been seriously mislead by their friends, professors, Twitter pals and drinking buddies; 3. Nobody with reasonably developed thinking and observation skills gives a rat’s ass what any of them think about anything; 4. After exposing themselves as prognosticating fools, they should make a serious decision to develop respectable life skills and get a proper job.