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White House Doesn’t Rule Out Pardoning Hillary Clinton

I guarantee you, he will pardon her. And maybe Bill too.

“We don’t talk about the president’s thinking, specifically with respect to any specific cases that may apply to pardons or commutations,” Earnest said when asked about a potential pardon of Hillary Clinton. “We’ve got a long tradition in this country of people in power not using the criminal justice system to exact political revenge. In fact, we go to great lengths to insulate our justice system from partisan politics.”

38 thoughts on “White House Doesn’t Rule Out Pardoning Hillary Clinton”

  1. The Hillary pardon depends, one supposes, on how large a seed money contribution Hillary is willing to give Barry for his soon to be inaugurated Obama Foundation. The bigger the bucks, the quicker the pardon. That’s how that works.

    1. I am pretty sure HRC has some heavy campaign debt. And her bargaining power is somewhat lessened now. Will be interesting to see how quickly some “friends” and “allies” are to drop her.

  2. Of course he will pardon her (even though she has “done nothing wrong”). She has the goods on Obama and many others who enabled her criminal actions.

    And I will be happy to see Obama’s Baghdad Bob go. What a disappointment Josh turned out to be.

    1. No doubt about it. He paved the way today by describing her long service as a public servant or some such blarney. He’s setting the stage.

  3. Yes indeed, the pardon is coming. But its wording will have to be “speshul”. After all, E-mailgate is only ONE of the many felonies and treasons that Hillary has committed. And not ALL of those crimes are federal in nature. I suspect a “blanket” pardon, as in “I hereby pardon Hillary Rodham Clinton of any and all crimes and treasons she may have committed, at any time, anywhere, and against any legal jurisdiciton”, would not be particularly legal. And a good AG could pick that apart with his eyes closed and both hands tied behind his back.

    The REAL fun will start if and when Hillary is indicted, because during the four years as SoS she was party to every other felony and treason by the Obama administration. And as I said before, if she is indicted, I do not expect her to “take one for the team” and “go quietly into the night. Instead, I would bet that she would do a full public dump with appropriate documentation.

    Fun times they are a comin’…

  4. What if, instead of pardoning Hillary himself, thereby casting a pall over his “legacy,” Obama tries to make a deal with Trump to pardon her?

    1. Give Kim a flashlight. She has been under a rock waaay tooo long. Hopefully she doesn’t mate up with JustSaying15.
      The outcome would be blithering IDIOTS and on public assistance.

        1. Agree. Pardons are for people who are going to jail or are already in jail or who have fled the country and want to come home. I think Hillary’s crimes will just eventually fade away. Neither she nor Bubba will ever see the inside of a cell.
          Now, if there is going to be wheeling and dealing done, the condition I would set is that neither she nor Bubba ever have anything to do with our political system or that of any other country ever again.

  5. There is no better way to destroy what he thinks is his “legacy” than to issue a pardon to MrsClinton, or her husband.
    The Clintons will be forever thought of as criminals who got a free pass by a corrupt President.
    IMO, PresidentTrump will not seek to prosecute either Clinton. The worst that could happen is a charge from the new DOJ that would result in a fine, not jail time. No one is going to threaten jail for a 70 yr old former FLOTUS, US Senator, Sec of State, and Dem candidate for the presidency.

    1. “No one is going to threaten jail for a 70 yr old former FLOTUS, US Senator, Sec of State, and Dem candidate for the presidency.”

      Perhaps it is time a precedent was set?

    2. A. “The Clintons will be forever thought of as criminals who got a free pass…”
      B. “by a corrupt President.”

      A has already been accomplished.
      B is the current perception.

      A and B haven’t yet been melded into a simultaneous event. There’s still time. ;+}

      But I agree. Whatever else happens, Hillary isn’t going to jail, and that’s all she cares about.

  6. Well, Hillary has not committed any crime .. Just mistake, an honest mistake, as per Obama so why even talk about pardon. One does not need pardon from President for makin a mistake. Am I wrong?

  7. Well, I’m no big city lawyer that graduated from Tulane, but I believe you have to be charged and convicted of a crime before you can be pardoned for one.

  8. OT Rush says Be wary of the #NeverTrumpers offer to help. Good piece. Also now Rat Ryan is all on board and talking about a unified Republican government. ReallY?

    Ms Lindsey voted for Egg McMuffin and already making excuses.

    Ryan forgets the elephants — long memories. Weird. Anyway, Rush — good stuff.

  9. Surely Clinton should be indicted after the President Elect’s inauguration – and then the RACE BAITER will have no power to pardon her. Frankly if people allow indictments prior to the inauguration – it will be the first red flag of Mr Trump’s term in office will in fact but for tokenism – be a fraud on the people.
    please “Hold your horses America”. Such an indictment would be a real start to draining the swamp – and not just for the USA – SOROS in collusion with Demoncrats also should be indicted – so many SOVEREIGN NATIONS would thank the USA and a “NEWER world order” of decency could begin to arise from the global robber barons chains.God Bless the American REPUBLIC.

  10. It seems to me “to Pardon” is to shield a person that has be convicted guilty in the court of criminal justice from punishment. The action appears that a pardoned from punishment is a wipe the slate clean deal. No, it is not. Once found guilty always guilty. Until proven not-guilty which at that point the subject person has been found “a just person” or “justified.” In Hillary’s situation she has not been tried in court, found to be guilty, and punishment(s) ordered. Therefore Obama if he makes a proclamation pardon would be making a baseless assumption of guilt? By the time Clinton, if she does, become charged, tried, and convicted Obama would be long gone from authority to do anything. To date all presidential pardons to my knowledge remain “guilty as charged” not “justified” but only pardoned from punishment(s)

  11. A friend of mine suggested to me yesterday that a Presidential pardon can be applied to the alleged “crimes” for which a person is being investigated, even without a finding of guilt by a jury or judge. Sounds odd to me Anyone know if this is the case?

      1. President Gerald Ford, on September 8, 1974, in an address to the Nation explaining his reasons for pardoning President Nixon “for all offenses against the United States which he, Richard Nixon, has committed or may have committed or taken part in during the period” of his Presidency.

    1. Marcus, it is possible the president could do that I suppose. But without an indictment or official filed criminal complaint, and warrant served on the accused, Obama would have to make all that up, then assuming she would be convicted of such, then pardon Hillary from the resulting punishment(s) of these pseudo charges by the president? It would be one baazar pardon. And, If I was Hillary, I wouldn’t want that to happen. For a pardon for “what?” Would cast a dark shadow over the fact I was assumed guilty. Anyhow, these questionable cast of characters have lived two lives. One in a dark closet, one out in public smiling.

  12. Bear with me, but I think she should be pardoned. Lets step back from the heated edge of the cliff for a moment and see how this will play out if she is not pardoned…

    Long congressional hearings…
    More FBI probes….
    Constant media buzz highlighting the Clintons…

    I despise these people more than most people do, but I want our country to move ahead and not get mired in this mess for another 2-4 years.

    How will President Trump get anything done if we are consumed (STILL) with the Clintons? Let the Clintons sign a statement attesting to the facts, that they betrayed our country by their use of unsecured systems, that she lied under oath, and that they will FOREVER be banned from public office and cannot use ANY personal or Clinton Funds to help ANY candidate or public official in our country or ANY other country.

    Then, just go away…take your money, your honorariums, your speeches, your influence, and just go away.

    Its the price we pay and its worth it.


    1. But the Clintons now have no access to offer for those payments. What may really have made the Clintons said is there gravy train is likely over!

  13. Am I missing something? Doesn’t she have to be convicted of a crime before she’s pardoned? How can they pardon her for something she hasn’t been convicted of? OR will Comey & Co. suddenly come up with something flimsy, convict her quickly so Obama can pardon and she can’t be re-tried?

  14. He has no problem pardoning felons so they can vote. Why would he have a problem pardoning a not-yet-tried criminal?

    I wonder what life will be like for Bill and Hill now that they might actually have to run their Foundation like a charity — no influence left to sell.

  15. Obama will pardon Hillary either January 19, 2017 or the morning of January 20, 2017 to take the focus away from Trump.

    I notice a comment that Obama cannot pardon her because she is not in Jail or Indicted yet.

    We have to go back about four or five decades when Ford pardon Nixon before any action was taken against Nixon, starting with Impeachment.

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